What is the difference between cupcakes and muffins? How to make healthy muffins?

Hello! As you already know, I’m really in love with a baking, but I do not really know about the difference between cupcakes and muffins. I always thought that this is the same. So, really, how do they differ? What is easier to do? My friend has a birthday in a few days, so I decided to make a surprise and pleasure for her and bake a box of muffins. But I discovered that I do not even have a recipe that would be healthy and without sugar and cow milk. I believe you can help me out. Send me your healthy recipes of  muffins that you make at home and I will use one of them!

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Hello! In general, the difference is very minor but muffins and cupcakes are certainly not the same things. Muffins have English origin and unlike cupcakes, they can be not only a sweet dessert but a vegetable, cheese or even meat dish. Cupcakes are totally American and sweet. They are pompously decorated with cream, topping, top milk etc. Just like a tiny cake. There is also the difference in whipping cream for dough technique. In the first case, it is slightly mixed while with cupcakes it is whipped thoroughly. Yet, they became so much popular around the world we can only be surprised at the range of variations.

I`d like to share with you the recipe of my favorite cheese and vegetable muffins I usually cook for picnics. They are super healthy and incredibly delicious. You`ll need to whip 5 eggs. Prepare the muffin fillings – tomatoes, onions, broccoli and some cheese. Everything should be properly chopped and diced. Fill each oiled muffin tin with your veggie combinations. Cover each muffin cup with salt and spices first. Peppers and basil in my case. Then pour whipped eggs. The liquid should almost reach the top. Oven at 350ºF (180ºC). 20 minutes of baking. Bon appetite!

Hi, Jane. 

I thinks sweets are always a perfect gift. 

Cupcakes and maffins have one thing in common – they are veeery tasty! But they also differ a lot. Cupcakes are like small cakes. They are always sweet, they contain much chocolate, they are a dessert item. Muffins can be not only sweet, you can add different ingredients to them. So, it is obvious that muffins are healthier. 

What about recipes, I would like to tell you about vegan blueberry muffins recipe. To cook them you need: flaxseed meal, unsweetened plain almond milk, sugar, canola oil, vanilla extract, white whole-wheat flour, baking powder, ground cinnamon, salt, fresh or frozen unsweetened blueberries.

  1. Stir water and flaxseed milk in one bowl.
  2. Stir almond milk, sugar, oil, vanilla and the flaxseed mixture together in another bowl.
  3. Then mix flour, baking powder, cinnamon and salt in another bowl.
  4. Bake for 30 minutes. 

Hello! I was very interested to look for the answer and i am surprised a bit. So, muffin is still something that's relatively healthy. It's not too sweet, is perhaps made with whole wheat flour, and is more likely to be loaded with fruit than candy. A muffin can also be savory instead of sweet. The texture is usually dryer and slightly denser than their cupcake cousins. Cupcakes are, well, miniature cakes. They're sweet by definition, coming in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. A cupcake is tender and rich with eggs and butter. They're a dessert item, not an everyday breakfast food. And cupcakes always have frosting.

And here is recipe:

2cups flour

1⁄4cup sugar

1tablespoon baking powder

1⁄2teaspoon salt

6tablespoons vegetable oil

2⁄3cup water


  1. Preheat oven 375, use paper muffin cups or grease pan.
  2. Sift flour, sugar, baking powder and salt into a bowl, form a well in center.
  3. Mix oil, water and eggs together and then pout into the well.
  4. Stir just until flour is moistened. Add fruit in using.
  5. Spoon batter into prepared muffin cups.
  6. Bake for 15 – 20 minutes, until lightly browned.

Hi! Today I have found useful and interesting information about the difference between cupcakes and muffins. And there you can find the recipes both muffins and cupcakes:) I hope can help you!

Hello there! I was always wondering about this difference between muffins and cupcakes. As far as I know, muffins are more healthy, they are often made with whole wheat flour and they are not as sweet, as cupcakes. Cupcakes often have some toppings or creme on the top and plus a sweet filling.  So, definitely, muffins are better for consuming. If they are healthy, of course. What about recipes, I am always looking for them on Youtube, so you can just search for some cool channels, and start your cooking adventure.  Stay healthy! 🙂


Sweetie I would like to tell you that muffins and cupcakes are not the same. They actually include the same ingredients eggs, flour, butter, and sugar. But the reason is, that muffins have whole wheat flour and oat flour. Actually, to muffins, you can add more healthy products. And what is more in cupcakes is a higher amount of sugar. Cupcakes are made by creaming the margarine and sugar together to make a smooth, cushy player. Cupcake player is beaten essentially longer than biscuit hitter; this makes a consistency of air rises all through the cupcake. Biscuit hitter, then again, is beaten quickly and remains generally uneven. This makes for a thicker heated great.

So now you know the differences. Stay healthy!

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