Who is Emily Ratajkowski? Why is she famous?

Hello, I’m Fiona. Today I have seen the post about Emily Ratajkowski.
Who is she? Why is she so famous? I have looked at quite a lot of her photos and I find her very beautiful. Her appearance just flushes. How does she keep herself in such a beautiful state? Is Emily Ratajkowski a model? Does she work hard on her body? What are the main secrets of her diet and training? How to find time to work out considering the enormous employment? When was the girl born? What is her nationality? How does she motivate herself to train hard? How many times per week do I need to train, to have the body shape like Emily? Does the model has a personal trainer? What is Emily Ratajkowski diet? Does her nickname Emrata is actual? What is her family? Has the beauty the famous parents or not?
I would like to find out top 5 main secrets of Emily Ratajkowski beauty. I want to be like she. I am trying to lose weight and have the same body shape like this celebrity, so I hope you will answer my questions. How many times per week does Emrata exercising? Does she train in the gym or at home? What kind of sport does Emily like the most? What time does she usually train? How many time does Ratajkowski spend on her workouts? What is the best set of exercises to lose weight that she recommends?
Recently I read your post about fitness stars nutrition and how did Kayla Itsines attract 10 million followers on Instagram.    It really made me think about my appearance. So, I decided to change my nutrition plan and to train like Emily Ratajkowski.

I hope I will achieve my goals and become as famous as these two beauties!


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Emili Ratajkowski is a model and an actress. She starred in a movie with Ben Affleck as his mistress in 2014’s Gone Girl. She also featured in the famous “Blurred Lines” music video and appeared on iCarly from 2009 to 2010.

Hi, Fiona! Remember “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke? If not you should definitely watch it. This music video gave Emily Ratajkowski huge popularity since she appeared there topless. The daring video version was even banned on YouTube at first but later they decided to bring it back. You can also see the model in “Love Somebody” (Maroon 5) video. It was Emily`s dream to become an actress. Although her parents are Americans, she was born in London, had much opportunity to travel. Ireland and Spain are the countries where she lived for a while.

The girl managed to combine studies and work, she acted in several stage performances and worked as a model in Los-Angeles. Emily Ratajkowski collaborated with clothing brands and fashion photographers. I also heard that she operated for fast food add, oh! and TV series “iCarly” too. Emily posed nude for Sports Illustrated calendar. Sha also acted in “Gone Girl” (2014) and “We are your friends” (2015). You can also check her accounts in social networks. Hope I was helpful. Have a nice day!

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