What to eat after waking up on the 16/8 due to morning training?

Hi everyone! I am now traveling and enjoying my vacation. But because of some recent changes, I do my workout routine very early. On average, at around 6-7 am in the morning. I usually wake up 1 hour earlier when I want to exercise. My workouts are very hard with both cardio and weightlifting. As I want to achieve visible results as soon as possible. Actually, I used the useful tips on how to properly build your workout routine.

As usual, I wake up at 6 am in the morning. And immediately start my workout routine. At first, I do the warm-up. So in conclusion, I have already finished the 14 hours before breaking it with my pre-workout. But I have some doubts concerning my nutrition. If I am fasting precisely due to the data I have seen from fasting bodybuilders. I always hear them saying “eat 4-8 hours after waking up”. But does this matter if I have already fasted 14 hours?

Considering all the above, my question is:

  • Is it needed to wait 4-8 hours after waking to eat your first daily calories? If you have already fasted 16 hours some hours after waking?

Looking forward to reading your answers. Thanks in advance!

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It is a really problematic issue. Some people think that we must eat 4 hours after waking up, some think that we should have breakfast immediately after waking, some consider breakfast not to be necessary. I have read a lot of information on this topic and can confidently say that eating during the first hour after waking is the best for you.

Each one of us has an excuse for that reason that they do not eat immediately after awakening. We can be in hurry or just not be hungry, but the breakfast’s benefit during the first hour after awakening is very good for each person. If you can stick to this rule – to eat your first daily calories during the first hour after waking, every your day will be productive and happy.

Here is what happens to you when you’re having breakfast right after waking up:

#1. When you eat during the first hour after wakening up, your blood sugar level and insulin levels are regulated, as well as the “start-up” metabolism.
This is important if you want to lose weight or even save it. Because when all these processes are going on in your body, you get the necessary energy resources that will provide you with productivity throughout the day.
When you are sleeping, the metabolism is slowed down, because your body has a few requirements. Eating breakfast during the first hour after waking, you start the thermogenesis (the metabolic process of digestion and transport of nutrients).
So, if you want the metabolism to work to its fullest, you should not forget about the morning meal.

#2. If you do not eat during the first hour after wakening up, you are more likely to eat low-nutritional foods or high-calorie foods all day.

There are no doubts that each of us had a period when we do not have time for breakfast, so we are just waiting for lunch. And, consequently, we consume high-calorie and low-nutrient food. You should know that breakfast helps to overcome the feeling of hunger and resist overeating throughout the day. If you want to lose excess weight and be slim I recommend you to have breakfast every day. Anyway, eat healthy and lose weight is good for everyone who wants to be beautiful, who leads a healthy lifestyle.

#3. Moreover, it is well-known that breakfast after wakening up improves mood and cognitive function throughout the day.
Some studies show that eating the first hour after wakening improves your mood because your brain receives the right nutrients straight away. In this way, you also improve your memory and perceive information better.
You can think about breakfast as the fuel for a car. If it’s not enough fuel, you cannot drive a car. The same with your body. Food is like the fuel for your body. “Filling” your body within the first hour after wakening does not allow you to feel tired and annoying throughout the day.

To conclude, sometimes it’s difficult to have breakfast in the first hour after awakening ( you may not have enough time, or you may not be hungry). But when you make a choice in favor of breakfast, then recharge your mind and body with energy for the whole day.

According to the system 16: 8 day divided into two periods: 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours, in which you can eat food.

If you add strength training to this diet in the morning before the first meal, you can improve body composition by maintaining or even increasing muscle mass and burning fat.

Some sources talk about a more suitable scheme for women: 14 hours of hunger and 10 hours of eating. This is due to the peculiarities of the female hormonal system.

► Longer fasting cardio does not mean more effective. Regarding fat burning, there is no difference. The only difference is that a long workout takes much longer, which is so often lacking in the morning.

In untrained people, fasting cardio can cause hypoglycemia and loss of consciousness. If you are experimenting with periodic fasting or for any other reason, prefer long-term training on an empty stomach, you should choose in favour of strength training.

In the morning, you should use short high-intensity workouts that will help wake up and run all metabolic processes. And before a long workout, be it power, high-intensity or cardio, you should eat for 1 – 1.5 hours. It is desirable that the meal contains complex carbohydrates, it will increase efficiency.

Short morning workouts in any format — be it a five-minute articular warm-up or a short fifteen-minute intensive exercise — definitely benefit the body.

Several options for snacking after loads

Whole grain bread with cheese.
Dried fruits and nuts.
Yoghurt with fruit.
Fruit juice with cheese.Omelet with vegetables and pita bread.
Cereal with milk.
Eggs and bread.
Sandwiches with turkey, ham or chicken.
Shrimp and tofu.
Crackers with low-fat cheese.
Protein or energy bar.
Any other food that contains lean protein, starch and vegetables.

To provide the body with the necessary components, foods that burn fat are included in the nutritional menu. They well satisfy hunger, strengthen muscles. These include:

  • lean meat;
  • eggs;
  • nuts;
  • natural yoghurts, other dairy products;
  • legumes.

Products that contain many vitamins and minerals create a solid foundation for maintaining immunity:

  • fruits and berries;
  • greenery;
  • vegetables.

They do not recommend to get involved in baking baked goods and foods rich in carbohydrates and saturated fats.

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