What is Christina Aguilera 38 kilos weight loss main secret?

Sorry, girls, but I can not keep myself to myself, I need to lose weight! You sit at the office, you know, sweeter than a fresh cucumber and lettuce leaf in your mouth you do not take, you sweat in the gym for hours, and the figure on the scales slid down to some kind of miserable few kilograms. And then there’s a colleague with a box of chocolates, a husband with an invitation to eat burgers on weekends and … Christina Aguilera, who lost 38 kg in 10 months. I like your post about methods of fighting with fats on sides, but it is interesting for me how did the singer come to such an incredible result!

She has professional nutritionists, personal trainers and a cook who divinely prepares the notorious leaf of lettuce. But still, I can not believe. Is it really possible to lose almost 40 kg in 10 months?

 How did Christina Aguilera lose weight?

Christina Aguilera knows well what a roller coaster is in losing weight – the famous actress is inclined to be overweight, and from a slim girl could literally turn into a bun in just a year, which happened more than once in her life. Naturally, over the years of struggle with excess weight, she happened to try a variety of methods. For example, Christina experienced a colored diet, according to the conditions of which you need to eat foods of the same color during the day. We will not delve into its description, as the result of it. of course, did not give, like many other attempts to lose weight. So how did Christina manage to achieve her best body shape?

What diet did the singer choose to lose weight? What foods prevailed in star’s nutrition? Who knows the approximate diet menu of Christina Aguilera? How many times a week does Christina do physical exercises? What workout complex does the celebrity do to be slim?  What did the singer give up? How to lose excess fat quickly?
What else I need to do to lose weight like Christina Aguilera? What tips should I follow to be slim and beautiful as a star?

I think miracles do not happen: even Hollywood stars deny themselves in small pleasures, so why can’t I do that? I hope you will help me with advice and I can achieve no less mind-blowing results!

Christina Aguilera weight loss!

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Thank you for this interesting question. You know, a lot of women, especially teenagers, want to follow some very famous actress, want to be like them. And when they decide to lose weight, they try to do the same as their idols do. And Christina Aguilera is one of those women. She did get rid of excess 38 kilos of weight and everyone wants to know how she was able to do this.

You should know that nutritionists Rachel and Richard Heller helped Christina to lose such a big amount of weight. They developed a special power supply system that was perfect for Christine Aguilera. The fact is that it was so hard for her to get rid of carbohydrates in the diet, but Rachel and Richard did not require it. The system the star has lost weight is divided into two main stages – weight reduction and fixing the result:

Three by three. Each meal should be divided into three equal parts by volume. The first part is protein foods (lean fish, lean meat, poultry, soy cheese). The second part is vegetables. The third part – carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, pasta, fruit and juice, sweets). Exception – lettuce leaves, which can be used in unlimited quantities.

In order to consolidate the result, Christine had to adhere to the following rules:

– Chromium deficiency that contributes to the accelerated production of insulin. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the consumption of foods that includes a big amount of this element (legumes, potatoes, liver, cheese, meat).
– Caffeine affects the amount of insulin, so Christina limited coffee consumption.
– Sugar substitutes can not be used. If you really want sweets, it is better to eat a cube of dark chocolate or a small piece of cheesecake.
– An active lifestyle is required for weight loss. Three times a week, Christina was engaged in physical exertion.
– Yoga classes and walking.

The menu of Christina Aguilera:

Breakfast: oatmeal on water with berries, fruits or dried fruits, an apple, tea.
Lunch: meat or fish steak (100 g), vegetables in any form (unlimited), water with lemon.
Dinner: steamed tuna, vegetables.
For snacks between main meals, any vegetables are suitable – cauliflower, zucchini, pumpkin, green beans. In the morning you can eat fruit as a snack.

So, if you like the way Christina Aguilera lost her excess weight, you can also try it. Also,  to lose weight you can try Emily Ratajkowski’s diet, that is also very effective.

Hope you will achieve good results.

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