What do you feel in the same gym with a popular fitness influencer?

Hello! I attend the gym already for 3 years. My trainer advised me lots of useful workout programs. Such as the following:

  1. Top 10 core fitness exercises that are easy to do
  2. Circular strength training for men, burning 30% more fat than usual
  3. Dumbbell exercises – the best way to improve your body

They are really useful. The effect is visible already in a week! Moreover, my favorite fitness influencer also does these programs. Although, his body is perfect! Flat stomach, toned muscles, and great endurance.  So I decided to increase the load in order to achieve the same results.

Actually, I’m fond of popular fitness online influencers. They inspire me to do more! And you can imagine my feelings when I saw one of them in the same gym as I attend. I was a little shy to continue my training. His endurance and strength were amazing! So I couldn’t even take my look. My question to you guys is the next.

  • What do you feel going to the same gym with a popular social media influencer?

Share with me your experience. Will be glad to read your impressions. Thanks!

What do you feel in the same gym with a popular fitness influencer?

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Actually, I had the opportunity to train with my favorite fitness influencer in the same gym. It motivates me! When you see a famous person doing various workouts, using the same fitness equipment, you start to work better.

Besides, I always used to copy his workout routine to improve my technique and get better results. It’s an amazing feeling to share the gym with a famous fitness influencer.

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