How to live healthy? What food can I eat?


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Hello, my name is Eva, and I am 25 years old. I do sports at home, and in the gym, I see good results of it, but I would like to do more for my body and organism, so I have decided to follow the healthy diet. But there is one problem with it – I need to know more information before starting the diet. Could you share your knowledge with me? How to live healthily? What food can I eat? What are your favourite healthy meals? Hope you will help me to start eating well, and I will achieve my goal. I’m looking forward to your results, thanks!




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    Hello there, Eva!
    It is a really good question! One American author once said ”For a dinner date, I eat light all day to save room, then I go all in…”. Personally, I think it gives you a great description of how your meal plan should look like. Brekfast-light but nutritious, lunch and dinner -a little bit more in calories, but the golden rule would be still to not overeat anything and to consume more mother nature’s given products.

    I will give you some simple pieces of advice now. Try to stick to them and even vary some from time to time:
    1. Say ”yes” to more vegetables and fruits rule. The more natural products you consume, the healthier you look. You know how this saying goes ”You are what you eat”. Believe it or not, but the sooner you start the more noticeable the changes become: you will see your skin glowing, teeth have this perfect white colour, hair is silk and thick and so on. Your mind will be fully awake all the time (with the exeption of sleeping time of course, but you get what I mean) and you will definitely see the progress in everything you do. A s.ound mind in a sound body
    2. All changes are hard, but you will survive. Consider this statement- you will later thank yourself for keeping on, for trying when everyone has already given up, for getting those shiny abs after doing some extra crunches… Get over it and work, girl, because nothing good comes out of easy things.
    3. Eat and write down what you have consumed throughtout the day. It will help you to reconsider your daily meal plan and even bring some creative replacements or changes. Do not be afraid of this ”diary” thing. Always remind yorself, that you are doing it for the better version of you in the future.
    4. Do not count calories. That can be a devastating process sometimes. You are likely to find yourself on the verge of giving up, because of that extra pudding session with friends. Eat small portions, try kids portion size when you are going out and so on.
    5. Do not do extreme diets. I would recommend you to try a keto one, since it is not that strict…Though actually try to avoid saving any diet ideas.
    6. If you have relapsed, it is okay. Share with someone. Do not be afraid of asking for help. I am sure you have someone to speak freely face to face with. Ask if they can advise you something or even try makinf healthy food together? It is worth a try at least.
    7. Try to restrict yourself in sweets and white bread consumption. The same goes with junk food. Watch some documentaries about healthy lifestyle or even the before-now people’s stories on the Youtube. Try to go vegan at least twice per week.
    8. Remember that everything comes with time.
    9. Eat only what you have bought, prepared or cooked by yourself. Choose some delicious food recipes, try them, vary them, like I don’t know…create something new and make it better every day.
    10. Love your body and enjoy the food you eat. Take time to feel its taste, do not rush like you are on the Hunger Games. After eating for 15 minutes, sit a little bit futher from the table, so it would be hard to reach for food.
    11.Forget about frying and choose boiling instead.
    12. Eat fresh food only. Try to avoid leftovers and reheating them.

    Well, I think, that woud be enough for today. Make up yor mind eventually!
    Stay strong and healthy ,girl!

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