What foods are prohibited on a healthy diet? What dieting plans can I make?

Hi everyone, my name is Holly and I am 26 years old. You always help me, and now I have one more question for you about healthy diet recipes.
Sometimes it is very difficult to refrain from some dishes which you used to eat often. I wonder which meals are strictly prohibited on the healthy diet and why. Can I eat tomatoes? Yes, exactly tomatoes.

I know it’s quite a strange question, but someone has told me that red products are not allowed to eat while weight loss. Is it true? And what is it connected with?

By the way, I am sure that all people, even athletes sometimes cheat on the diet. How often can I cheat while being on a diet?

I will appreciate your help, guys. I’m waiting for your answers; they are always useful. Thank you very much.


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A tight body and a chiselled figure is a huge work that requires a lot of effort. Among them, it is worth emphasizing physical activity and proper nutrition.
The last is an item no less important than sport. There are certain products that are not just not useful, but even capable to destroy the results of the most effective diet.

It is interesting that we do not think about the harmfulness of some of them and willingly consume them, albeit in small quantities.

Especially for you, I made a list of dishes that should be excluded from the diet, if you want to lose weight or just stay in good shape.

  1. ►Fried dishes
    Even using olive oil instead of vegetable does not save the situation. If you want to lose weight, then you should give up frying. Absolutely.
    The human body is not able to resist the strong aroma of fried foods. Give preference to less appetizing and fragrant, but much more useful cooked and stewed dishes.
  2. ►Highly boiled soups
    Nourishing soups stimulate a quick return of appetite. Having tasted the rich soup with sour cream, you will very soon be back in front of the refrigerator door, driven by a feeling of hunger.
     A fine alternative to rich soups is a lean vegetable, mushroom and cream soups, that is, light, rather dietary options.
  3. ►Marinated products 
    Marinated products cause acute thirst. The salt contained in them has the ability to retain fluid in the body, which can lead to increased weight and swelling. Thus, fresh vegetables and salads will be more useful for health and figure.
  4. ►Very spicy dishes
    Along with fried and marinated dishes are not useful for a tight figure and spicy dishes. Of course, ginger, garlic, mustard, horseradish, onions and hot peppers can decorate any dish. However, they also stimulate blood flow and increase appetite.
    A wonderful alternative to such spices will be fresh and dried herbs. Prefer fennel, parsley, coriander, basil, oregano.
  5. ►Sour fruits and berries
    Sour fruits and berries, such as apples, currants and cranberries, unfortunately, can not serve as a snack. They contribute to the production of gastric juice, which stimulates appetite and instead of discouraging the desire to eat more, will only strengthen it.
    An alternative, in this case, are sweet fruits.
  6. ►Vegetables after heat treatment
    When heat treated, they lose most of their useful properties, turning from a healthy and nutritious side dish into a perfectly ordinary and even unhealthy product. That is why it is best to eat vegetables fresh.
  7. ►Sweet soda
    All sides about soda read HERE in comments.
  8. ►Butter
    This product, of course, has its merits. In small quantities, butter is necessary for the body, but excess cholesterol in the body affects negatively the general state of the body and triggers atherosclerotic processes.
    It is not necessary to completely refuse butter, but it is strongly recommended to reduce its consumption to a minimum if there is an elevated level of cholesterol in the blood.
  9. ►Chips and crisps
    Chips and crackers from store shelves can be safely attributed to almost the most harmful products that only exist. There are no useful substances in the composition of these products. But a large number of dyes, shock absorbers, surplus carbohydrates and fats.
    There is a way out – prepare crisps and biscuits at home.
  10. ►Bakery and fatty creams
    A chiselled figure and delicious goodies, unfortunately, are not compatible. The thing is that baking and confectionery creams, as a rule, are high-calorie foods. They contain a large amount of sugar, which does not exactly contribute to weight loss. Carbohydrates, which are contained in confectionery, will not give a charge of vivacity, but rather cause increased appetite and extra inches at the waist.

If you really want to be healthier and a bit to lose weight, you need to follow these pieces of advice.

What about red vegetables, I know the opposite fact.

Girls who are on a diet, add to their diet of tomatoes is simply vital, because they contain a large number of vitamins in different groups. In the fruits are also present minerals: calcium, phosphorus and others.

It is also worth noting that these vegetables contain nutrition fibres that improve work and support the process of cleansing the bowels, helping to eliminate the feeling of hunger. In addition, red fruits contain organic acids that accelerate metabolic processes, and accordingly, and the process of reducing weight when using tomatoes is faster.
Moreover, 100 g of the product contains no more than 23 kcal.


Dear Holly, this question worried a lot about our users. The thing is, that there is a lot of different points of view about what is good for you during the diet and what is not. The reason is that a lot of Internet users think that they are good at advising about fitness question. 

No doubt, sometimes there are really good pieces of advice but not all the time. In this comment, I will share with you some tips for healthy recipes.

1. Eat regulary (3-5 times a day).

2. Choose the most natural products.

3. The main ingredient in meal its veggies.

4. Eat fruits maximum 2 times a day.

5. Limit carbohydrate intake, increase fat intake.

6. Choose good carbohydrates.

7. Forget about sugar.

8. Don't drink sweet drinks or soda. Also, limit juices.

About strickly prohibited drinks its:

1. Mayouniesse and ketchup 

2. Fried products

Stay healthy and eat only good products.


Hello Holly! Here are some advices for you:

  • Stop drinking regular & diet sodas.
  • Avoid the grocery store snack aisle.
  • Make an effort to cut down on your salt & sugar intake
  • Don’t eat so called ‘sugar free’ products because although they are low calorie, they contain artificial sweeteners that increase your hunger
  • Read food labels and avoid anything that has sugar as it’s main source of carbs, has corn syrup and/or hydrogenated oils as ingredients


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