How to make healthy tuna salad? What ingredients are the best for it?


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Hello everybody, my name is Wendy and this is my next question, which is connected with recipes and healthy food at all. So, i do understand that healthy menu always has fish in it but, to be honest, i don’t like fish really that much, i prefer to replace it with meat and that’s all. The only fish that I can easily consume without gag reflex is tuna. So, I am looking forward to some recipes for tuna healthy salad. If it is possible, I want it without green vegetables and without souces, based on dairy products. What are the best variants for this salad? Thanks for your help!

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    Dear Wendy,

    Meals with tuna are very tasty. Despite it is a sandwich with tuna or even salad. One of my fitness friends shares with me a really full of vitamines salad. It’s actually is good for you because there are no veggies at all. Tuna, which you like and hope those black olives too. This also can be used as a pasta on bread. The thing is, that you need to blend all of the ingredients.

    Well, what do you need for such salad:
    1. Tuna in its sauce (1 can)
    2. Cottage cheese (1 can)
    3. Black olives (half of the can)
    4. Salt and pepper

    How to prepare:

    1. So you need to cut all the ingredients, which should be cut (like black olives).
    2. Put in the bowl cottage cheese.
    3. Add tuna with its sauce.
    4. Mix all of the ingredients.
    5. Add salt and pepper just for taste.

    Try this recipe. Hope you will like it.

    Bon Appetit!

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