80 Day Obsession is a completely new super-effective set of training from Autumn Calabrese and Beachbody. The program will help to fully transform your body in 80 days: tighten and round the buttocks, improve the shape of the legs, strengthen the press, flatten the stomach, burn fat and get rid of problem areas. Autumn Calabrese’s many years of coaching experience is guaranteed to lead you to a strong and healthy body.

80 Day Obsession Overview

The 80 Day Obsession program is specially created for those who want not just to lose weight, but to really improve their body and find smart, trimmed forms. The complex assumes an emphasis on the main problem areas: abdomen, buttocks, legs. In doing so, you will work absolutely on all the muscles in your body and burn fat. Autumn Calabrese has developed an effective step-by-step approach to building round buttocks and a flat stomach simultaneously with burning fat, reducing waist and legs.

Will it be intensive? Yes, 80 Day Obsession workouts are not designed for beginners. First, classes are lengthy — on average, from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Secondly, Autumn offers rather intensive exercises, including strength, functional, combined and plyometric exercises. Program level: Intermediate-Advanced. One of the girls shows a modified (simplified) version of the exercise, so you can always adapt the program to fit your abilities.

Отумн Калабрес - 80 Day Obsession

Want to make sure you’re ready for 80 Day Obsession training? Try A Little Obsessed from Autumn Calabrese, which includes 5 simple workouts and is the preparatory stage for the 80 Day Obsession. You can stay on the A Little Obsessed program for 3-4 weeks, gradually increasing your level of physical fitness. But if you are just starting to train at home, then it is better to choose the complex 21 Day Fix from Autumn Calabrese. This is one of the most popular programs at home, which is suitable for beginners.

Who is the 80 Day Obsession program suitable for?

  • For those who want to get a toned, strong and relief body without problem zones
  • Those who want to work accented on the abdomen and buttocks
  • Those who are looking for a comprehensive program for the whole body at home
  • Those who want to not only burn fat but also improve muscle tone, make the body more qualitative and elastic
  • Those who have training experience and are looking for a new comprehensive program

Of course, the process of losing weight is more influenced by nutrition. However, many coaches have shown in practice that in fact the only way to maintain their shape and weight is regular exercise. When you play sports, you burn calories, start metabolic processes, force the body to expend energy, and not store it in the tissues in the form of subcutaneous fat. In addition to losing weight, regular exercise reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Общий обзор программы 80 Day Obsession

What equipment is needed for 80 Day Obsession?

For the 80 Day Obsession program you will need additional equipment:

  1. Weightslightmediumheavy
    You will need dumbbells: lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight. If you have at least a couple of scales (light and heavy), then this will also be quite enough, but it is desirable to have a whole set of dumbbells. Moreover, if you are engaged in the program for all 80 days, you will feel constant progress, and you may later need dumbbells of greater weight. Choose weight dumbbells based on your level of training. You should feel the load during each exercise, but it should not suffer the technique of implementation. Autumn uses weight from 5 pounds to 40 pounds (from 2 to 18 kg). You can purchase collapsible dumbbells to be able to vary the weight. 
  2. Resistance Loops
    ( See: Top 5 resistance bands for burning calories and losing weight)

    You will need fitness gum, and it is desirable to have a set of three expanders, which differ in the level of hardness. You will do the exercises by putting the tape around your hips, feet, ankles, or wrists. Tip: when using elastic tape, it is more convenient to practice in long pants rather than shorts. This will help to keep the expander better and avoid chafing the tape.
  3. Strength Slides
    You will also need gliding discs (sliding discs). This simple inventory is great for strengthening your muscles and increasing your heart rate. You will slide along the floor using your own body weight as resistance. Be sure your muscles will burn. Instead of gliding discs, you can use pieces of cloth, socks, paper plates, small towels, and other available material.
  4. Mat
    As always, it is advisable to have a rug or mat on the floor if you practice on a hard surface. This is optional, depending on your home environment and convenience.
  5. Foam Roller
    Massage (foam) roller is an ideal tool to restore flexibility and mobility, as well as to relax the muscles after exercise. We highly recommend them to get if you care about the health of your body. You will only use it in Sunday’s Roll & Release workout, so this fitness tool is optional. On Sunday, you can arrange a day off or take another video with a banner for your taste

What about nutrition?

Autumn Calabrese is the developer of a special method of nutrition, which has become super-popular with fitness enthusiasts. We talked about it in more detail earlier: Food plan for containers from 21 Day Fix. At first, this method may seem very complicated and confused, but as the experience of many students shows, it really simplifies life. You will not need to carefully weigh, record and add calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats – just measure the food containers and your menu will be ready.

So, calculate your daily calorie intake according to the method proposed in the Starter Guide. The rate will be different for the first phase and for the second and third phases. In the first month of the 80 Day Obsession, you will need fewer calories than in the second and third month. The manual suggests calculations based on your weight in pounds, not in kilograms. First, simply convert the unit of measure to pounds: multiply your weight by 2.20462. For example: 65 kg * 2,20462 = 143.3 lbs. So for the first phase, your norm will be 1426 kcal (143.3 * 11 + 600-750), for the second and third phase: 1626 kcal (143.3 * 11 + 600-550).

If according to your calculations it turned out that the daily rate of calories is less than 1200 kcal, then you still stick to the option of 1200 kcal. The important fact is that you will not need to count calories by-product, you will be guided by the number of containers. Based on your calorie norm, you choose a specific nutritional plan: A, B, C, D, E, or F. Plan A assumes the norm from 1200 to 1500 kcal, plan F is the norm from 2500 to 2800 kcal (the rest in this interval). Moreover, the Beachbody team also developed a vegetarian meal plan.

Note that Autumn Calabrese offers a fairly tight calorie deficit. Think well, are you ready to follow these dietary restrictions to get quick results? You can lose weight without such radical measures, but if you have enough motivation, you can try.

You can calculate your calorie rate using the classic method or use the calculator from Beachbody. You can count calories yourself or use the method of containers. The most important thing is to control food. Remember, for weight loss will not be enough just to play sports. It is necessary to observe the shortage of calories to the body began to expand fat reserves.

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80 Day Obsession: composition of the training

The 80 Day Obsession program includes a whole series of workouts for 30-60 minutes, which you will do 6 days a week for 13 weeks. Sunday is a day off or a short session for relaxation and stretching. The complex assumes 3 phases, 4 weeks for each phase.

Each phase includes 6 different workouts (although in some videos the number of approaches and repetitions will vary from week to week, but the selection of exercises will be the same throughout the month). With each phase of training more complicated, you will constantly improve your figure, as well as develop endurance and strength. Last week – Peak Week includes a mix of workouts from all three phases.

The following workouts are waiting for you in each phase:

  1. Total Body Core (60 minutes). Training for the muscles of the upper and lower body. Includes complex combined exercises to activate all muscle groups and burn calories.
  2. Booty (60 minutes). Training involves an isolated load on the muscles of the buttocks to form round, tightened buttocks.
  3. Cardio Core (30-45 minutes). In this workout, alternating cardio-intervals with high and low intensity are waiting for you to maximize fat burning.
  4. AAA: Arms, Abs, (50-60 minutes). Training involves accented work on all problem areas (top, abdomen, bottom) using dumbbells, tape, and gliding.
  5. Legs (45 minutes). In this lesson, you will focus on creating more toned and prominent leg muscles, as well as getting rid of the flabbiness of the lower body.
  6. Cardio Flow (30-45 minutes). This dynamic interval training for the development of endurance, burning fat and toning the muscles without the use of additional equipment.

The program also included 2 bonus workouts for relaxation and stretching, which can be done on Sunday or on any other day throughout the program:

  • Roll & Release (20 minutes)
  • Stretch & Release (15 minutes)

AutumCalabrese recommends using the Tracker Sheet plate, in which you will add dumbbell weights and tape resistance levels for each exercise.


21 Day Fix: create a slim figure, elastic forms, and a plastic body

Отумн Калабрес

21 Day Fix is a comprehensive program that combines a variety of workouts to create a toned body. The classes are led by the charming fitness expert Autumn Calabrese, who will guide you through a three-week course for all problem areas. A variety of workouts await you: functional and strength training, yoga and Pilates, plyometrics and aerobics. The program will help you create a slim figure, beautiful relief muscles, spectacular elastic forms, and a flexible plastic body.

The program is designed for 21 days, the workout lasts 30 minutes, you need to do according to the training schedule already drawn up. Fitness course cannot be called extreme, but rather it is designed for a strong average level. In addition, most exercises are demonstrated both in a complex and in a lighter version, which means that you will be able to coordinate your workload yourself. The program is almost perfectly worked out, so it will be interesting to anyone who wants to improve their figure.

Complex 21 Day Fix consists of the following classes:

  • Total Body Cardio. Improve your metabolism and burn fat along with intensive training for the whole body. Functional and plyometric exercises are combined with a fast-paced training.
  • Upper Fix. Classic exercises with dumbbells for triceps, biceps, and shoulders are waiting for you. And also push-ups and various twists for abdominal muscles.
  • Lower Fix. Exercises for the hips, buttocks, and calves are assumed here. Many squats and lunges for the development of the muscles of the lower body.
  • Dirty 30. Strength training for all problem areas. Performed with dumbbells at a low pace.
  • Pilates. With Pilates, you will strengthen the back muscles and create beautiful shapes for your hips and buttocks.
  • Cardio. Cardio training to strengthen the heart muscle, increase endurance and burn fat.
  • Yoga. Improve balance, flexibility, and strength, and help your muscles relax with yoga. By the way, it is very convenient that each asana on the video is signed.

For classes, you will need dumbbells and gymnastic mat. If you have a tubular expander, then in some exercises you can use it instead of dumbbells. According to the schedule, you need to train every day, but once a week you will find yoga, which will help your muscles recover.

21 Day Fix

Pros and cons of the program


  1. Workouts are made as efficient and fat burning as possible so that you can achieve great results in 21 days.
  2. At the same time, the program is suitable even for people who know how to do regular secondary training. During the classes, more simple modifications of the exercises are demonstrated for those who are not yet ready for complex loads.
  3. Fitness course pleases with variety: yoga, Pilates, plyometrics, aerobics, exercises with dumbbells and with the weight of your own body. A new training course awaits you every day for a week, so you won’t be bored.
  4. Autumn Calabrese is great at leading a workout. She always carefully explains the technique of exercises, talks about the benefits of exercises, and also constantly encourages the group involved.
  5. Classes last only 30 minutes, you do not even need to devote a lot of time to home fitness.
  6. After 21 Day Fix, a more difficult version was released – Fix Extreme, according to which you can continue training only in a more intensive mode.
  7. Unlike Fix Extreme in this program, you can do without an expander. It is used only as an alternative to dumbbells in some exercises.


  1. Many jumps, plyometric exercises that will be unsafe for people with diseased joints.
  2. If you are a beginner, then we recommend that you start working with the available Gillian Michaels programs for beginners.

21 Day Fix is suitable for those who are looking for an effective, but not ultra-complex workout that a person with average training will be able to do. Start changing your body right now with an integrated program from Autumn Calabrese.

80 Day Obsession|21 Day Fix: a comprehensive program for the abdomen, legs and buttocks from Autumn Calabrese
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