What is Michelle Lewin age? What her SNSs?


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Recently, surfing the Google search pictures, I came across that ↓ photo, and this girl really surprised me, especially when I saw her photo from the before&after series. At that moment, I had many different thoughts in my mind. After, I asked myself if I can repeat her success, at least to make my coveted body shape.

Beautiful woman Michelle Lewin is a good example of a woman, who has just a perfect figure and generally a beautiful look. I have information only that she has 13,1 million followers on Instagram.
Who know some details about her? Is she just a fitness model or bodybuilder?

What is Michelle Lewin age? Is the most interesting question for me, because I would like to know at what age she reached such a luxurious body and how many years she keeps herself in this excellent body shape.
Maybe you also know the information about her success and how did she reach such a rise?
Which was her life before she became famous? Does she have a husband and the children?   Can you share with links to her SNSs?

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    Michelle Lewin is one of my favourite fitness models now. I want to look like this woman in her 32. If you need, you can visit the site where are a lot of information about her lifestyle, training and work.I have found many exciting exercises which I use in the stadium.

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    Michelle Lewin was born in Venezuela, Maracay in February 1986. Now her age is 32 years. She famous bodybuilders on SNSs with over 10 million followers on Instagram, 8 million Facebook likes 400 thousand Twitter followers and 200 thousand YouTube subscribers.

    Michelle has also appeared on many magazines such as Playboy Magazine, Oxygen, Inside Fitness, and Muscle&Amp. Michelle Lewin was in poverty and had an unusual early life, but her life started improving after her marriage to a bodybuilder.

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    Oh, Michelle Lewin… The really amazing person, who, in my opinion, deserves attention.

    Michelle Lewin is a famous Venezuelan fitness model and bodybuilder. She is not hight, even small, at 163 centimetres. She was born in the 25th of February, 1986. Although watching her photos, I thought that she is younger, because she has the appearance of 23-25 year girl, she is really 32 years.
    She has the profession of IFBB Competitor, Model and Actress.

    Michelle Lewin grew up in poverty and had a difficult early life, but it started improving after her marriage to a bodybuilder. Encouraged and loved by her husband, she started pursuing a career in modelling. She travelled to Milan, Rome, and Barcelona, and contacted several fashion agencies. However, she was turned down numerous times for her short height (5 foot 4 inches = 1.63 m). They also objected to the freckles she had on her chest and asked her to get them removed.

    Before moving to the US, in 2013, the girl already worked as a glamorous model, but it was in 2013- that her life changed radically. In that time she was 27. Since the work of model made Michelle all the time to keep herself in good shape, she spent a lot of time in the gym. This is what really helped her in her future career.

    In 2014, the woman took part in the Orlando Pro Europa 2014 championship in the bikini category, from that moment she began another life: shootings for sports magazines, participating in many large professional competitions, she became the face of companies that sell sports nutrition.

    Michelle Lewin before and after was trying to achieve a high position in society, and she did it.

    Michelle has her own method of training, which helped her to achieve success. She willingly shares it with everyone and doesn’t make any secret out of it.

    The girth of her chest is 92 cm, waist – 58 cm, thighs – 90 cm. That is, the parameters are not only close to the ideal, but almost ideal!
    Very few known girls that have such external parameters as Michelle Levin.
    She is an idol for many novice athletes and models.

    What are the links on her SNSs:

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michelle_lewin/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FitnessMichelle/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/michelle_lewin

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    Michelle Lewin was born on February 25, 1986, so apparently, she is 32. Why is she so popular? Catwalks, bikini competitions, sculpting her body in the gym, photographers love modeling and social media star. Still, no posing in the nude, which is quite surprising. In some interview, Venezuelan model admitted it`s not her style and she finds it absolutely unnecessary. I think she`s loved so much because of her life story too. Michelle was not the happiest kid and her journey to a successive fitness career was the way to overcome some traumas. Now she`s happily married and living in Florida, her husband Jimmy Lewing is her business partner as well. 

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