Michelle Lewin Fitness Platform is the perfect choice for people involved in sports. The platform is a unique sports equipment with 30 levels of resistance. It is designed for a full body workout, involving power and cardio exercises.  In fact, the platform is suitable for beginners and advanced sportsmen.

The Lewin Fitness Platform is intended for fitness as well as to build strong muscle. It can assist you in your weight loss program while combining a healthy diet and proper nutrition. 3 specific areas – fitness, toning, and weight loss will definitely make you change your shape. Moreover, this equipment is the perfect transportable gym or home gym. Let’s figure out more about amazing Lewin fitness platform.

  • Product Dimensions: 25.6 x 13.8 x 2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 14.1 pounds

Michelle Lewin Fitness Platform

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Top 5 advantages of Lewin Fitness Platform

1. THE LEWIN FITNESS PLATFORM is a complete fitness equipment that is perfect for individual trainers, group workouts or your personal home gym. The platform has different levels from 1 to 30. Position 1 is the toughest and position 30 being the lightest.

Michelle Lewin Fitness Platform


2. 30 LEVELS OF RESISTANCE. No batteries nor settings is needed. Levels are color coded for group training.

Michelle Lewin Fitness Platform

3. THE PLATFORM INCLUDES: A Balance and wheel additions to blast your core. Stretch Resistance Bands, USB drive and a bag to transport the unit.

Michelle Lewin Fitness Platform

4. OVER 150 DIFFERENT EXERCISES. Diversity in training is one of the essential factors of reaching your goals. The Lewin fitness Platform enables you to perform well over 150 different sports activities. No matter what your focus purpose is, build muscle, tone or lose weight this platform helps you achieve those goals as a personal trainer does.

Michelle Lewin Fitness Platform

5. INCLUDES USB WITH EXERCISES MADE BY MICHELLE LEWIN AND JIMMY LEWIN. No trouble if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced user, there are activities preloaded with the levels you are in. Workout along with Michelle Lewin.

Michelle Lewin Fitness Platform

How does Michelle Lewin exercise on Fitness Platform?

Fitness model puts an unbelievable amount of efforts to be in shape. Her appearance truly attracts! Today, Michel Lewin is perhaps the most popular in her field. The girl has her own workout method, which helped her to succeed. She gladly shares her methods with everyone and makes no secret of it.

A famous fitness model regularly uses the Fitness platform for various purposes:

  • Increase her Strength & Fitness
  • Body Shaping & Toning
  • Resistance Training
  • For Cardio
  • For Pilates
  • Work all Muscle Groups
  • For Rehabilitation
  • For Weight Loss

The model demonstrates her workout routine using Fitness Platform on her official Instagram account.

Top 4 Alternative Fitness Platforms

1. KLB Sport 31″ Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper In Fitness & Exercise

  • Great for workout classes and routine home use
  • Adjustable heights: 4” to 6” to 8”
  • It will help you work on your coordination as you improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Shock absorbing, non-stick, non-slip surface
  • Package Includes: 1 x Stepper (with 4 risers) + 4 additional rubber feet
  • Has a twice cheaper price
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2. Benlet Adjustable Height Fitness Aerobic Step Trainer Platform, Home Gym Exercise Workout Trainer Board Training Equipment

  • Made of strong metal frame and plastic, features 3 levels
  • Flexible height from 10cm/ load capacity 200kg, 15cm/ load capacity 150kg
  • Perfect for cardio workout or to strengthen your lower body
  • Platform surface is secure, non-stick, non-slip, and shock absorbing
  • Perfect for workout classes, recovering from an injury, or everyday regular workout routines in the comfort of your own home, office or take it with you to your friends’ home
  • Platform dimension: 25.7” x 10.4” x 1.8” (L x W x H)
  • Has a much cheaper price


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3. The Step Original Aerobic Platform – Health Club Size

  • Made in the United States from long-lasting, recyclable high-density polyethylene
  • Includes full-size (43” L x 16” W x 4” H) teal aerobic platform and 4 original purple risers
  • The platform features premium nonslip, comfort cushion top and supports up to 350 lbs
  • Four non-skid feet on each riser and platform prevents sliding or scratching floors
  • Change workout difficulty by modifying platform height from 4” to 6” to 8” using risers

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4. SUPER DEAL Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Platform Massage Machine Fitness W/Bluetooth

  • Whole-Body Vibration that helps in maintaining reflex reactions, thus burning calories and fat
  • Upgraded ABS shell ensures more durability and stability
  • Ergonomic design loads capacity up to 350 lbs
  • Anti-slip coating designed to prevent sliding
  • LED display shows time, speed and burnt fat making your workout visible
  • Small compact size can be used anywhere & easy to carry and store.
  • Comes with Arm cords, Remote control, Resistance Bands
  • Functional and High Efficient – Adjustable vibration speed (1 to 99) to suit different needs
  • Equipped with 4 anti-slip feet that has vacuum suction and rubber protective surface
  • Has a higher price

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Michelle Lewin Fitness Platform Review. Top 5 advantages
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