Stretching exercises, which will be suitable even for beginners.  It is very pitiable that many people who go in for sports do not pay attention to stretching exercises and time is not essential here. They think that those exercises are minor and necessary only for acrobats and gymnasts. You should understand that this position is not right because such practices maintain the tone of the body, regardless of age and intensity of training.

Furthermore, you can do stretching exercises at any time, even if you train last when you were at school. Stretching exercises improve blood circulation, helps to relax after a long working day and also to enhance well-being and mood. Also, if you train regularly, muscle fibres become elastic, which reduces the possibility of injury in everyday life. As for the disadvantages of such training, there are some, but if you follow all the rules, then these disadvantages appear extremely rare.

The main one is the high probability of injury if you are in the wrong position. Joints and ligaments are often injured, but you can prevent such consequences. If we are talking about the technical side, there are two types of stretching exercises: dynamic and static, which they divide into several subspecies. Static stretching is suitable for beginners and is one of the main types of such workout. Doing it you shouldn’t make any sudden movements, stay in specific position without change for a while.

Talking about dynamic stretching, it is suitable only for professional athletes, and it strictly prohibits for beginners. Such exercises include different swings and rolling from cross split to forward split and vice versa. You should start such activities with a warm-up. Squats, rope jumping, running or exercise bike will be perfectly suitable for it. As for exercises, they divide according to the involved muscle groups.

Stretching legs and spine are the most common. Different lunges use for this. For example, bending forward with one leg marched back, and another leg bent in knee or straight. All movements should be languid with an obligatory delay in the last point for a few seconds. It is essential to feel the stretching of the muscles at this moment because it shows that you do stretching exercises correctly.

As for back, bending, twisting of the lumbar spine will be useful. You can finish the training in such a way: sit down and stretch yourself slowly. It is important not to lower trunk. You should stay in this position for 90 seconds and try to feel the stretching of the spine.

Stretching exercises suitable even for beginners
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