What’s Autumn Calabrese boobs size? Before & after perky breast exercises

Hello! Recently I’ve heard about fitness model Autumn Calabrese.

Here’s the deal:

Her 80-day obsession workout and diet planner is a great helper when you need to tone up your body or lose some pounds. The fitness model has a great experience and shares it with pleasure. By the way, look at this amazing woman! Her shapes are an example for many girls.

Personally, I’m interested in her cup size. As it is popular now to use untraditional methods of its boosting.

Autumn Calabrese breast size

Nowadays it is really popular among celebrities to do plastic surgery. Many qualified specialists are ready to make beauty out of every woman that needs changes in appearance.

Autumn Calabrese breast size is a question of interest for many people:

  • Are the model’s boobs real or fake?

Autumn Calabrese boobs sizeAs far as I know, people noticed some changes in the model’s breast. They said she asked help in a plastic surgeon. As to me, her beauty is natural or it is the result of hard work. The question of whether she asked a surgeon for help is widespread.

  • What do you think? Her body is the result of hard work? Or surgery influenced it?
  • What about Autumn Calabrese boobs size?


Nowadays many celebrities dare to visit the surgeon. It has become a trend – to improve the appearance by such methods. Of course, far not all the people have enough money to allow it. As to Autumn Calabrese, guess she earns quite enough to ask the surgeon for help.

My question for you guys is the following:

  • What bra size, cup size has Autumn Calabrese?
  • Did surgery influence her boobs size?

Workouts for perky breasts

As to me, Autumn Calabrese is a very attractive woman.

It is visible that her body is the result of hard work and a strict diet. Nevertheless, I’d like to try her workouts for shaping my breast. Soon I’ll have a vacation so want to look just amazing.

Having a slim and toned body is essential if you’re planning to walk in the swimsuit along the beach. Moreover, you feel more confident if you see the perfectly toned body in the mirror. Then, you do not feel uncozy to sunbathe, just relax and enjoy the summertime vacation, as Autumn does.

Bra, cup size

Frankly speaking, I’ve already tried to follow the workout program for shaping breast, abs and butt. I went to the gym 3 times a week. During this time, my fitness trainer gave me not enough load.

What’s the bottom line?

Actually, at that time I had problems with my health. So it seemed better for me not to give a hard load to my joints.

Nevertheless, now I feel better and want to continue doing full-body workouts. Currently, I visit a gym where I’m doing workouts myself, without any personal trainer. So I decided to start following the comprehensive plan from Autumn Calabrese.

  • By the way, where can I buy the full program?

I heard the model’s program is suitable for shaping the perfect Beachbody. Maybe someone has the experience of working with this exercising complex? Here are my questions:

  • What are the fitness model’s perky breast exercises?
  • Autumn Calabrese boobs before and after perky breast exercises?

Looking forward to your answers. Thanks in advance!

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Hello! I found the Autumn Calabrese bra size is 32C. Her breasts-waist-hips measurements are the following: 35-24.5-35 inches (89-60-89 cm). As you see, her body is almost perfect! Of course, it is the result of hard intensive workouts and strict dieting. I admire this woman!

See the perky breast exercises in this video:

As far as I know, Autumn Calabrese is a creator of 80-Day Obsession program. The fitness model assures that if you want a prominent biceps, then you need to work your biceps.

In such a way, if you need a more rounded and shapely butt, you need to operate those muscles. The thing is that with perkier breasts, that comes more from fat tissue—than it does from muscle-building.

If you’ve lost flexibility with age or breastfeeding, your boobs probably aren’t as perky as they were in your early 20s. But the fact is that you can make some definite improvements in the perkiness of your boobs with the correct training routine.

  • Concentrate on toning the whole upper body, including the chest muscles, so that we can at least build the chest muscles a bit, and develop the upper body.
  • Work the posture muscles so that you’re standing nice and tall and holding your shoulders back. This is going to help keep things looking more pulled up and pulled back than if you’re leaned forward.
  • The purpose is to shape the upper body and certainly work the chest. Nevertheless, to work the back muscles as well so that your posture is very nice.

Combine three or four of these chest activities into your fitness routine to boost the girls, stand up straighter, and look better in your favorite figure-hugging outfits.

Body transformation

Buying the Beachbody Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix Extreme program is a key to the perfect body. Here you will find a fitness model’s full body workout for perky breasts. The advantages are countless:

  1. Any other program will provide such an amount of various exercises: plyometrics, pilates, yoga, aerobic, strength, interval training. Everyday activity changing will not make you bored.
  2. The fitness program is highly effective for fat-burning. You combine high-intensity interval training with plyometrics. Perform yoga and pilates for stretching and do the strength training for pumping up muscles. Such an approach to your body will give a prolonged result.
  3. The fitness trainer gives a detailed explanation of the technique. His way of leading is very energetic and motivating.
  4. A fitness plan is divided into 21 days. So you will be working hard only 3 weeks to get the desired result. Moreover, you will not feel boring during such a short period of time.
  5. Fitness trainer suggests several exercising complexes for more and less advanced level of training. In general, exercises pass on the high-intensity level.
  6. Each exercise is 30 minutes long. First of all, it is convenient to spare an equal amount of time for workouts every day. Secondly, 30 minutes is not long.

Autumn Calabrese workouts

5 quick and easy kettlebell workouts from Autumn Calabrese official website:

  • Squat

The amazing workout for your abs, squats, hamstrings, and glutes. You need to bend your knees. Place the kettlebell between your legs. Your joints drop into a squat so hamstrings are parallel to ground and abs are nice and tight. Do 10 to 15 reps depending on your level of comfort.

  • High Pull

You need to use lighter weights as it’s focused on the upper body. Start by placing the kettlebell between your feet. Grasp the kettlebell with your left hand. As you grab, your elbow goes up high. Use energy to pull the kettlebell up pulling shoulders, legs, and core. Do 10-15 reps before switching to the other side.

  • Lunges

Light or medium weights are approved for this kind of training. Grab the kettlebell. As you do, rotate elbow down so the kettlebell can rest. Then continue by extending the leg out, and coming together. During the workout your chest is up, butt goes back, so you’re pulling your glutes. Static hold on bicep and shoulder. You will mark your heartbeat accelerating which means you are burning calories.

  • Push Press

This exercise focuses on working out the shoulders. In the starting position make sure to clean the kettlebell. Your feet are hip-width apart. Through a push press, the weight goes up, and the left leg goes back. Do a short jump and step together using your legs to drive the weight up, working the whole body. Your shoulders and legs are working and the core is supporting everything.

  • Wind Mill

Use light weight and place your feet hip-width apart. Image standing on a square, you want your feet on back two corners of the square facing to the left while keeping your hips still facing straight. Put down the hand with kettlebell next to inner thigh and bring your arm up. Everything is tight and controlled.

Look at the striking result before and after completed Autumn Calabrese program!

Autumn Calabrese boobs

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