What workouts to do for a tall skinny woman who doesn’t attend the gym?

Hello everyone. I know that nowadays all women want to be slim and have a toned body. But y problem is the opposite. My body type is tall and skinny. I am 30 years old and it is so hard for me to gain some kilos! Recently I tried top 10 simple secrets for building muscles. What can I say? My body became more attractive but it is not enough for me. I’m not satisfied with my body type in general.

One more problem for achieving my goal is that I’m also a vegetarian. It is hard to gain weight if you are restricted in important sources of protein. Maybe you know better ways how to substitute the protein-high kinds of meat? My friends say that I’ll not gain weight if I stay vegetarian. But it is not the variant for me. I decided to gain some kilos doing the exercises. I heard that some women gained muscle mass with the help of workouts. Maybe do you know such? My question to you is the following:

  • What workouts to do for a tall skinny woman who doesn’t attend the gym?

I prefer doing exercises at home. So looking forward to your advice. How to train properly to achieve the result? Thanks a lot!


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Hi! First of all, you should consume at least 4000 calories of healthy proteins, carbs and fat. For instance, a glass of milk, peanut butter sandwich and bananas for breakfast. A handful of peanuts and bananas for lunch. Some soybeans and peanut sandwich for dinner. Not much of high cuisine cooking, right? The fact that you are skinny does not mean you have to lift all the weights in the gym. And do not be afraid of becoming a mass monster, that is not your case. There are videos with workout plans for skinny women on YouTube, just follow one that you like best, balance and steadiness are the key points. Good luck!

I want to share with you some information about how to gain weight at home and stay fit, have a toned body. What exercises you should perform to achieve your purpose and give you a few good weight gain tips.
There are three main tasks of personal home training for girls: improve your figure; increase the strength and visual mass of the muscles; general physical training. It is necessary to notice that for this program it is just necessary to have several collapsible dumbbells.

DAY ONE – chest and biceps:
– Push-out from the floor: 3 approaches to the maximum;
– Push-out: 2 approaches to maximum;
– The lifting of dumbbells on a biceps: four approaches for 12 – 20 repetitions (weight of dumbbells you can choose individually);
– To finish the training you can do press exercises. Extruding from the support.

DAY TWO – legs and back:
– Squat with hands at the head: 3 approaches to maximum;
– Dumbbells: 3 approaches 15 times;
– Stroke thrust on straight legs with dumbbells: 3 approaches 20 times;
– Tilt dumbbells: 3 approaches 15-20 times. One-leg hits with dumbbells.

DAY THREE – triceps and shoulders:
– Swing dumbbells in the sides: 3 approaches to the maximum;
– Reverse spin: 3 approaches for 15-20 repetitions;
– Extension of the arm from behind the head with a dumbbell: 4 approaches for 10 repetitions.

Pay attention to not forget to eat properly after a workout and drink as much water as possible.
But that fact that you do not attend the gym has its advantages and disadvantages:

The main advantages and disadvantages of home training programs:
+ low cost of training;
+the opportunity to choose the most optimal time for training;
+ possibility of training on weekends
+ a big plus for shy people – nobody will watch you!
– a small variety of inventory;
– work basically with your own weight (a unique threshold that will not allow further development of muscles);
– the absence of accident insurance.

Moreover, do not forget that it is very important to have right and healthy nutrition.
You should eat 5-6 times per day, but still, you are not recommended to eat at night. Although you can eat everything at any time, at night it is best not to abuse heavy and fatty food. I advise you to follow this best weight gain diet:

1. First breakfast – an egg with bacon or porridge, toast with butter, honey and cheese, tea, coffee with cream.
2. Second breakfast – buns with butter and tea (or coffee with cream), sweet baking. If you can not get used to a big amount of food in the morning, you can change this diet a little.
3. Snack – cottage cheese with sour cream, tea, coffee, fruits.
4. Dinner – bouillon, baked or roasted meat/fish, the side dish of vegetables, porridge, potatoes, dessert
5. Lunch – sandwich with turkey and lettuce leaves, a vegetable salad with cheese or mushrooms
6. Supper – cream-soup or porridge with yogurt.

So, hope you will get desirable results and will enjoy your body. Also, do not forget that it is important to know how to organize your workout routine right.

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