How to make a healthy and delicious smoothie of fruits and vegetables?


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Hello everyone, I really missed you so much! My name is Mary and I am really really looking forward to your help with some my questions, connected with healthy food and it’s recipes and it’s way of cooking and so on, you understand. So, I want to ask you for some recipes for healthy and at the same time delicious smoothie. Honestly, I don’t have any hate for special fruits or vegetables so you can pass me all variants that are possible here and I will cook all of them and then choose the most suiting one. So, maybe you have cooked for yourself any smoothie and you know that is it good? Thanks for the help!

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    Dear Mary,

    Smoothie is the best meal for a diet or just a hot summer day. You will be shocked, but there are plenty of recipes on how to cook this delicious meal. The best thing about a smoothie is it’s easy to cook method. You just need to bland all the things in your fridge. When it’s summer try to use for smoothie season fruits. But I make smoothie all year and mostly use iced fruits.

    What is the typical smoothie recipe? It’s, of course, fruits or vegetables, ice and something else you want. I will share with you some tips on how to cook a tasty smoothie.

    You need:
    1. Iced strawberry
    2. Iced blackberry
    3. Iced banana

    Just mix all of this ingredients. Pour the smoothie into a beautiful one glass and put a berry on top.

    You will ask me “What about vegetables?”. The answer is, that this type of smoothie is not such popular, but healthier. To have a perfect meal just add fruits and veggies.

    For such smoothie you need:

    1. A handful of spinach
    2. A handful of gooseberry
    3. 1 lime
    4. 1 orange
    5. Green parsley
    6. 2 tablespoons of bran
    7. 200 ml of mineral water

    For further cooking wash vegetables and fruits in a blender cup, add lime and orange juice and mineral water, sprinkle the bran. Mix until completely ground and combine all ingredients.

    So, now you have two different recipes for a smoothie. Try both of them and decide which one is better.

    Enjoy your meal!

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