LIIFT4 review & results vs 80 Day Obsession?

I have a fitness goal – losing weight and perfect Beachbody.

So I decided to rely on the experience of others and start doing a fitness program. I found worth consideration as highly reviewed 2 fat-burning Beachbody plans:

First of all, I decided to compare the main feature of each fit plan. See the comparison chart:

Program duration8 weeks13 weeks
Workout length30-40 mins45-60 mins
Days per week46
Nutritional systemMacros or portion controlTimed nutrition
№ of uniqe workouts3280
EquipmentVariety of weightsVariety of weights, sliders and resistance loops
DifficultyIntermediate to advancedAdvanced
TrainerJoel FreemanAutumn Calabrese
BOD accessYesYes

LIIFT4 vs 80 Day Obsession review

Considering LIIFT4, I think Joel makes fitness training and nutrition much easier.

He offers excellent weightlifting exercises that give the result after the first days of training. Such exercise is quite traditional and easy to do. They are:

  • flat chest press
  • dumbbell rows
  • shoulder press
  • lunges

What are the results of LIIFT4’s traditional weightlifting routine?

It will allow you to give load on the necessary body parts, develop strength, and adjust each move on the required muscle group.

As the basic exercises are known to everyone, be ready to accept Joel’s new suggestions. He is competent in his job and makes the most from each move. The trainer does not work out with the rest of the company. As he always takes time to explain each technique more detailed.

As to the workout schedule, it is very easy to follow. You need to work hard 4 days per week, 40 mins max per day. The time left is an opportunity for your muscles to recover. Excellent for hard-working people who need a flexible schedule and visible transformation.

What about 80 Day Obsession?

We found the 80 Day Obsession program more difficult fitness plan. It’s more created for people who already have a base level of training, the experience of weight training, and are well-known with exercising technique.

Autumn Calabrese shows her wide experience in fitness, generating innovative movements including weights, loops, and slides. The up-to-day techniques develop the balance of the body. During the program, you will challenge new obstacles on the way to getting the result.

You will learn various complicated movements (operating for several muscles groups at once). The given exercises will test your power capabilities, persistence, and balance. If you are strongly intended to get 80DO completed, you will definitely achieve the success.

You need to be prepared for a modern fit plan directed on core strength and glute gains.

80 Day Obsession is a longer-term responsibility. The program lasts 3 months long when you need absolute engagement, with 1 rest day per week. But during this day, you’re still supporting the strict nutrition routine.

Besides, almost all the workouts last nearly an hour-long. Opposed to 40 minutes per day with LIIFT4, it demands more time and obsession to complete with the desired result. You can also try A Little Obsessed (ALO) a test drive before starting this routine.

Results before & after

  • LIIFT4

This program, especially meal plan imitates Joel’s tendency to stay flexible and comfortable. Of course, you need to eat natural and low-calorie food. The main difference is that it’s not as structured and precise as 80DO.

With LIIFT4 you have the opportunity of utilizing the portion control boxes. In other cases, you can use macros if that is the food you are accustomed to (30% protein, 40% carbs, 30% fat).

In general, the nutrition plan is intended to be easy to follow, with understandable instructions that promote muscle building and fat burning. The main difference is the possibility of having the rest day, the LIIFT4 diet plan involves a free “cheat day” every week. During the program, you can even allow alcohol.

Here is the information about LIIFT4 cast members and their names:

  • 80 Day Obsession

The nutrition plan is more strict as is based on timed-eating. Calabrese gives advice to her training customers from her own experience. Timed-nutrition is totally eating the right foods (such as protein and carbs) during the determined time of the day.

It is an important component of the whole program, for increasing the effect from your workouts. While keeping to all the rules. you will build muscle, and recover from exercises while maintaining your metabolism and power high. With 80 Day Obsession, the exact food groups and mealtime are determined.

For doing this program, you will need serving containers. Comparing to the LIIFT4, no cheats and alcohol are allowed. You will have to keep your diet extra clean 7 days per week for 8 weeks.

My questions are the following:

  • LIIFT4 vs 80 Day Obsession?
  • Which works better for Beachbody and weight loss?
  • What about LIIFT4 cast members, names?
  • LIIFT4 vs 80 Day Obsession results before and after?
  • Your results after 21 day fix vs 80 Day Obsession?

Looking forward to reading your answers, thanks!

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Best Answer

My choice is LIIFT4 as I am a beginner in sports. Well, I found this fit plan simpler though effective.

  • Pros: useful, interesting, visible result, needs self-discipline
  • Cons: too easy for advanced users

Earlier I haven’t tried other fitness programs before. I choose this one as it doesn’t require much effort and most exercises can be performed at work. As I have my personal cabinet, I can allow myself to work out a bit.

LIIFT4 transformation

Frankly speaking, plan for the beginners feels too easy even for me. That’s why I work all muscle groups at once. You can take 1 training for a day as well. On the main menu, the necessary information is given.

Such as the purpose, people for whom this fitness plan is suitable, scientific evidence, medical contraindications. My results after completing the programs are stunning! Hope that you will consider my review. Thanks!

Well, I consider 80 day obsession: 21 day fix the best variant for making a great Beachbody and losing excess kilos.

  • Pros: exercising calendar available, instruction for each exercise, without mistakes
  • Cons: not found

3 months ago I looked in the mirror and understood that my body needs urgent work. When I started to look for a suitable way to get a perfect shape, this fitness plan appeared to me. After reading lots of positive reviews, I decided to start working.

Well, for 3 months I kept to the fitness plan, following all the recommendations. I missed only a few training days. Every day you feel the load increase, that makes the workouts maximally profitable. Of course, I feel the changes after completing the programs:

80 day obsession: 21 day fix

When I first saw LIIFT4 cast members, I decided to start the program at once. The perfectly shaped body is my bigger dream.

  • Pros: the load increases gradually, can be practiced daily, does not take much time, not boring, visible result, virtual trainer
  • Cons: not found

Well, there was a period in my life when I felt not good about the quality of my body. When I was 35, with a height of 165 cm, I weighed 68 kg. Fat deposits, a “pregnant” belly, and big thighs did not allow to wear beautiful clothes anymore.

Swimwear, tops, tight clothes were no longer for me. I switched to hoodies and even bought shapewear.

In addition to the figure, spoiled by malnutrition and two pregnancies, appeared some health problems:

  1. shortness of breath
  2. fatigue
  3. muscle weakness.

For example, in the morning, with a sitting position in bed, I felt my stomach shake, lifting me with all my strength. A walk with packages on the stairs to the fourth floor was like running with obstacles over long distances.

“That’s it, finish,” I thought. It was urgent to do something. I didn’t even consider training in the gym, for personal reasons. To study the types of exercises for various muscle groups, remember them, and then apply, I was too lazy. Therefore, I decided to use a ready-made program developed by Joel Freeman.

Body transformation

LIIFT4 was the program that changed my life completely. What I liked was the diversity of exercises: the difficulty and speed differ. Moreover, I always know which training type will be tomorrow.

Highly recommend the fitness plan!

I would definitely recommend 21-day fix vs 80-day obsession calendar. As it is more powerful, intensive and able to give desirable result.

  • Pros: quick result, home training, strict plan, fat burning
  • Cons: no stretching exercises

Actually, if I was forced to do all the difficult exercises at once, I would hardly get to the final point. Well, I like that the load increased gradually. After already the fifth training, I felt the mood increase. But I was especially happy with muscles felt under my skin.

Among the advantages was improving my health. Now I wasn’t too tired while running the stairs. Taking the standing position after sleep doesn’t was painful anymore. Well, I became fitter and now look much better.

I’ve recently finished my LIIFT4 workout and meal planner and want to share my results. Well, it is a good alternative to those who are lazy to attend the gym. A fitness plan has strict rules and works for all muscle groups.

You will find exercises for the whole body as well as for legs, arms, abs, and buttocks. Besides, you can easily track your weight. In fact, I’m not a professional user, I don’t attend the gym, but I want to look good and most importantly feel good.

So the fitness plan is a great helper when you don’t have time for a gym. Look at how my training pass:

Transformation result

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