How to set resistance on rowing machine? Is rowing machine exercising effective?

Hello! My name is Dorry, and I am 26 years old. Apart from a diet, I would like to start exercising in the gym. I have already chosen a gym, but haven’t selected an instructor yet. So maybe you can help me? I’m planning to train on a rowing machine, but I have some questions about it. Firstly, how to set resistance on the rowing machine? Secondly, will I achieve a proper result training on a rowing machine? If somebody here has such experience, please tell me about it, you will help me. Thanks a lot, I’m looking forward to your answers.

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Hello dear!
Rowing machine workout is definitely effective if you follow the routine and are consistent in your training of course. Just like swimming requires additional efforts to fight the water pressure, the rowing machine makes you to burn more calories developing additional force resistance. At home! Making a pause while sitting in front of pc!
Such fitness pauses are intense and effective, the results won’t wait too long to become visible. Your metabolism will be grateful working long after the training.

Do you know that magnetic (air) or hydraulic (water) resistance are less effective compared to self-driven one, Dorry? That’s the point when we talk about rowing machine efficiency. The adjusting features are mostly important for air resistance machine type. You can chose the rotating level with a finger movement. The feature is not common with water resistant machines. It is almost impossible to find such options in most models. So have you already decided which rowing machine do you prefer? Good luck! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas holidays!

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