What kind of exercises during pregnancy is better to do at home? What are the best pregnant workouts?

Hi, girls! Today I want to ask you about pregnancy. My sister is pregnant now, so she decided to do some exercises. However, she is not fond of going to parental classes where are many people. She would instead do everything with her husband at home, so she asked me to search for some information about this.
So, maybe you know some in-house exercises any woman can do during pregnancy? Is it better to do these exercises at home or join in special classes? Is it so important to do these exercises with your partner or it’s possible to do it on your own?
Moreover, I have heard that there are beneficial pregnancy water exercise classes. Is it really useful? How do they work?
And what about yoga exercises while pregnant?
What kind of workouts are the safest and useful?
Thank you!

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Hi Anna, sport during pregnancy is a very useful thing. There are many varieties of exercising for women in such a position. All of them has its own advantages.
I will start with yoga. The rules of yoga strengthen the body, gently work with the spine and joints, which have an increased load during pregnancy and require special attention. But the exercises should be specially adapted: inverted postures for pregnant women are contraindicated!

  • What about aqua aerobics, in the pool, any movements require overcoming the resistance of water and perfectly train the muscles, and water massages and strengthens the tissues. Pregnant women who regularly do aqua aerobics usually do not have stretch marks. You can engage as standing in a shallow pool, as hanging like a float, at a depth.
  • I also can recommend you stretching, when muscular relaxation relieves nervous tension, improves well-being, promotes the disappearance of negative emotions. For expectant mothers, stretching is also useful in that it teaches you how to manage the pain sensations in a relaxation state. But it is obligatory to consult with the instructor since not all poses are permitted to pregnant women!
  • In addition to that, you can train with a fitball. Aerobics on a large ball has a positive effect on the entire body. The ball unloads the muscles and allows to relieve tension in the body (especially from the back). Even just balancing, that is, sitting on the ball and keeping the balance, you are already involved in the work: the spine is aligned, the coordination of movements develops, all muscle groups are strengthened.
  • If you have no time or will to exercise, you should at least go hiking. It’s the simplest and most acceptable kind of sport, but here it is necessary to follow simple rules. You should do not walk too long, from 15 to 45 minutes, take a bottle of water, do not forget about wearing a hat, dress in comfortable clothes, including good shoes and prenatal bandage. After a walk lie down, lifting the legs above the level of your head.

Read more about yoga for pregnant here https://askyourfitnessquestion.com/question/how-to-do-yoga-exercises-during-pregnancy/#comment-684

It is your opinion what kind of sport to choose, but it is necessary to exercise to have a good muscle condition, what will help you to give a birth to your baby much easier.
Remember,do it regularly. If we chose some average pace of training: 3-4 days a week, then we try to stick to it. That there were no breaks for a week. Every time you start training again, it means putting your body under stress. Better slightly, but smoothly, gradually increase the load.

Hello Anna! Here are the best variants of workouts:

  • Prenatal yoga: In addition to hip openers for childbirth flexibility and stretches to help alleviate pregnancy backaches, prenatal yoga can provide mental balance and stress relief when your hormones are taking over. (Or when the reality of keeping a tiny human alive sets in.) Look for a class specifically geared toward pregnant moms, or get your mat practice on at your normal studio, letting the instructor know in advance that you’re pregnant and may need optional poses or modifications to make way for baby.
  • Pool time: Swimming, water aerobics and pool running each get your heart pumping, while the cooling water helps to reduce discomfort. The weightlessness of the water (try foam noodles or floaties if you’re in deep water) can relieve sore joints, while the pressure of the water can help to work away water retention in your body.
  • Pilates: If you’re looking for pregnancy workouts you can do in every trimester, pilates pregnancy exercises are for you. You’ll build the stamina needed to give birth—and later keep up with the little one. And while your big belly might resemble more of a beached whale than a sculpted six pack, pilates pregnancy exercises can strengthen your core so that you can push more effectively on delivery day. Added bonus: Pilates featuring kegel exercises during pregnancy can lead to a better controlled bladder for you post-baby.
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