Who is Gracyanne Barbosa? How old is she?

Hi! I’m James. I like “big girls”. Recently I saw some photos of a fascinating woman Gracyanne Barbosa. Have someone known information about her? Who is it?
It seems to me that she is a bodybuilder and a fitness model. Am I right? What can you tell me about her?

I would like to know how did she reach such a success. What is Gracyanne Barbosa age now? What age did she start exercising? What made her start doing sports seriously? What motivation had she when started an athlete career? How long it took for her to make such a pumped body? How many times per week did Gracyanne Barbosa go to the gym to get a toned body? Was she fat before sports occupation? How long it took to lose the excess weight? What did she do to fasten the fat burning process? How many time per day she spent in a gym? What set of workouts does she recommend for gaining a muscle mass?
Does she take part in different kind of competitions? Is she a personal trainer now? What exercises to lose weight for men does she suggests? What she can propose for males to gain a muscle mass in a short time?

On my point of view, Gracyanne Barbosa has an ideal appearance and she is a good example for me to aspire to.
I am also captured by Eva Andressa incredibly big forms and sporting achievements. I recommend you to read about this girl too!

I am waiting for your replies soon! I hope it will be easy for you to answer my questions.

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Hello, James!
Gracyanne Barbosa is a fitness model from Brazil. She is also a carnival dancer. She was born in 1983 in Campo Ground. Gracyanne is 25 years old now, and her height is about 1.75 meters.
Barbosa has moved from her native town to Rio de Janeiro at the age of 16 to study at the law school. But then she started to work as a dancer in this town because of the financial difficulties.
Nowadays Gracyanne is pretty popular, and she works in a modelling career.

Hi, I’ve been following her Instagram page for a while and here’s something that I know about her!
She’s Brazilian, was born in 1983 in Campo Ground, now she weights 61.2 – 65.8 kg and height of 175 cm, also she is 34 years old.

By the age of 29, Gracyanne loved fitness. She started to post pictures of her workouts on social media and her ability to squat 450lbs draw attention to millions of followers on Instagram.

Almost instantly, she’d become an online sensation.

Gracyanne Barbosa is a famous Brasilian fitness model. She was born on 20 of September in 1983 so she is 34 years old now. When Gracyanne was 16 moved from her little town to Rio de Janeiro to enter the law school, but because of the lack of money, she was forced to leave the law school and started working as a dancer. In some years, she has become a model. Her weight is 61-65 kg, her height is 175 cm.

Hi, James!
It’s interesting that there is little information about Gracyanne Barbosa on the Internet. She is of Brazilian origin. Gracyanne was born in Campo Ground, and now she is 34 years old. In 1999 she left her native town for Rio de Janeiro. There she started to attend law school. After a period of some financial difficulties she dropped out studies and became a dancer, and soon she joined the axé band Tchakabum. In 2008 Gracyanne started her career as a model, and for now, she is an Instagram celebrity with 6.5 million followers. Still, the main reason why we know so little about her is that she creates all her posts in Portuguese.

Hello.I’m the fan of her, and I can tell you who is she!
She was born on 20 of September in 1983. Now she is 35 years old. Barbosa is known as the star of various samba schools at festivals in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Gracyanne Barbosa is a Brazilian fitness model with 5.2 million followers on Instagram.
In February 2007, Grazian Barbosa appeared on the cover of the Brazilian magazine Playboy.

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