What is Autumn Calabrese tattoo on back?

Hi! I am a fan of beautiful female athletes because I have a goal to be like them!

Recently I’ve found the article about Autumn Calabrese 80-day obsession reviews, workout routine, and equipment. Watching photos of Autumn Calabrese, I noticed a small part of the pattern on her back.

Is it a tattoo?

It is interesting for me to know what is it. The main thing is, I recently started an athlete career, but now I’m still a beginner in sports. I want to make a sign on my body, that will motivate me not to stop.

What is Autumn Calabrese tattoo on back?

My questions to you:

  • What is Autumn Calabrese tattoo on the back?
  • Does somebody notice tattoo Autumn Calabrese?
  • Maybe you know what is it mean?
  • Does the girl try to hide it? Why there is no exact photo of her sign?

Is it allowed for professional athletes to make different patterns on the body? Is it allowed to have small tattoos on the unnoticeable parts of the body?

Can you find a photo of Autumn Calabrese tattoo?

I am waiting for your reply! Thank you so much for the future answers!

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Hello! I’ve found a photo of Autumn Calabrese.
You might be wondering:
She has a rest and sunburns with her friend. In this picture, you can see the tattoo on her back. As I’m her fan, I noticed that a fitness model does not talk much about the tattoos on her body. But we can see the signs while she’s in her swimming suit, for example.
Guess that it means something essential for her. And what do you think? Autumn Calabrese tattoo

Hello! I have found some information about her tattoo. She says: ”I’m getting hammered, chiseled and tattooed for my birthday! That is my birth date which means in less than two months I will be turning 39!”haha. It was weird for me. What are you think about it?

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