What is the secret of the japanese healthy diet?

Hi, I’m Jane, and I’m 21. I’m in love with this new K-Pop music and Japanese people, so I began to learn more about their culture. Watching films, reading different autobiographical books about people from this country, one question came up: how do Japanese stay healthy? What food may I use to be healthy and fit? What is another of their secrets? What makes Japanese women stay so beautiful and neat? I really would appreciate any feedback, cause I’m interested in this topic. Maybe we find their secrets and will always be beautiful like they)) Thanks!

2 Answers

Hi Jane! I completely agree with you about the healthiness of the Japanese diet. And surprisingly but there are no particular secrets about it. The key point is it’s mainly fresh and unprocessed food and it should contain vegetables, grains, fish and a lot of pickled products. And I bet you are aware of green tea, Japanese are crazy about it. One more important moment is that they usually eat from small bowls and everything is in small portions. So, just follow this simple rules and you’ll be true Japanese 🙂

Hi, Jane) I like Japanese food very much. And when I knew about this diet I was very glad. Because now I can eat my favourite meal and loose weight. I’ve found the useful article about Japanese diet plan for 14 days. And I want to advise it for you))

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