What back workouts for men are the most effective?

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Now, I have a question, that worries me enough time. Since I began to seriously engage in sports, I write down my achievements, and they delight me. I never paid special attention to the muscles of the back. And now, when other muscles of my body satisfy me, I want to develop just the back muscles.

Back training

Training the muscles of the back is extremely important for the formation of a sports figure since it is the musculature of the back that is the largest muscle group in the body. In fact, it is the developed latissimus muscles that make the athlete’s body build strong and manly, whereas the pumped trapeziums give the body massiveness and V-shape.

However, the back is one of the most difficult muscle groups for training – often it just “does not grow.” The main problem is that beginners often do not know how to feel the muscles of the back at work, doing wrong belts and pulling up, while overloading the back with unnecessary isolating exercises.

From the anatomical point of view, the entire musculature of the back is divided into three segments – trapezius muscles (upper back), latissimus muscles (middle) and rectifier muscles (lower). The pumping of the trapezius muscles gives the back massiveness, the broadest – the width, and the development of deep-core straightening muscles strengthen the lower back and body.

So, the main question is: What exercises are best for developing back muscles? What back training program do you know? How to combine activities for the development of both the broadest and trapezius muscles? How many times a week is it recommended to train your back? What are the secrets of training your back muscles?  How correctly to perform the thrust rod to the lower back? How to warm up the muscles of the back and prepare it for work? What foods you need to eat to grow muscles, and the level of testosterone was high? How to do exercises on the lower back to pump steel muscles? What is the most effective exercise program on the upper body? What to do if you want to “dry” the muscles and increase the relief? How to learn to perform strength exercises at the expense of the muscles of the back, not the arms? What the basic exercises are also important for working out the muscles of the back?

I need your help! I think you will advise me something great!

What back workouts for men are the most effective?

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Exercises for the back muscles are an important part of the training program in the gym. To make a beautiful and muscular body with the help of bodybuilding, it is not enough to press the barbell and flex the biceps. Basic exercises on the back in the gym will make it wider and thicker – this is the goal of every beginner.

Pull-ups, Deadlift, Traction bar and thrust on the blocks – should be an integral part of the program for a set of muscle mass.

Muscles that work during back muscles

trapezius muscle of the back (top)
the latissimus dorsi (middle)
rectifiers (bottom)

Exercises for trapezius muscle give the back thickness.

The widest muscles expand the top of the back, making the waist visually narrower.

Straighteners of the back do not matter much for the appearance, but they help to stabilize the back in hard basic exercises (squats with a barbell on the shoulders, deadlifts).
The program of training the muscles of the back on the mass in the gym
Back exercises are often done on the same day as a chest workout. Start your workout with your back muscles, as this group of muscles is larger. But if your nursing babies are far behind, then do them at the beginning when there is more strength.

Basic basic exercises

Barbell in the slope

Auxiliary exercises

Traction dumbbells with one hand
T-traction on the simulator
The upper block traction
The lower unit traction


Features of the technique:

changing the width of the grip, you can work out different parts of the back: the wider the grip, the stronger the widest are involved in the work, making the back wide;
pull yourself up at the expense of the muscles of the back, not the arms – biceps are included in the work only at the top point;
Do not pull the shoulders to the ears.

If you weigh a little and pull up easily, use the weights – a belt with a pancake. If on the contrary, it is impossible to pull up yet, then put down a chair and push off from it with one foot. In the gym, you can pull up on a special simulator “Graviton” (the more the weight of the counterweight, the easier it is to pull up; start with the counterweight a little easier than your own weight).


Hyperextension is a great exercise for back straighteners. It can be done with or without additional weight (bar or pancake).

Features of the technique:

thighs lie on pillows in front;
the hip bones are on the front edge of the pillows. If you push the pelvis 10 cm higher, then the legs and gluteal muscles will receive more pressure;
while doing the exercise, the back is not rounded, it remains straight;
when lifting from the lowest point, the back does not overbend, it should be on the same straight line with the legs.

Dumbbell with one hand

Dumbbell with one hand – a great alternative to the barbell in the slope. This exercise can be done longer (first with one, then with the second hand …), but you can work with larger amplitude (muscles will stretch and contract more strongly). Those. you can lift the barbell only to the abdomen, and the dumbbell pulls higher. Due to this, the back muscles are better pumped.

Features of the technique:

the back is parallel to the bench;
dumbbell pull the muscles of the back in the first place, the biceps turns on only at the end: you swing your back, not your arms!
At the top of the exercise, the body does not need to be turned around (the back remains parallel to the bench), it is important to feel the contraction of the back muscles.

Here are the best exercises for pumping back.
There is a huge amount of exercise that will help you effectively work out the target muscle group. To pump your back, use dumbbells, barbells, weights, as well as various simulators. Work technically correctly. Thus, you can pump well the desired part of the body without the risk of muscle injury.
Pull ups
This exercise is considered one of the most accessible. You only need a horizontal bar. Very often pull-ups are made by those athletes who exercise at home. Movement can be performed with the help of various grip.
• Jump onto the horizontal bar, the width of the grip is standard.
• Start pulling up.
• In the upper phase of the movement, you should try to touch the crossbar with your chest.
• Return to the starting position, and then perform several repetitions of pull-ups.
It is best to perform movements using a wide enough grip. Legs can be lowered down or bent at the knee joint. Perform 3-4 approaches. Also, bodybuilders often use special weighting. Put on the belt on which you can fix the pancake.
This exercise is popular not only among bodybuilders, but also among powerlifters. Deadlift is a basic movement that will help work out a huge number of muscle groups.
• Stand near the bar.
• Keep your back level. Lift the sports equipment to the knees, and then begin to level.
• Fix the body position in the upper phase of the movement, and then return to the previous position.
• Do a few reps of deadlift.
It is best to work in the range of 9-12 repetitions. At first, perform deadlifts without additional weight. This way you can learn how to work technically correctly. You can also exercise with dumbbells.
Thrust rod in the slope
Do barbell traction in order to pump the back of the deltas and latissimus dorsi muscles. This sports element is popular among both beginners and professionals. The basic movement will help build a large amount of muscle mass, as well as increase power indicators in the deadlift.

• Hold the bar firmly with both hands. Grip a little wider than shoulders.
• Keep your back level. Lean forward.
• On the exhale – pull the clod to the belt, inhale – lower the sports equipment starting position.
• Perform several repetitions.

We all know that a beautiful body needs muscle development. A lot of men who want to know how to gain muscle mass and pay big attention to back muscles, because it is the most difficult muscle group for training. I know a lot about back muscle exercises with weight, dumbbells, for seniors and beginners. But now I want to share with some back workouts for men that are the most effective.
How to pump up back muscles?

The first advice that works exactly to train the muscles of the back is to go to the gym and work with the coach. Professionals will help you to develop muscle back quickly and, most importantly, correctly. Self-directed work without the instructor’s guidance can lead to health problems. Back is a very important part of our body, so you need to take seriously the development of muscles in this department.
Let’s take a look at the basic exercises that will help you to develop back muscles:

#1 Tightening a wide grip
Keep on the crossbar and hang on it. The arms are a little wider than the shoulder width. Serve your chest forward. Legs need to be crossed (only ankles). Point your head to the crossbar. Hold the shoulder blades and tighten your arms to pump back muscles. Your task is to touch the bar with the upper part of your chest. You need to go back immediately and without pause. Repeat the exercise several times and in several approaches. The turner should touch the chest near the collarbone or below.

#2 Dipper drift in inclination
For this back muscle exercise, you need to take a gymnastic lava and dumbbell of small weight. Put the left palm and the left knee on the bench. Take the dumbbell to the right hand. Straighten your back and bend slightly. Keep the blades tightening the dumbbell. Hold on to the top point. Return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise several times and several approaches to pump back muscles.
The dumbbell should be pulled to the waist, but not to the chest and not to the middle of the abdomen.

#3 Tilting the rod in a slope
To train your back muscles take the bolt wider than you took it in a lying position. Move the pelvis back. Lean forward so that the bar is located in the middle of the shin. Pull the rod and touch the lower abdomen. Smoothly return to the starting position without any pauses. To ease the load on your arms and back, your knees need to hold slightly bent.

#4 Traction block with a wide grip in sitting position
Locate on the simulator conveniently. Slightly bend your legs and put them on the back to pump muscles back. Take the handle of the simulator. Bend your back and lift your head. Hold the shoulder blades, pulling the handle of the simulator to the middle of the abdomen. Pause and return to original position. When performing an exercise, it is important not to round off your back and not to lower your head either down or back.

#5 Fitball Exercises
To do this back muscle workout correctly lay your stomach on the fitball, crossing your hands with it. The legs should be straight. Lower down while allowing the flexibility of the waist. Return to the original position. Keep balance during exercise.
The upper point of the exercise is the creation of a straight line from the back of the head to the heel of the feet. This is necessary to pump up back muscles.

#6 Draw a block with a narrow grip in the sitting position
You will need a narrow arm of the simulator for this exercise to pump up back muscles. Get it for it. Slight bend your legs and lean on them on the support. Start to sharpen the shoulder blades and pull the handle up to the abdomen.
Smoothly return to the original position and repeat the exercise the required number of times in several approaches. When returning to the starting position, it is recommended to plant the shoulder blades to the side, slightly rounding the middle of the back.

#7 Vertical chest tenderness
To do this exercise for back muscles you need a simulator for vertical traction to pump back muscles.
Grasp the crossbar in the place where it is bent. Serve your chest forward. Serve your shoulders up. Tensioning the muscles of the back, you need to lower the entire shoulder belt straight down. Then you need to bend your hands in your elbows and pull the crossbar to the collarbones. Smoothly return to the starting position.

So, these are the basic exercises that will help you to develop back muscles. In order to develop back muscles, you need a healthy and strong back without damage and birth defects or complications.

In order to achieve a visible result, you should not always be in the gym for a long time, spend money on different kinds of drinks and mixtures for muscle building. Moreover, you just should know that not only exercises and constant muscular swing will give an excellent result, but the proper nutrition will help you a lot. What to eat to gain muscle mass? Gain muscle mass diet will help you to have excellent relief muscles, gain strength and maintain health. You must pay attention not so much at the time of training, but on the quantity and quality of food consumed. Diet to gain muscle mass means to consume the daily required amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
Bodybuilders diet can be saturated with a variety of foods, meat and cheeses, and many candies because they give energy and a great mood. Besides, many like bananas, but do not eat them because of their high-calorie content. They are not afraid to become fat because they know that body weight will be increased not due to the appearance of fat deposits, but due to the appearance of beautiful cubes, relief of shoulder blades and back.

Gain muscle mass diet means that you need to stick to particular rules:

It is necessary to include in the diet at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of a body. For example, if you weigh about 60 pounds, then the consumption of protein products should be 120 grams. Protein increase muscle mass. Just pay attention to the fact that the protein is absorbed for a very long time and therefore if you eat only protein products and do not exercise properly, it will not digest and your body will become vague and no muscles will be visible. Of course, you do not want to have such results.

Eat a little, but often. Typically, such a diet is followed by model or ballet actors, as their profession means to not have time for a good lunch or dinner. If the label says that this product is low caloried, then, looking at the amount of protein, you should not doubt to buy this product. By the way, meat, poultry, fish are the most essential food for lunch and dinner. Your diet should include both vegetable and animal fats. So, 4 or 5 meals a day are to increase your muscle mass.

To gain muscle mass it is necessary to have the right, healthy and delicious breakfast. If you do not have breakfast, then after 20 minutes of intensive training you will want to eat, and your body will stop responding to training and teams coming from the brain because you will think only about food. Which breakfast is perfect for you to pump up muscles and do not want to eat while training? There are porridge, manna, and oatmeal, eggs and bacon, pancakes with rice or jam. Also, the rice cooked on steaming with vegetables will have a good effect. Eat some citrus to raise the mood and add energy. It is not necessary to eat a lot, but it is necessary to saturate the body.

If you think that after a hard workout you do not need to eat, you are wrong. To pump up muscle, you must be sure to take some food after your workout. You can just drink a carbohydrate milk cocktail or banana, and after little time eat some food. The food that you consume after training helps to build your muscle mass, strengthen the bone tissue. Buns, chips, and crackers are not the kind of food that should be used to refill, but vegetables and fruits, meat products or milk cocktails are perfectly suited.

So, in order not to stroke a set of muscle mass, try to exclude mayonnaise, white bread, and salt. Instead of pasta, eat porridge, instead of fried meat, prefer boiled or baked food, instead of wheat bread – bran or rye, replace sweets with honey and dried fruit. Your gain muscle mass diet must include healthy food to achieve the best results.

You asked a question what to do if you want to “dry” the muscles and increase the relief. I tried this myself and want to help you. Beautiful body with reliefs of muscles – a cherished dream of many modern men and women.

How to dry properly?

The essence of the drying process – a special diet that allows you to get rid of fat deposits and save muscle. This mode is usually used by athletes before the competition. As a result of a severe diet restriction, people who have been busy building muscle for many months can demonstrate clearly drawn muscles. To get this result you need to combine physical activity with a special diet. The sources of complex carbohydrates and proteins are found in the list of products for drying the body. During drying it is also necessary to use fats that should be gradually reduced. The drying process lasts for at least 2 months. Throughout this time, the diet is becoming even more severe and demanding, there will be more and more restrictions. You should begin drying gradually within the first 2 days. During this time it is necessary to reduce the number of consumed carbohydrates to a minimum and start to consume proteins to the maximum. In the first drying period, the diet should contain approximately 50-60% protein, 10-20% fat, 20-40% carbohydrates. The second period is a diet that consists of 80% proteins, 18-19% fats, 2% carbohydrates. The third period is a drain of water. The amount of consumed protein increases to 90% and it is recommended to use fats at a minimum quantity. You must drink only distilled water. The maximum drainage time is a week. Then for 3 days, it is necessary to carry out so-called hydrocarbon loading, enriching a ration by carbohydrates. The menu may include exclusively fresh dishes cooked on steam or boiled. The basis of dehydrating food is foods rich with proteins.

Protein products for drying the body:
Chicken breast, boiled rabbit, squid fillet, fish (salmon, trout (allowed for the first week of diet), pollock, hake, cod, pike, ice fish), boiled beef, egg white, low-fat and fat-free cheese, kefir (for 1 week), cheese.

List of carbohydrate products for drying the body:
Groats: buckwheat, brown rice, oat groats and flakes, millet, bran.
Vegetables: cucumbers, asparagus, almost all sorts of cabbage, carrots, leaf lettuce, zucchini, eggplant, lentil, beans, peas.
Fruits and berries: green apples, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, gooseberries, currants.

To have a relief body in addition to protein and carbohydrate foods it is important to use certain fats in the amount of 10-15 g per day: without them in the body a lot of processes are disturbed. The list of fatty products for drying the body: linseed oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, nuts, fish oil. To know how properly calculate fat percentage read about tools and equipment to use to calculate your body fat percentage.

People for whom sport is not just a hobby, but a profession, during the drying period necessarily use drugs that help to support the body. These drugs include protein drinks, amino acids, bcaa, and vitamin complexes. In addition to protein cocktails, drinks that are allowed during drying include mineral water, green tea, and herbal teas.
So, eat healthily, stick to mentioned above ration and then you confidently follow your dream.

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