How to make a diet chocolate shake?

Welcome everybody and thank you for your willingness to help! Well, my question is really-really easy but at the same time quite enormous – I want to drink a chocolate diet shake but all recipes that I have found on the internet have too many calories and that’s why I don’t use them. I am sure that there must be some people that have already experienced such a problem and have probably found that exact recipe that will be great for people on diet.

So, could you be so nice to write some recipes here? If you have cooked it? Does it taste delicious? What ingredients should be included in the dietetic smoothie? What high-calorie products can I replace with healthier ones?
I am waiting for the dietetic recipe of healthy chocolate shake!


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Hello there, my fellow user! That is a cool question you have. I have actually one recipe, that might suit you well. However, you should know, that chocolate shakes are not actually beneficial, especially for those on a diet. 

BUT, as one tiny exception, you can try making the soon to be mentioned below shake once per week. So, here is what you going to need:


-cocoa powder-a handful

-almond milk-one glass

-greek yogurt-1/2 glass

-ice cubes-3-4 pieces

-cinnamon to taste


Just toss every single thing into your blender. Make your most favorite consistency and enjoy the fresh chilly shake!

I hope you will love this easy to prepare vegan shake. If so, I am looking forward to your review.

Stay healthy and fit, my dear!

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