How to prepare for a running marathon if I’m restricted in time?

Hi everyone! In six months I will have a running marathon and I need to prepare for it. I follow several training tips from my friend coach.

Since I decided to run a marathon, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor. Running for such long distances gives a serious load on the body, knees, respiratory system. A visit to the doctor is necessary to exclude possible cardiovascular diseases, problems with the spine and knees. My doctor says that there are no serious contraindications and you can start training. In addition to this, he told that I need to come up with some kind of motivation and answer the question: “Why do I need it?”.

Need to tune in positively. Together with you, the marathon will be run by thousands of people of all different ages and levels of training. The most important thing is to remember that confidence comes with experience, and this means that during the preparation period, you need to attend training sessions and listen to the advice of experienced runners. Before the race, you can read the best pieces of advice for Sports motivation. Or listen to the motivational workout songs to do sports in 2019. It is best to watch comedies and read your favorite books before starting, which I actively do.

How to prepare for a running marathon?

What else can you recommend me to prepare for running a marathon? How to run to the finish line first?  How not to lose motivation, training for a marathon in half a year? What is needed for preparation: consultation of the doctor, training plan, equipment? Is it possible to prepare for the marathon in six months? Who should not start? How often do you have to train? What kind of training should it be? Just run or suit other forms of activities? Are there people who cannot overcome the marathon, or can this distance be submitted to anyone? How to prepare for a marathon and avoid injury? How to prepare for a marathon and run it?  Are there people who cannot overcome the marathon, or can this distance be submitted to anyone? How to choose the most important of all the variety of rules and recommendations? Does the story of running stars success can help to become a marathon runner?

How to learn to listen to your body?

Among those who go to the marathon start, there are two categories of runners: some run to the result, others for fun. Some people enjoy watching the race for the city, nature. Others are obsessed with the result, they are pleased with the idea that this year they came to the finish line 120th, and not 125th, as in the past. Some do not care about the place in the final protocol, their main goal – the victory over himself.

Which setup is more correct? How to assess all the risks in preparation for the marathon? How to decide for yourself what is more important? I need some useful tips to follow to win the running marathon. I hope you can help me!!!

How to prepare for a running marathon?

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I could not even imagine that the preparation for the marathon is a process that is so serious. Especially if the goal is not just to participate, but to a good result. And in this case, I highly recommend listening to the advice of a professional. After reading them, it can be understood that success in a race depends not only on endurance but also on attention to a multitude of seemingly minor details.

I have prepared 10 useful tips on how to run correctly for those who are just planning to run their first marathon:

  1. Make the increase in load your main principle. Even if you are not worried about muscle pain, excessive fatigue and injuries, this is not a reason to increase the load by leaps and bounds — safe increment step – 10% per week.
  2. If you feel an unusual (excessive) accumulation of fatigue, poor sleep, increased thirst, slow recovery between workouts or other common negative symptoms – feel free to make yourself a fasting week or even two. Reduce your weekly mileage by 25-40% and remove all intense workouts. This will not be a loss of training time but will help you prepare and recover better in the future.
  3. Before you increase the amount of running create a base in the form of 3-4 weeks of strength training. Moreover, it is necessary that the nature of strength training bears not a general, but a runner-specific character: a large proportion of static and static-dynamic exercises, as well as running uphill, along with sand or other difficult conditions. If you practice without a coach, do not take the time to research the Internet for this type of training runner.
  4. Do not neglect the slow run (on the heart rate in the range from 120 to 150), it creates the so-called aerobic basis, gives the opportunity to fully develop the heart muscle and the capillaries of the skeletal muscles. No wonder they say that 2/3 training marathon runners are preparation for basic training.
  5. When you get comfortable with workouts of more than 1.5 hours, work out the power along the distance. This will reduce the likelihood of unexpected surprises during the marathon. Food includes both the use of gels (or bars) and water.
  6. Try several models of sneakers to identify the most comfortable. They should be right for you, and not reflect the choice of an editor of a running magazine review of running shoes. When you stop your choice, do not cover them strongly, leave them “alive” until the main start.
  7. During the entire period of preparation, do not forget about special running exercises and strength training. This will not only allow you to reduce injuries, but also provide an opportunity to find reserves when it is most in demand, and you can discover in yourself how to run correctly.
  8.  If you have a cold, do not be heroic and miss a few days. It is unacceptable to exercise with a high fever or other malaise. Remember that health is paramount. Besides, even a 5-10 day pass for several months will not greatly disturb your preparation. But training in a diseased state can do this easily.
  9. The most important training of the marathon runner was and remain long runs for 2 hours or more. It is on them that you train the body’s ability to utilise fats as a source of energy for muscle work. Also, psychologically you are preparing for a long monotonous work.
  10. In the last 2 weeks before the main start, reduce the load to 50% of your normal and allow your body to gain freshness. You will not be able to radically improve your fitness. But the desire to do more and faster in recent days can easily ruin your chances for a successful performance. During this period, it is also important to sleep enough and not to be overloaded at work. Remember that your body must “ring” before going to the starting line.

Hello dear! To begin with, I think it is a fascinating question for many people. Today running is a famous kind of sport. So, a lot of people want to participate in the marathon. Of course, there is a lot of useful information on the Internet. My friend and I take part in different marathons every year. So, I would like to share with you my own experience. Hope, it will be useful for you.

Progress gradually. You should not increase the total weekly run more than 10% every week. Beginners should start with real goals, for example, 5 km, then 10 km. After it, you can run a half marathon. And only then set the target to the full marathon distance. You should prepare the body for muscle loading gradually.
Follow your training schedule. Most marathon training plans require at least 20-24 weeks of preparation to it. However, be sure the training week in these plans will be full of running training of varying intensity.
Pay attention to your nutrition. Preparing for a marathon does not mean that you can eat a lot of unhealthy food. Of course, your organism needs a lot of “fuel”. However, if you want to stay healthy and active, it is necessary to eat healthy food.
Find like-minded people. Without any doubts, it is more interesting to run the marathon and prepare for it with other people. It can be your relatives, friends. You can find some like-minded people even on the Internet!
Develop a race strategy. By the day of the marathon, everyone geared to by its own pace. We develope it during our training. However, you can adjust your speed depending on your well-being. Intensive start can lead to excessive overvoltage in the future and vice versa.
Do not forget about the recovery period. The recovery period is a critical element in training, especially during preparing for the marathon. The training plan should include at least one day of rest per week.
Choose running shoes for running. Firstly it will motivate you to run. Also, your running shoes must be tested repeatedly in training before the marathon. Also, it is not recommended to allow excessive wear running shoes. Attention! Reasonable and beneficial recommendation for the choice of running shoes! You should buy trainers who are one size larger than you usually wear. Long-distance running inevitably leads to podedema.
Perform various exercises. Recommended exercise complexes include different exercises to strengthen the muscles of the ankle, knees, and hip joints.
Listen to your body. You must learn to recognise the signals of your own body correctly. For example when you need to rest, or when you should push it. You can ignore the pain that passes in a few seconds during the race or within 1-2 days of rest. However, you should not overlook the pain that causes to stop running in the middle of a distance.
Enjoy the process! Assessing all the risks in preparation for the marathon is impossible. In addition to physiological issues, you may come across difficulties from daily life. Without any doubts, they can also interfere with your training plan. Nevertheless, one of the most critical elements of success is a positive attitude. It concerns, both for success and possible failures and difficulties. Training and everything related to it should make you happy!

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