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Good day! I want some information about how to upgrade my biceps form. Currently starting to get my body fit. I have read the article about sports motivation and was inspired by it. Now I have to plan my daily exercises. I want to do my biceps workout firstly. As I am only a beginner, want someone to help me with it. Need good gym workout with equipment.

Beginners always want to pump up biceps, to make it visible under the shirt. I am not the exception in that question. Firstly, should I make some diet full of protein? Secondly, the reason for hard workouts for the new athlete is energy consuming. Is it needful to fill my snacks with carbohydrates? I want my biceps to grow over time. How can I increase its size? What do you think about the technique of curls and presses? I think my biceps should be warmed up after training. Have I do warm up before the biceps training?

Nowadays, there is so much stuff I can do! I think the best equipment for me are dumbbells, but am I right? I don’t use barbells yet and I am scared to do too much weight. Is dumbbells workout biceps useful for a beginner?

How many repetitions will be good for me? For now, I use 14-kilogram dumbbells and do nearly 30 repetitions per set. Please, give me an example of biceps training for the development of the size of my arms. Every man wants to have his biceps pumped up. I believe this question is important for many men, not only for me. Is there a man who pump up his biceps without any recommendations? Looking forward to your workout gym

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Thank you for the interesting question. It seems to me that almost every man ask himself how to pump up his biceps quickly. I have looked up some recommendations and want to share my knowledge with you.  If you want to pump up your biceps in the shortest possible time, be prepared to work hard.

Pumping biceps quickly is really possible. Experts say that the visible relief on your hands is quite capable to appear in 2-3 months. However, it means that you should do physical exercises at least once every 3 days, working mainly with an emphasis on the muscles of the hands. There are some peculiarities of this type of workout.

Beginners should not train biceps every day. Due to the fact that the muscles are not developed yet, you should train no more than three times a week. Meanwhile, the training lasts no more than one hour. So, let’s consider the features of training biceps.

1. For beginners, it is enough to train this kind of muscle only once a week. You do not have to do it more times because the biceps will not be able to recover. If you want your muscles to grow, you must know that they need to be restored.

2. The best exercises to pump up the biceps are the basic exercises such as pulling up the lower grip, pulling in the slope of the back grip, and lifting the biceps standing.

3. To increase the volume of the biceps, it is necessary to do 10-15 repetitions, and 6-8 repetitions are enough to increase the strength.

4. One set lasts no more than a minute. For total training use 2-3 sets.

5. It is enough to conduct 1-2 biceps exercises during one training.

6. It is recommended to constantly interchange your exercises to don’t let the adaptation develop. Beginners can change exercises less often.
7. In split training, biceps can be trained simultaneously with shoulder, chest, back.

Exercises to pump up your biceps quickly:

– lifting the rod on the biceps;

– lifting dumbbells to the biceps;

– alternate bending of hands with dumbbells;

– concentrated bending of hands;

– bending hands on Scott’s bench;

– bending the hands with dumbbells with the strong grip;

– bending one hand with the handle of the lower block.

To make your biceps visually big, it is necessary to work a lot with the internal muscle of the shoulder, which will basically  ‘raise’ it up. This muscle can be forced to work by doing such exercise as turning the palm with a dumbbell

How to pump up your biceps right:

While doing biceps exercises it is important to know that once it starts to work, you are not allowed to increase the stress and strain of the entire body. During the training, only one part of your body should move – the forearm.

To make your biceps increase you also need to monitor the position of your elbows. When you wake them forward, the back curl, and if the elbows are diluted to the sides, then the load on the joints will increase. Fixing elbows only at one point is a main requirement for doing biceps strength exercises.

To pump up your biceps you need to use weight, focus on the work of muscle biceps and do your moves in the most correct way.

It seems that it is not so difficult to pump your biceps up. But the main thing is the correct technique of execution, acceptable loading, slow speed of execution and strict control over the working muscle.

Moreover, to build your muscles you should know about 10 secrets that will help you. I am sure that if you want to pump up your biceps, later you will want increase muscles of your entire body.

Hope that my recommendations will be useful for you.

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