The complex of exercises for training the muscles of the face. Training the muscles of the front and fighting depression to be always in a good mood you should add some components of the so-called good mood gymnastics to the usual complex of physical exercises.

Training the muscles of the face

  1. Try to furrow the brow so that the skin formed into a “harmonica”, then relax the muscles. Try to remember the feeling of relaxation so that after some time you can quickly repeat it. Do this exercise 10-15 times until you feel a small exhaustion in the muscles.
  2. Close your eyes and your eyelids as much as possible. Relax without opening eyes. In this case, your temporal muscles are slightly tensed. This simple exercise will help your tired eyes relax and will also wean you away from frowning your brows and blinking as it usually happens because of emotional efforts or tenses.
  3. Stand in front of the mirror, then smile at yourself. In case that you can’t do it, try first to make faces on your image in the mirror. From the very beginning learn to keep a smile. All these simple exercises for training the muscles of the front will help you get rid of tension. If you are experiencing emotional difficulties, think of the “phenomenon of Swedish lumbermen”.

Statistics show that the Swedes are people most prone to suicide. But there are no suicides among Swedish loggers. The scientists concluded that the reason for this is their hard work. So the constant threat to be under the falling tree cause the human body to make morphine-like elements, which reduce stress to minimum. This also happens with the soldiers in military operations.

Opiates, endorphins, as well as other inner “drugs” that your body make in the process of physical activity reduce the sensitiveness to all sorts of stresses. Deep breathing also helps to avoid depression. It is obvious why retired people are often depressed. They have reduced the level of mental and physical loads and the body is not fed with this “drug”. So do not be lazy, load yourself with different activities, because physical work save us from all possible stresses.

The complex of exercises for training the muscles of the face
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