Is it possible to use Sennheiser wireless headphones in the gym?

Hi there! Recently I’ve read an article about the most popular motivational workout songs in 2019. I liked the songs very much. Waiting forward to listen to them while performing workouts in the gym. I adore doing the exercises when the music is playing out loud! It creates a special atmosphere and it is never boring.

But recently I decided to buy Sennheiser wireless headphones. I purchased them on Amazon. What can I say? I do not regret. It is even better to enjoy my favorite music through them. Actually, now I have an opportunity to listen to my motivational songs everywhere. My friends say I became a real music lover!

Sennheiser wireless headphones

I want you guys to share your experience. Is it possible to use Sennheiser wireless headphones in the gym? Have you already practiced doing that? If yes, share with me, please. Looking forward to reading your answers. Thanks in advance!

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Headphones have become as much a part of sportswear as sneakers and comfortable clothes. Thanks to this little detail, you can stay in touch, enjoy your favourite music and set yourself a pace of training. But if the headphones do not hold well, with uncomfortable controls and a weak sound, there is little sense from them.

How about the wireless headphones in the gym, then I’ll say this is inconvenient, as during active exercises they may fall out of the ears.

How to choose headphones for sports, so as not to throw money away to the wind:

1. See that there is an adjustable mount that can be adjusted under the ear;

2. check that the materials are durable and moisture-proof;

3. consider that the functions of the same model may differ when working with different operating systems;

4. To avoid disappointment, try on a headset and test the sound before buying.

Armed with these criteria, let’s consider 5 pairs of sports headphones.

If we consider the company Sennheiser, then I will offer you these top 5 headsets:

  1. Sennheiser MX 686G Sports
    The model has a Slide-to-Fit mount: each headphone has a ledge with which it is additionally fixed. This soft hook can be adjusted in height and adjusted to your ear.
    The headset looks unusual and stylish, pleasant colours – light green, white, grey shades.
    A good choice of headphones for sports, as the cable is durable, flexibly bends in places of fastenings, resistant to moisture and sweat.
    Remote control with a microphone is lower than in many headphones – at chest level. So it is more convenient to use it. The sound quality does not suffer: the interlocutor will hear the voice well while talking on the phone.
    Stereo headphones with open acoustics, making it easier to control what is happening around. If they call you, you will hear without problems.
    The ear cushions are made of the material with a special anti-bacterial additive SteriTouch, which helps them to remain hygienic.
    The kit includes a convenient case and clothespin.
  2. Philips ActionFit SHQ6500CL
     Wireless. For 2 hours, charged via micro USB cable, which is included. If you continuously listen to music, they will work 4.5 hours, which is enough for a standard workout. Mounted in the ear with the help of C-shaped clamps. The wires are reinforced with Kevlar fibre, rubberised at the joints with the remote control and directly with headphones. Protected from moisture and sweat, will not be damaged if you run in the rain.
  3. Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless
    Vacuum wireless headphones promise 12 hours of battery life. Support fast charging: 5 minutes, and the device works for another hour.
    BTE fixtures sit tight. In the process of doing sports, it is difficult to discard them from their ears, unless they are only removed by hands.
    Using the RemoteTalk remote control, you can switch tracks, adjust the volume, answer calls and talk with Siri.
    Protected from sweat and water.
    Comes with a tight rubber storage pouch.

  4. Philips ActionFit SHQ3300
    Sports headphones are almost weightless, so they will not interfere during training.
    Mount here ear and easily adjustable with one hand. There are rubber bands on the arms, moving which you can put the earpiece clearly on your ear. The speaker system is closed. To ensure complete fit and maximum sound insulation, the kit comes in three sizes of nozzles. Due to this, I will not interfere with favourite noises in my favourite songs.
    8.6-mm emitters with neodymium magnets promise high-quality sound on the tops and bottoms.
    To withstand tough workouts, the cable is reinforced with Kevlar.

  5. Skullcandy Chops Bud Henger
    To attach the accessory to the ear, there are moving arms. You can adjust the height of the hook for a tight fit. Due to this, the headphones do not fall while running and aerobics, even if you shake your head.
    When you need to hear well what is happening around, you can turn off the earpiece from the ear. It will continue to hang on the fastener, but will not interfere.
    15mm drivers promise to transmit the full range of frequencies, including the bottoms. As far as possible for sports headphones of this class, they play a balanced bass and treble. The vocals sound natural, the sound is clear.
    The materials are soft, pleasant to the touch.
    Headphones are lightweight, durable cable, not tangled.

Sports headphones allow you to not part with the music, even during training. Favorite compositions increase the effectiveness of classes and energize.
Sports training involves heavy traffic, so headphones should be tightly fixed in the ear canals. Consider 3 common types of sports headphones:
• Intra channel (vacuum) headphones. Keep tightly in the ear canal. Do not falling out during exercise. In some models, special silicone clamps increase the reliability of attachment. The speakers of the vacuum headphones are located in the immediate vicinity of the eardrum. So, with prolonged listening to music at high volume the likelihood of hearing impairment increases.
• In-ear headphones with earbands. The arms cover the ear, firmly fixing the dynamics of the “tablets” or vacuum headphones. But with intense training and sweating, the arms often rub ears.
• Open overhead headphones with headband. The only alternative to in-ear headphones for sports. The headband can pass over the head or through the back of the head, so it does not allow the use of protective helmets.

Cable or bluetooth
If you choose wired headphones for sports, give preference to models with a flat, not tangled cable. If the wires bother you, choose a Bluetooth headset. The lack of devices in this category is limited time. Depending on the battery capacity and the volume of listening to music, Bluetooth headphones can work without recharging for 4–12 hours.

Other options
When choosing a sports headset, also consider other characteristics.
1. Sound. You should like the sound.
2. Weight. The smaller the headphones weigh, the less inconvenience they cause during operation.
3. Sound insulation level. For classes in the hall is better to choose headphones with high sound insulation, allowing not to be distracted by extraneous noises. If you train on the street, it is necessary to hear the surrounding sounds. For example, in order not to fall under the car.
4. Reliable cable. The cable must be strengthened in traditionally “weak” places. At the entrance to the plug and speakers.
5. Protection from sweat. Holes in the bowls or speakers must be waterproof.

Hope these advises will help you to decide.

I am always listening to music while doing my training. In this way, my mood becomes better and I do exercises easily and with less effort. I do not know how it works and why everything becomes easier for me, but still. I am sure that it is possible to use Sennheiser wireless headphones in the gym. It is a really good choice. Experts have determined in which cases music influences the training positively, and in which – it is better to turn off. And I want to share this information with you.

According to experts research, the feasibility of music is different due to different types of physical activity. When you are running or riding a bicycle, listening to music is appropriate and even necessary, but in case of intense force exercises, you should not do this. It can be harmful.
I am sure you know that it is very hard to listen to music and not be distracted by its rhythm. By doing some exercises with deep, calm breathing, a quick melody in the headphones is better to be off or just replaced by a slow, relaxing song. When you are running, rhythmic tracks are quite appropriate. Once my gym instructor said to me: “I know people who beat their personal records with music”.

I have read that experts have some interesting conclusion about listening to music during the training. They say that music during doing sport inspires to do more effort and increases the productivity of workouts. Also, pleasant tracks help to recover faster after loads, both physically and mentally.
Also, it is important to completely exclude music during intensive loads, because the flow of blood to the inner ear is increasing when you do such exercises. Additional pressure on the ear in the form of loud music may worsen hearing.

So, for training, you should choose music that will improve the mood and motivate you for an excellent result. After evening training, before going to sleep, I recommend you listening to a light, gentle track. It is very good that you already know about the best motivational workout songs to do sports in 2019  because be sport motivated is important for every person. So, I have read the article about the best pieces of advice for sports motivation and recommend it to you.

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