Stretching and body flex exercises – the way to youth.  Let’s start stretching. By doing stretching, you spread particular muscle an muscle groups in some period (regularly about half a minute). When working out, the slow stretching of parts of the body, the stationary stay in a given posture and the subsequent relaxation alternate. Because of this, stretching is used as a warm-up, as it warms the muscles, and as a hitch, as it helps to reduce the pulse rate and calm down at the end of the workout.

Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are performed smoothly, with thick, slow breathing. They have a beneficial effect on the joints, increasing their flexibility and mobility, so this is the best way to increase the flexibility of the entire body. In addition to all of the above, stretching increases the elasticity of muscles improves the supply of oxygen to the brain and other organs.

Since it does not increase the pulse, stretching is indispensable for relaxation after hard, hard work, both mental and physical. With competent dosing, the load can be used in classes with children and even with older people. Performing stretching exercises it is important to remember that stretching should be very careful.

It is the case when it is better to give less weight than overdo it. Stretching should cause a feeling of light tension, a little pain. With excessive stretching, it is possible that the muscle will “reduce”, that is, it will sharply and considerably contract instead of stretching and relaxing. You should stay in the condition of extending for about 20 seconds, or a bit longer until you feel no discomfort. If discomfort does not pass, then you overdid it, and the load should reduce.

Pay more attention to breathing. Each exercise begins with inhaling, after that breathe smoothly, slowly, using the entire volume of the lungs. Your focus should be directed to the stretchable muscle to assess the given load correctly and to reduce or increase it promptly by changing the slope of the body, the stretching force or the angle of the exercise. Stretching is the way to youth because our youth is youth and flexibility of our joints.


Bodyflex – is popular in America and Europe system of exercises. Bodyflex is very useful, working out only 15 minutes a day, you’ll reduce your waist by 10 cm in just one week. This system does not require any diet or additional exercises from you. The only quarter of an hour a day! As the author of the program, Grid Childers says, only three months of regular training and you cloth size will fall from 52 to 42. Doing body flex, you don’t lose weight, but decrease the dimensions of your body because of pulling muscles, and also become more energetic.

The basis of the body flex program is the method of burning fat and replacing it with muscles. This method consists in the combination of particular isometric and isotonic stretching poses with anaerobic respiration. In this case, the cells of our body enriched with oxygen. Excess oxygen in the cells contributes to oxidation, that is burning additional fat stores.

After the utilisation of fat, the remaining oxygen contributes to the overall improvement of the body. Muscular and nerve fibres are strengthened and renewed, the appearance of the skin improves and the general condition of the internal organs, hence your well-being, energy and stamina increase. There are no contraindications for training with body flex. It is the recommendation for people of any gender, age and health status. They can be engaged in standing and sitting, with bad joints, cancer and other diseases.

However, if you take antidepressants, contraceptives or drugs to treat the thyroid gland, then perhaps the effect of exercise will weaken (but not disappear). All these drugs slow down metabolism, and body flex is having the opposite impact.  If you regularly engage in body flex, you will undoubtedly get results, but not so soon. It also applies to people who have a naturally slow metabolism. Do not worry, you, too, will achieve your goal, but a little later!

Stretching and bodyflex exercises – the way to youth
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