What is the best fitness tracker for runners who want to burn more calories?

Hello, my name is Cher, I am 24 years old. Apart from exercising on the rowing machine (10 Best Sellers on Amazon) and doing rope jump, I want to start running in the morning to burn even more calories. What do you think about it? Will it be useful? How often should I do for a run to achieve good results? What benefits will running bring to my health?
My friends recommended me to buy a fitness tracker because it will show my daily results and it is incredibly convenient. Will it help me to lose weight faster if I would calculate burned calories?
Do you know which fitness band is the best for runners? Do you use a fitness tracker while training? What features are the most important when buying this bracelet? Does this fitness gadget useful in doing sports? What measurements does the fitness tracker for running do?

Hope you can give me a piece of advice, I’m looking forward to it. Thank you a lot!

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Dear, Cher! I`m impressed by your active sports life, I`m far from that. I started running a couple of times but failed. Instead, I found something that worked for me – long dog walking. And I bought a fitness tracker to monitor my progress – distance, calories, and steps. You should buy the device too! It`s motivating and keeps you more organized. I use Garmin Vivoactive and the app GarminConnect on my phone and PC. It`s definitely good to do practice morning running, it will be more effective with a smart tracker. I wish you good luck.

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