How to make a tasty snack for watching a movie and don’t get fat?

Good day, everybody, my name is Mary, and we are coming back to solving the problems with healthy food and so on. I can’t watch any movie or TV show without eating something in the front of the screen – I have my breakfast and my supper here and also many breaks.

I don’t think that it is too bad, but I want to make it better by replacing the general snacks (like fast food, crisps and sweets) with something healthier (I know fruit snacks or yoghurt salads). So, I have seen too many recipes, and here I want to look at the exact methods which you recommend. What tasty dish can I prepare and don’t get fat? Thanks for the help!

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Dear Mary,

I truly understand You. It seems to me that all of us have such a problem. But don’t worry I know exit from this situation.

There are a lot of healthy chips recipes. For instance apple chips if you want something sweet, beet and zucchini chips if you like something salt. This chips should be baken in the oven. In the time chips are baking. you can make a tasty sauce. For apple chips, you even can take honey. But for salt chips make homemade pesto or greek yogurt with a clove of garlic sauce.

You are wondering how to cook this fat-low snack. This is a recipe for all of them. It’s simple, believe me.

I step
Wash all of the ingredients (whether it is apple, beet or zucchini).

II step
Slice everything in mandoline or with the knife.

III step
You should preheat oven to 375 degrees.

IV step
Take sliced things into bowel add:
– for sweet-coconut oil and cinnamon.
– for salty-olive oil, salt, pepper, different herbs you have (just for better taste).
After arranging everything on backing paper.

V step
Bake about 10 minutes. Than change side and bake for another 10 minutes. After backing left for cool down.

Bon Appetit!

Hope this recipe helps you and from today you will not have problems with what to eat while watching a movie.

Hello! I truly understand you, my dear and here is my favoutite recipe of healthy snack – super easy open sandwiches on wholemeal bread thins (great way to enjoy cheese in a low-calorie lunch).

You need:

3 triangular bread thins

50g soft goat's cheese

2 x 5cm lengths of cucumber, thinly sliced lengthways

3 tomatoes, sliced

4 Kalamata olives, finely chopped

2 small handfuls rocket leaves

So, cut the bread thins in half, put cut-side up and spread with the goat’s cheese. Top with the cucumber and tomato, then scatter over the olives and top with the rocket.

Eat straight away or pack into lunchboxes for later. (but i don't recommend, the freshier they are – the tastier they are 😉 )

Hello, Mary! 

Oh, I really understand you, because I cannot imagine watching movie at home or at the cinema without pop-corn or other fastfood. 

The main problem is that we do not control the amount of food we eat while watching movie, so many specialists recommend to refrain from eating and watching films at the same time.

But I know some recipes of healthy snacks and I hope you will like them! 

Fisrt of all, you can buy fruit chips, they are very healthy, even children can eat them. 

If you want to cook something by yourself, you can try fruit salad, yoghurt salad, oatmeal cookies. rice chips.

What is more, do not drink soda water, better make a tea or drink fresh juice. You can also make a smoothie. All these options are much better than Pepsi or Cola. 

That's interesting but snacks became something really crucial for movie watching. Sometimes it's even hard to enjoy a movie without a snack. And often it's something completely unhealthy. But there is always a way out. For example, you can try to substitute popcorn with simply dried apples or some other fruits or even vegetables or meat. I've heard that beet chips are quite yummy. Or you can try gummy fruit snacks. My friend adores frozen grapes. So enjoy your snack and stay slim 😉

Hello there, Mary! I am one hundred percent with you on this one..I feel like watching the movie while eating some snacks could be easily included to my guily pleasure list.

Anyways, here is some healthy snack ideas for you:

1.toast with bananas, honey and a pinch of cinammon-quite beneficial and nutritious snack for 1 hour film;

2.smoothies-try ones with berries and cocounut or almond milk;

3.any preferable nuts- i love almonds and hazelnuts the most.

4.sweet potatoe and avocado bites-those will definitely make you feel full but in a good way. chips-one of the best healthy things to chew on during some action scenes.

6. vegan mint cups-easy to make and really delicious.

7.granola bars-quite convenient, since there are a lot of recipes all around the Internet, am I right?

I hope you will enjoy such answer. Try some of ideas of mine and tell me what you picked up eventually.

Stay healthy and fit, my dear user!

Hi Mary! I also watch a lot of shows and films, and I really like to chew on something while doing it! So here's a list of dishes that I would like to recommend you:

1. A small piece of turkey fillet

The fillet of turkey is a dietary, but very tasty product. This bird is an excellent alternative to chicken. The meat of the turkey is more tender and juicier, and it has a lot of protein. As a snack, boil 100 grams of fillets. You can fill the turkey with lemon juice to give it a more interesting taste.

2. Mix of nuts and dried fruits

Nuts and dried fruits are one of the most useful and convenient snacks and also my favourite from this list. They are rich in all the necessary vitamins and microelements, which the human body needs. But it's important to know the measure. Just a handful of nuts is enough, as they are quite high in calories and have high energy value.

3. Grapes and cheese

Such a refreshing and tasty snack will please you during the day and will charge with vivacity and good mood. This snack is prepared in a matter of minutes. For convenience, you can use skewers. Cheese is rich in calcium and protein, and grapes contain a daily norm of B vitamins.

4. Pumpkin seeds

When you do not want to strain with the preparation of snacks, you should pay attention to those options that you can just take with you without extra preparation. This, for example, pumpkin seeds. This product is actively used for the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases. Pumpkin seeds improve the system of hematopoiesis and nourish the cells of the brain.

5. Two hard-boiled eggs

Eggs have long been recognized as one of the main sources of protein. They can be eaten not only for breakfast. In order to be able to easily take such a snack with you to work or study, prepare hard-boiled eggs. This product is perfectly absorbed by the body and contains 96% of minerals.

Hi! Well, there is no point to hide – I am always eating some yummies while watching films. Especially, when it is a TV series. I can’t imangine how people can just sit without craving for something sweet or crunchy. But, for myself, I’ve got a solution, so I hope this recipe will help you too! It’s easy to make at home and, what is the most important, it’s healthy! So, here you go!

Healthy Pumpkin Pepper avocado tortilla.

All you need :
– eggs – 2 pcs ( or 3 egg whites )
– mashed pumpkin – 120 g
– chia seeds – 1 tablespoon (I also use flax seeds, which you should mill to the flour )
– pink salt ( I use Himalayan one + seasonings to your taste)
– ground nutmeg – 1 g (it’s to your taste)
– red sweet pepper – 1/8 pcs (for condiment)
– avocado – 1/2 pcs ( for condiment)
– lemon juice – 1/2 of teaspoon( for avocado not to get dark)

Cooking method
Step 1. Mix together eggs with mashed potatoes , salt, chia seeds or milled flax seeds and ground nutmeg and leave it for 15-20 minutes so that dough can get thick.
Step 2. Then you should make crapes on middle heat on non-stick frying pan.
Step 3. We should make a filling : blend avocado, lemon, salt and seasonings together.
Step 4. Slice your red pepper.
Step 5. Put mashed avocado and pepper on tortilla and form mini-roles. That’s it! Ta-dam! Enjoy your meal!

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