What are Jimmy Lewin tattoos?

Hello! I am a great fan of the famous fitness model Michelle Lewin. After she has released her Lewin fitness platform, she became even more popular.

Her husband’s Jimmy Lewin fitplan is popular worldwide. He is a personal trainer and bodybuilder that is known for his back workout program and fitness app. Frankly speaking, I adore them both. Besides, I follow their Instagram and always keep in touch with their news.

Jimmy & Michelle facts:

Full nameBakhar Nabieva
Date of birth08.04.94
Place of birthBaku, Azerbaijan
Lives inDnipro, Ukraine
Professionmodel and fitness coach
Net costfrom $ 0.5 to $ 2 million

Looking at Jimmy Lewin it is hard not to notice the tattoos on his body. I like the images and would like to know its meaning. Guess it took a long time to created such tattoos. I have only 2 little ones on my hand. And it took almost a year to dare to make one.

Jimmy Lewin tattoosOf course, the tattoo is now becoming especially popular among women and men aged 18-40 years. Bodybuilders also do not lose the opportunity to try the tattoo fashion. The most popular body areas for bodybuilder’s tattoo are the lower back, ankles, forearm and outer arms.

Some make tattoos on the face. It is not recommended to apply it on the chest, hips, upper back, abs, and calf. Bodybuilding professionals are not recommended to have this kind of body decoration. This can negatively affect the decision during an important competition.

I cannot imagine how he decided to create such an amount of tattoos on his body. I want to ask you a question:

  • Do you know what are Jimmy Lewin tattoos? What do they mean?
  • What does the fitness trainer say himself about them? Provide your opinion concerning his body.

Looking forward to reading your answers. Thanks in advance!

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Lewin tattoosJimmy Lewin is a hard-working person. Here is some information on his way to success. Actually, in 1997 he left Sweden to explore the world. When he got to the destination place, he didn’t understand that he would never arrive home.

The fitness trainer lived in Italy, India, Thailand, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Spain. In Venezuela, he met his beautiful wife Michelle Lewin. After they decided to live in Miami, the couple has turned the attention of the whole fitness world. Jimmy began working out to improve his lifestyle.

Earlier he used to drink and leading not so healthy way of life. When he started healthy nutrition, his party life was over and his interest in attending the gym raised. Only because of hard work and development, he began noticing unbelievable results.

He had also additional motivation for being married to Michelle. The fitness trainer told that he still enjoys being married to the most passionate girl in the world. All this time, Jimmy has been the man behind the camera. As a trainer, manager, and agent, he has supported Michelle to develop her global label.

From that time when Jimmy joined Instagram, he quickly started gaining popularity. His account grew faster than he ever expected. Thousands have talked to Michelle and ordered the Fitplan. People were happy to have the opportunity to request Jimmy as their personal trainer.

What about the tattoos? Here you can see pictures of animals on Jimmy’s arms and shoulders:

Jimmy tattoos

I know that Jimmy Lewin is a great fan of tattoos. He doesn’t regret 350 hours spent with a tattoo master. The fitness trainer confirms the fact that tribal tattoos are out of fashion nowadays.

See the tattoo transformation of the famous sportsman:

Jimmy Lewin body

Can you provide with detailed photos of Jimmy Lewin back tattoos? What do they mean?

Look at the detailed photo of Lewin back tattoos:

Jimmy tattoos

My own experience shows that tattoos are popular among bodybuilders. For example, I know the 59-year-old bodybuilder who spent half a million and 200 hours to cover the body!!!

The fact is that the man was shy about his old tattoos and decided to change them, but got a little carried away. 59-year-old Ray Houghton began to get involved in fitness when he was a child. Since then, the man has been actively engaged in sports, making impressive muscles.

However, he was shy to show them as he didn’t like the old tattoos. Then the owner of the gym decided to change them, making the “sleeves”, but he could not stop.

For 14 months, the man covered his entire body with black tattoos, leaving only his face, hands and intimate areas. He spent more than 200 hours of time doing this. Ray admits that he feels a couple of decades younger!

What do you think about tattoos on bodybuilders? Are they allowed to decorate their bodies? Doesn’t it interfere with their profession?

Actually, many guys find the concept of tattoos and bodybuilding totally complementing each other. Such an image always evokes the stereotype of a real strongman, which is dangerous to deal with.

  1. Both bodybuilding and tattoos have a common motive – to make a person truly stand out from the crowd, add masculinity and personality!
  2. However, such a change in the appearance doesn’t fit into the framework of ordinary aesthetics. Many people see the outside of the coin, see how you look from the side, but do they know how much effort and perseverance it took to achieve such a look?
  3. Tattoos can not only be an independent image of your body but also complement the image of the courageous muscularity of a true leader.

But! Tattoos and large muscles have one more thing in common – the number of errors. In terms of the number of misconceptions on the topic of bodybuilding, competition can only be the first one. By the will of fate, I am connected with both of these topics, so I can provide my opinion.

About muscle growth and tattoo!

The skin is stretched, but not at all body parts. For example, biceps and triceps are generally not inclined to stretch, the armpit space is stretched. If you pay attention to people who have changed their weight in a short period of time, then stretch marks are found precisely in the above areas.

Even if you become a real Hulk, the chance that the tattoo goes bad comes down to a tiny percentage of probability. If we talk about ordinary people, then a few centimeters will certainly not change the look of your body. But they are unlikely to affect the tattoo itself.

Remember that your skin changes even by itself, even with age. If you really want this tattoo, then do it in the end!

Jimmy tattoos

Is it worth giving up a gym while healing a tattoo?

This is not so significant, but at first, it’s better to stay at home, when the picture is completely fresh. Remember how perfectly you pumped those muscles the previous training? Remember how sick they were the next day?

Do not think that this concept doesn’t concern the skin. The main thing is how you will look after the tattoo for the first 10-15 days, this is the most important thing. There is no special guarantee on how your body will look after visits to the gym. The same way, no one will give guarantees on the subject of your tattoo.

Look after it, moisturize and do not let the sun’s rays touch it!

My advice is to continue training for at least a few days. Of course, you may not leave it at all, but you have to approach the training with caution. If you have a tattoo on your hands – train your legs, and vice versa. Everything is simple.

However, if you feel unwell, there is weakness and fatigue – you should not go ahead. The body itself knows better how much to rest and recover. You should not deny your own intuition.

But can tattoos affect athletic form? Looking at Jimmy Lewin, I wouldn’t think so. But interesting to read your opinion concerning this!

Of course, the desire to show the pumped muscles is the primary among guys! The work is priceless and it has no right to be hidden behind some kind of tattoo. However, I can assure you – tattoos and muscles are best friends!

And there are many examples, take at least the famous actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed “The Rock”. Cool muscles always go well with a cool tattoo. The scale of the drawings should always correspond to the muscle scale where the bond of tattooing is made. Just do not try to make tiny tattoos on large muscle groups – it looks at least strange.

Pay attention to Jimmy’s sleeves. Seems that his tattoo master did a great job!

Jimmy Lewin tattoo

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