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balance board

Fitness balance board: types, differences, advantages, training

A balance board is a training machine for improving balance and coordination. It is important in morning runs, in weight-lifting exercises and other kinds of sports. Exercises on the board will help you to prevent home and sports injuries. Moreover, it strengthens the vestibular apparatus and develops coordination.

Actually, fitness balance board was first invented as an alternative for surfers, snowboarders, skaters for the offseason. Balance board allows you to master the skills of balancing at any time of the year. Nowadays, such boards can be found in sports clubs, at home and even in the offices of companies.

So, balance boards of different levels will help anyone who wants to improve the figure and keep fit. In addition, exercises will be useful to people engaged in active sports (snowboarding, skiing, surfing). It is due to the fact that such a training practices coordination of movements and the ability to concentrate.

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