Provide me with the best tips on choosing Fitness Tracker in 2019

Hello everyone! I do power fitness, really care about my health, and I want to do sports competently and without harm to the body. Recently, I often see the name of a fitness tracker in advertisements. In the gyms, too, this thing is in high demand.  And in general, I have long been thinking about acquiring such a thing. And then I was faced with questions:

  • What is it at all?
  • What types of fitness trackers are the most popular?
  • How to choose the best, if there are so many?
  • Top best fitness trackers and smartwatches in 2019
  • Comparative table of fitness trackers and smartwatches

Trackers are a common name for wearable devices and programs with which you can track your physical activity, various body indicators (for example, pulse or correct posture), quality of nutrition, sleep rhythms, posture, and so on. There are even GPS trackers and specialized trackers for women and other interesting types of these devices.

But I’m not interested in all the trackers, namely, those that will be useful during sports and to monitor daily activity, i.e. fitness trackers. What sports can I use a fitness tracker for? Which fitness tracker will suit me?

As soon as fitness trackers appeared on the market, all of them had approximately the same functions and differed only in the external design and corporate application. But with the development of technology and, in fact, rapid progress, their design, like the possibilities themselves, have changed significantly and become more diverse and advanced. How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker in 2019? Which smartwatch models are the newest? What are the qualities of the fitness tracker 2019? How to choose a high-quality and modern fitness tracker with the latest technology?

Today, the market can meet a wide range of a variety of fitness trackers. Some of them have a distinctive design, while others specialize in specific tasks. From that, probably, many people have a dilemma – which model is worthy of attention and will be an excellent helper in sports, and which one should just be missed.
What brand of fitness trackers is the most popular and reliable? What material should a durable fitness tracker be made of? What are the top 5 smartwatches you can recommend? How to choose a waterproof device? How to care for this fitness gadget? How often do I have to charge the tracker? Can I use one tracker in the different sports? What features does a good fitness tracker have? How to choose a high-quality fitness tracker for a reasonable price in 2019? What sensors should be present in a good device? Does this gadget accurately and correctly measure the health of the body? Where is better to buy this fitness device? What online stores can you recommend to buy a fitness tracker in 2019? Are there shockproof fitness gadgets?

I understand that the choice of tracker largely depends on my needs and budget, so I ask the main questions that interest me and can be useful for other users.
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How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker in 2019?

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It is an interesting question. I also did not know for a long time how to choose the best fitness tracker. I know how to choose the best fitness tracker in 2018, I know top 7 rated activity trackers and wristbands on Amazon, know about akuti fitness tracker, but I didn’t know about the best fitness trackers in 2019. Your question forced me to look for some information about it and now I want to share some of it with you.

To choose the most suitable gadget in a huge number of proposals is quite difficult. If the choice of fitness bracelet caused difficulties, you should pay attention to the list of the most popular devices. Thus, the review of fitness bracelets 2019 includes the following products:

#1 Xiaomi Mi Band Rightfully enters into the group of the best fitness trackers 2019. It is considered the most popular option of inexpensive devices. Although the model came out in 2014, it still does not lose its relevance today. The main advantages of this Chinese bracelet are its relatively low cost. According to many users, this fitness tracker is the best in 2019.

#2 Fitbit Charge HR.
It is another device of the top fitness bracelets 2019. The gadget of American production is ideal for lovers of outdoor activities and tourism. In addition to standard functions (pedometer, heart rate monitor, alarm clock, etc.), the device is equipped with additional features in the form of an altimeter and other “utilities”. The special “features” of this tracker are his ability to determine the level of cardio.

#3 Jawbone UP2
This fitness tracker is ideal for those who are in search of their first fitness bracelet. Jawbone UP products have long been known in the digital technology market. Xiaomi Mi Band and Jawbone UP2 – the best fitness trackers 2019 with pressure measurement. It means that such a smart bracelet can easily replace a tonometer.

#4 Samsung Gear Fit 2
It is the Korean gadget that takes up a position between a fitness bracelet and a smart watch. A smart bracelet can measure heart rate, height, and number of steps, and also easily distinguishes training from walking.

#4 Apple Watch Series 2
This fitness device is externally very reminiscent of a smart watch. Apple Watch Series 2 has many useful features for active people. This tracker has several significant advantages in comparison with other devices. However, the high price Apple Watch Series 2 is justified by the high quality of the bracelet.

#5 Samsung Charm is a great option for people who appreciate elegance. Samsung Charm miraculously copes with the problem of placing a fitness tracker. So, you can choose a model to wear on your hand as a bracelet, on your neck as a medallion or on your finger as a ring. It can serve as an ideal gift for an active woman.

#6 TomTom Touch
It is the original fitness bracelet that easily calculates the percentage of fat and muscle in the body of the owner. To do this, you just need to place your finger on the sensor. With this “skill” you can track and control your weight. Also, this fitness tracker captures the heart rate and calorie consumption. All these functions are enough for yoga, fitness or workouts in the gym. Unfortunately, this device is not appropriate for runners and swimmers.

I hope you will like these fitness trackers and buy yourself the best one.

Fitness trackers – the invention is relatively recent. Before him, people used programs on smartphones and phones, and even earlier, so to speak, in prehistoric times, they used tablets that counted approximate calorie consumption. Well, or just did not bother with all this (and the results were worse than those who bother). Now, fortunately, it is not necessary to choose between these two extremes. All calculations of energy consumption are ready to take on a miniature gadget. You just need to choose the most suitable model. Therefore, when choosing a gadget for fitness, consider the following:

The most important thing to consider when choosing is the presence of a heart rate monitor. With it, the device can calculate exactly how many calories you spend during the day, how high your level of activity is.
Narrowing the circle of the search, see which actions the bracelet can track. Some of them are adapted for calculating power loads, others determine swimming (and in different styles, which guarantees very high accuracy of calculations), and still, others notice when you are not just walking, but ascending or descending stairs.
Many of the advanced level devices are equipped with touch-sensitive displays, or even supplemented with physical buttons. The larger the screen, the steeper it is, the more expensive the bracelet will be. And the more energy he will spend. Many of the clever models require daily charging. For comparison, the Xiaomi Mi Band is enough to charge once a month and a half.

Before you buy a device, think about whether you need to overpay for the built-in screen or you will still watch all the data on your smartphone.
Looking through the characteristics of a fitness tracker, do not forget about its degree of protection. There are four options: fitness trackers without protection in general, with protection against splashes and drops, with full protection against water and dust, with protection against water, dust, and shock. The latter is the most expensive and are rare. But protection from immersion in water has become so commonplace that it really does not affect the cost of the device.
And also pay attention to the design of the device and how it sits on your hand. After all, it will be with you day after day, wherever you go. That is, it should please the eye, and be combined with your style of clothing, and not create discomfort.

Hope my advice helped you! I wish you to choose a great fitness tracker!

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