What healthy cabbage dishes for the first and second meal you can suggest me?

Hello everybody, did you miss me? I missed you too – and I am here again with some questions, they are connected with recipes for diets and healthy life at all. So, I decided to eat only healthy food for, at least, one month, so I could get used to it and maybe continue to consume it or the two months or year, depends on my organism’s needs. So, I want to cook some cabbages because I like them very much and it is very hard to deny that they are beneficial for losing weight. What can you recommend for me?
Сonsidering the fact, that now is summer, I have a lot enough of cabbage in my garden, so I need as much as possible use it with only benefits for my health.
Any recipes, including first and second meal?

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Thanks to a large amount of water and fibre, as well as small nutritional value, the preparation of white cabbage dishes takes a special place in many programs for weight loss. This plant has a huge multivitamin composition, so the dietary recipes from cabbage are extremely popular. Besides, the cooking of these dishes is not difficult so that they will take a worthy place in your diet.

This plant is the main ingredient in hundreds of dishes. I can recommend you such a dishes: fresh cabbage salad, cabbage cutlets for dietary nutrition, braised dietetic cabbage, sauerkraut with sour cream and mushrooms, cabbage rolls with vegetables.

So, I offer my way of making tasty cutlets from white cabbage with oat bran and absolutely without flour or semolina.

White cabbage -1/2 head
Egg- 1 piece
Onion-1 piece
Garlic – 1 clove
Oat bran -2 tablespoons
Salt, black pepper powder depending on your taste
Olive oil for frying


1. First, cut half of the cabbage head into large pieces and put it out in salted (very lightly) water until cooked. You need to monitor the amount of water so that the cabbage does not start to be roasted. After stewing, discard the cabbage leaves in a colander and drain excess water. Cooldown.
2. When the cabbage cools, transfer it to a blender and chop it to make stuffing. Most likely, all the cabbage will not enter the blender right away, so just add it gradually.
3. Add onion and minced garlic, egg, oat bran, salt and pepper to taste in cabbage. Grind all together with a blender again to obtain a homogeneous mass. 
Add in the end a little breadcrumb, so that the mass turned out to be drier and better kept the shape. You can just roll in the breadcrumbs already crocheted cutlets.
4. Heat the oil in a frying pan, and while it is warming, with wet hands make cutlets.

5. You can serve cabbage cutlets with a garnish of rice or potatoes (with mashed potatoes they are simply delicious), as well as sour cream or tomato sauce.

Here is a tasty, simple and useful dish. Suitable for child nutrition.

By the way, cold cabbage cutlets are also delicious!

Hello Silva,

You know, cabbage is that special type of food that is perfect for summer meals. It is very good for our health, that’s why I have recipes for 1 and 2 meal.

1 meal.

Here is a very tasty recipe for soup:


– 1.5 liters of vegetable vege
– 1 small head of white cabbage
– White onion 2 pcs
– Parsley 2 pcs
– Carrots 2 pcs
– 1 tablespoon tomato puree
– salt and pepper to taste
– ½ bunch of parsley

How to prepare:
Wash all vegetables, cut them, pour them in a decoction and cook them with spices until tender. Then mix, add puree, chopped parsley and serve hot.

2 meal.

Dietary stuffed cabbage
– fresh cabbage,
– 500 g or 1 kg of meat (so that cabbage rolls are not very dry, preferably use turkey fillet),
– 1.5 or 3 bags of rice, celery – stems with leaves, pepper, salt, vegetation.
Cabbage leaves should be burnt in hot water, meat ground in a food processor, rice cooked half-hard. Mix meat with boiled rice, season to taste, put in a cabbage leaf and cook for about one and a half hours. Sauce dressing can be made with fresh tomatoes, seasoning only with salt and pepper.

Hope you will like it!
Stay fit 🙂

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