What does Autumn Calabrese eat? What is her diet?

Hello! I started following the fitness model Autumn Calabrese. Recently I’ve read her 80-day obsession workout schedule. I’m fond of her. This woman has an ideal body shape, that deserves special attention!

Nowadays, I want to lose some extra pounds and decided to regulate my nutrition plan. Among all the famous trainers I know, Autumn Calabrese has the most attractive appearance, that I want to be like her. How does this girl keep her body always fit? What tips should I follow to have toned figure like she? Can you share the main principles of her nutrition plan? What products do I need to eat to lose weight? What food is not allowed to consume while dieting? How did the celebrity reach such an incredible body?

How long did it take to her to make the ideal figure? When does she have training? What is her nutrition plan? How does she spend her day? What does Autumn think about different diets? Does she follow the Keto diet? What does she do except proper nutrition and training? What secrets of beautiful girl can suggest?

Are any vitamins like Omega 3 and Women Multivitamin allowed to consume while dieting with Autumn? How many calories per day can be eaten? What amount of carbohydrates should be in the daily intake to burn an extra weight?

Maybe somebody knows about her nutrition? Any information is needed! Thank you for help!

What does Autumn Calabrese eat? What is her diet?

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Hey, Silly! I also love all about Autumn Calabrese. In one of her interviews, she said that she likes to eat a lot!

For breakfast she likes to cook some eggs with coconut oil. Simultaneously she cooks her favorite oatmeal and both dishes are usually prepared at the same time.

After the workout she loves to drink a milkshake with bananas, peanut butter and almond milk.

For the third meal she eats around 10 almonds, one small apple and several toasts.

Next meal usually consists of a turkey with sweet potatoes. She peels the potatoes in slices. Autumn says, that she has a rule about not eating the carbs after 4 pm.

For the last meal she often eats salads with vegetables.

I’ve been following for Autumn Calabrese for some years. She inspires me. She is a great celebrity trainer and creator of several highly popular fitness and nutrition programs. As I know, she prefers healthy food such as vegetables, fruits, chicken, eggs, plenty of cereal and others. I read her article where she recommended to eat five times a day, and you should drink a lot of water(10 glasses)

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