How to make cabbage diet soup? Is it effective?

Hi, my name is Eva, I’m 20 years old. I’m searching for a healthy diet. I’ve read a lot on the Internet, and I’ve chosen seven days cabbage diet soup. Now I have some questions for you. First of all, I would like to know whether this diet is useful and worth following. If it is, then I would like to ask you what ingredients I need to make this soup. Probably, you know another healthy soup recipes to lose weight, tell me about them, please. And share your cabbage diet soup recipes, I will be pleased. Thanks!

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Hi Eva. If you would like to try a healthy diet, you are on the right way. I think that cabbage diet soup is the great solution to lose weight in one week. But you dont need to limit yourself and eat just the cabbage diet soup the whole week, you can also include fruits and vegetables in your diet. They will enrich your organism with vitamins during the diet. As well as it will be better if you will cook your soup in the crockpot. In that way you can preserve all minerals and vitamins containings in the vegetables. I advice you to try my favourite cabbage soup. I hope you would like it.
1 cabbage
2 peppers
3 carrots
2 celeries (root and leaves)
5 tomatoes
200 grams of beans
First of all you need to pour over tomatoes with boiling water so that you can remove the skin from them. Than you need to chop cabbage and another vegetables, add water and cook all that stuff till the vegetables would be soft.
Bon appetit!

Heeeey, you are looking for the right diet, Eva! I’ve also tried it and i can honestly say that it is great and i lost 9 pounds in only week. It isn’t so strict as we can think about diets. You won’t be hungry and you can make your own menu (it only has to contain cabbages and try to avoid sweets, sugar, potatos and bananas), according to your tastes. I can give you a recipe for my soup that i used to eat:
Take 1 kg of cabbages, 200 g of carrots, one big onion, one big bulgarian pepper and 2 big tomatoes. Wash all components, chop them finally and boil everything in 1 liter of boiling water until it’s ready. Whisk it with blender and bon appetit 😉

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