The features of the power traction with straight legs for women. Claw thrust is considered as universal exercise, in which a significant amount of muscles processed, that requiring a minimum of equipment. By performing traction, in addition to the buttocks and legs, the back muscles, as well as arms and shoulders, are activated.

Stretching exercises require a dumbbell or rod. Even when using a thrust bearing with a 15 kg dumbbell, you will have a good load on your muscles. There are several ways to do this workout: traditional, sumo and posture on the straight legs. It is the latest version of the technology of class traction capable of using the necessary for the girl’s foot and buttock muscles. Note that there is practically no difference between a state using a dumbbell and a rod.

First of all, it is worth focusing on the main points that can help you correctly to perform this technique because incorrect thrust can turn your state into a not very good looking one. The main thing that you need to pay attention to is the posture. The back in the process of training must be straight. Although the exercise is called the strain on straight legs, do not take everything literally.

After all, when doing the exercise, you have to bend your legs slightly and straighten them in the end. It is also important to always look ahead. Looking forward, you will easily be able to hold your back straight, and this is the key to the right technique of craft. The most important thing is the sensation of muscle work. You don’t need to do mindless exercises; it is worth focusing on the legs and buttocks and imagine their reductions. It may sound crazy, but it will allow the user to be useful. Straight female legs imply the following movements.

You need to get straight up, place your legs a bit wider than shoulders and take the bar. Pick not too big one. Then you need to lean down, not forgetting about your posture and look forward. Lean so that the bar is in the area just below the knees. Also, do not remember to bend your legs slightly. Then return to the starting position.

Consider the mistakes that sometimes occur when performing traction on straightened legs:

  1.  “Subside”, or excessive lowering of the pelvis. Must be remembered that with this exercise, the pelvis should be allocated exclusively to that, not up or down. Your pelvis should continue your back.
  2.  If you have carried the entire volume of the load on the heel, and the socks are detached continuously. Such a mistake is vulgar and can’t repeat. You always have to rely on the entire foot, as if you glued to the floor.

Claw thrust performed with dumbbells. In essence, there is no significant difference. Need to get up in the original position, take dumbbells, lean forward and slightly bend your legs. Lower the dumbbells 5 cm below the knees and then return to their unique situation.

The effective workout for breast augmentation

Exercises for increasing the bust, like any other, begin with a warm-up. It aimed at warming up and stretching the muscles, warming them up so that you do not get injuries during the training. For this, you do not need to invent individual exercises, remember the simple movements that you did in physical education.

And so, seven simple exercises that will increase your chest in volume:

  1.   “East” – allows you to improve your chest and give it a tone. You need to sit on a chair with straightened back or stand near the wall. Push the back to some flat area. Then it is necessary to connect the palms in front of the chest and push so that the breasts are tense enough. Count the ten bills and move your hands five centimetres forward, then count the same amount again, then back still until you can hold your hands. Then you should open hands, shake hands a little and repeat everything from the beginning. It should be noted that this exercise is directed exclusively on the chest, so its muscles should be as tense as possible.
  2. “Wall” – is an excellent exercise for the home. You need to be in the door hole, stopping at the wall. Try to push forward as if you are trying to move the wall, and then bend slightly, increase pressure on your chest, suppress for a minute. It is necessary to do all this to have right chest strain.
  3.  “Wall-2” – a similar exercise, only need to stand near the wall, and firmly press the palms on the wall. Take the pose, but not like the fast cars pushed, the load will fall on the back. It is necessary to stand straight to work directly on the chest breast muscles. Do it three times.
  4.  “Skier” – an exercise to increase the bust, in which you need to take dumbbells and make movements, similar to the fact that you are pushing with two sticks at a time. Hold your back straight and perform the exercise very slowly. From the hips, smoothly, without jerks, lift extended hands with the load up, to the chest, lock for an instant, and also lower. Repeat six times three times.
  5.  “Push-ups” – probably the best workout for the house that increases the chest. It is also an indicator of the tone of your muscles. It should be done twenty times for the approach.
  6. “Reverse Push-ups”. It’s quite tricky to do it at home, but it considered the most important when increasing the muscles of the chest. Do the following: lie down, take dumbbells and place them on your chest. It needs to strain and raise dumbbells, then lower and grow again. Raise them eight times three times.
  7. “Pressing from the chair”. Stand your back to the chair stopping at its, pull your legs forward at an angle of 45 degrees. When bending hands, lower down and return to the original position. Repeat eight times three approaches.

The best exercise for women. 7 simple exercises for breast augmentation
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