How to train like a fitness model? Fitness models workout

Hi! My name is Helena. And I’ve decided to make my body more beautiful. Earlier I practiced weight training. It not only burns fat but also is very beneficial for building muscle. Heavy weights are intended as medical advice. Such a workout routine is good to strengthen the upper body muscle group. Now I want qualified healthcare professional prior to help me. Fitness models workout attracts me more and more.

Having informational and educational purposes, I’d like to get a fitness model training plan. That is diet or exercise program. My fitness goal is to gain a fitness model body. Of course, I understand that model workouts are not an easy task. Obviously, to get the perfect body, you need a consistent long time workout plan, with a minimum day of rest. So help me please if you have experience in this field.

I want to look like a fitness model. I’ve never been interested in sport and diet, so I need your advice. Which food is the best for a starter? And what kind of fitness plan should I follow? Hope you can help me.

How to train like a fitness model? Fitness models workout

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It is perfect that you’ve decided to improve yourself so I will try to give you the best tips.
Firstly you need to find out your type of body – whether you are an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph, so it’s easier to create your plan.
Secondly, you need to understand, what do you want to do – gain or lose weight?
Thirdly – write down your goals for your body and compare with your present results.
Then you need sport& food plan – I recommend to visit the specialist so he can prescribe extra vitamins if required or surf the Net by yourself and find the most suitable method. Be careful with final plans- they are rarely used.

Hi Helena!
I think that the best thing you can do is to stop eating sweets and flour based food. But that refusal should be gradual. Bad effects of cow’s milk are also known, so you can drink any plant’s milk instead. Physical exercises are also very important. You should decide which part of your body you would like to improve and just try to make more exercises on that zone while training. Actually, I will recommend to try yoga. It will help you to stay healthy and get fit. You could try some yoga workout videos on Youtube, they really work!

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