How to increase speed on rowing machine? Are there any tips how to use it effectively?

Hello, my name is Tina, and I am 23. I am on a buckwheat diet but to make the results better I also decided to buy a rowing machine. Today it was delivered, and I would like to start training, but I still have some questions. Could you help me? Maybe there is somebody who has a rowing machine at home or exercises on it in the gym. Well, firstly, how to increase speed on the rowing machine? I cannot understand how it works. Secondly, do you know some tips on how to make these exercises more effective? I will be glad if you help me! Looking forward to your answers, thanks!

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Hello, Tina!
The rowing machine performance is not the easiest one, that’s why we should consider some tips to make our routine better.
The correct starting position – the catch – is important. Straight arms and back, bent knees and vertical shins. Use your legs and hips to push off backward but not arms as it will make you get tired easier.
Pay attention to the position of your hands at the end of each pull back, they must reach the bottom of your chest. When you return to the starting position try to relax and calm down rather than waisting your energy. No wonder it is called “the recovery stage”.
Good pace is the main secret for increasing speed in rowing machine workout.
At some point you will feel it and enjoy your training more. Good luck and take care!

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