What is healthy eating lifestyle plan of Kayla Itsines?

Hi! I’m Alisha. I’m 23. I like healthy food. And I always find a new eating plan. Now I see the blog of  Kayla Itsines. I start to train like she. In one of your questions, I found good tips for myself to be fit like Kayla Itsines.

And now I want to know about her nutrition. How many times per day does she eat? What is her daily income in grams? How many calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins do the fitness model consume a day? Does Kayla Itsines take additional nutritional vitamins? What she thinks about Omega 3 and Women Multivitamin complexes? What amount of water should I drink to fasten my metabolism? What else I need to do to fasten my metastasis? What tips I should follow to lose weight in two weeks?
How to calculate my own personal nutrition plan? What diet should I follow to be fit?
What does Kayla Itsines say about Japanese 13 day, Atkins and Keto diets? And what she thinks about cabbage diet? What are the main her principles of nutrition? How many times per week does the celebrity go out to different restaurants? Has she any cooking skills? How often she cooks meals at home?
Does the fitness girl eat a meat? What kinds are allowed to eat while losing a weight? What are the best dietetic non-caloric receipts to cook meat at home? How many meats can I eat per day or a week?

Thank you for any information.

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Hi Alisha! I like healthy food too! So I want to help you with this question.

In her nutrition guide, she doesn’t think that you need to deny yourself. In her opinion, health doesn’t come as a result of self-denial. So she allows cheating meal or dessert during a 45-minute break to be had within a 45-minute break during the day, with the rest of the day focusing on healthy food.

For herself, she prefers balanced meals.
She breakfasts toast with poached eggs, avocado, tomato, spinach and a cup of berry tea. Also, she prefers pieces of fruit for a snack. She usually has a wrap with chicken, homemade Greek garlic sauce, lettuce, and tomato for lunch. For another meal would be tuna salad and a piece of fruit. And in the end, she has dinner with a Greek soup called Avgolemono, which is chicken stock with rice and lemon.

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