What high dietary fiber food recipes? How to lose weight fast?

Hello. I’m 27. I want to lose weight, to make my body fit and improve my health. I think that diet is very important on the way to my goal, so I want to find out some information and I’m sure that you can help me! Could you please tell me some recipes for dietary meals which are beneficial for the health? And also I’m interested in high dietary fibre food recipes. What are their advantages and disadvantages? How much fibre should a person consume during a day? Hope you can give me the answers to my questions. Thank you.

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Hello! You are right; fibre is essential for weight loss. I was often reminded that the more vegetable fibre we eat, the less weight we`d gain. Do you know that to start loosing weigh you need to clean intestines and stomach first? Vegetable fibre is proved to be the best natural cleaner, my fitness coach says. Where do we find it? Off-corn, whole grains, beans, cereals, dried fruit, oilseeds, fruit and vegetables, ah and berries for sure. A pretty rich list, isn`t it?

Since you are 27, it is advised that you consume 25 grams of fibre per day. It is necessary to drink a lot while on a diet to avoid digestive problems. Introduce fibre food in your menu gradually, no need for a super strict diet; our body is fragile to extremes. Be sensible. If you chose the diet for weight loss but having a drum belly for more than two days, replace the products. Luckily we can accept! Oh! Forget about white bread existence for a while. There are lots of delicious alternatives.

There are times when you just cannot follow a diet. Holidays, travelling, “bad hair days” etc. Then a dietary day once a week may be a way out to improve our general feeling and self-esteem. One litre of kefir is divided into four parts, put 2 teaspoons of fibre powder in each and drink it in the same intervals during the day. Some raw veggies are allowed too. From my own experience. it`s better to live this day actively, mostly outside, focusing on some work, distracting your mind from hunger. It will pass faster and give the result you`ll love.

Here is a soft fibre dieting version. 70% of your daily menu should consist of fibre-rich food. Download a detailed list of products, they are available. For a more visible effect say no to alcohol, sweets, fat-containing stuff, fried and spicy food. This way you are likely going to lose 7 kilograms per month without many efforts. Isn`t it worth trying? There is also a more extreme dieting plan.

If you are up to a strict diet, here it is! It lasts for two weeks. You go to the chemist`s, buy a fibre powder there and drink it with kefir. One glass of low-fat kefir plus 2 teaspoons of fibre, mix it carefully, the powder will grow in volume a bit, that`s the right time to drink it. The next kefir/ fibre meal is in 3 or 4 hours. You can eat some raw fruit or vegetables meanwhile. Be sure you have 4 meals per day (the fibre ones). Good luck!

If you start looking for the recipes, you`ll see how diverse and exciting they are. I`ve recently tried this one. Fish sticks in corn germs. You need some corn germs, 400 grams of codfish fillet, 100 ml of milk, one egg, oil, salt, and peppers. Cut the tenderloin in the sticks and put spices on it. Mix the egg with milk, drown the sticks into the liquid and bread them in germs later. Fry in oil until the fish becomes goldish. I’m incredibly tasty and healthy. Bon appetite!

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