This complex of fitness exercises will strengthen the muscles of your buttocks without leaving your house. To achieve this goal, find 4-5 exercises for muscles of the buttocks and do them from 3 to 4 times a week. Do not forget about doing warm-ups, before performing activities you should warm up running for 5 minutes on the place where you stay or by making vigorous dance moves. So.

  1. This exercise will strengthen the muscles of your buttocks, back, and abs. Lie down on the return on your rug; hands should lie along your body, palms down, legs are bent at the knees and placed on the width of the shoulders. While straining the gluteus muscles, raise the pelvis and stay in this position for a few seconds, then return to the starting position. Start with 8-10 repetitions and three approaches; then you can increase the number of repetitions up to 30.
  2. This exercise will strengthen the muscles of your abs, buttocks, and back. While lying on the back on a rug, bend your knees and spread the legs to sides by the width of your shoulders, knees should remain closed. While straining the buttock muscles, raise the pelvis as high as possible, then lower it, but try not to touch the floor. Finish all the repetitions and only then return to the starting position. In the beginning, as in the previous exercise, perform from 8 to 10 repetitions, gradually increasing them up to 30-40. Make three approaches.
  3. This exercise affects the muscles of your buttocks, the muscles of the inner thighs, the quadriceps and slanting abdominal muscles. Swinging of the legs: stand on the floor on your knees, lean against the level with the palms of your hands. Hips and arms are placed perpendicular to the floor. Raise your left leg with force. The front of your feet should be stretched; the back is not bent, the shoulders lower, the head is raised and keep looking forward. Bend the left leg in the knee and pull it to your chest while bending the joints and lowering your head while looking at the knee of your left leg. The toe of the working leg always strengthen. Perform all the repetitions at first and then do the same for the other foot. Start with 15 repetitions and increase it up to 30, three approaches. If you want to make the exercise more complicated, you can use weighting agents wearing them on the ankles.
  4. This exercise strengthens gluteus muscles, hamstrings muscles, slanting abdominal muscles. It is similar to the previous one. Stand on your knees, lean on the floor with your forearms. The angle between thighs and shins, shoulders and forearms is 90 degrees. Without bending, raise your left leg as high as possible, straighten, twist and lower again, but do not try to touch the floor. Do 15 repetitions first with your left and then with your right leg. Three approaches in total. Further, you can increase the number of repetitions up to 30-40. If the exercise seems natural to you, use some weights.
  5. This exercise strengthens the muscles of your buttocks. It also improves your posture. To perform it, lie on a rug with your face down, you can also put a pillow under your belly. Hands should stretch forward; fists clench, socks are drawn. The head should be raised and keep looking in front of you. On breath, lift the upper part of the body, spread arms apart and back, then touch your buttocks with the fists. Hold yourself in this position for a few seconds. On exhalation come back to starting the job. In the beginning, do three sets of 8 repeats in total, then increase the number of repeats up to 15.
  6. This exercise will strengthen all gluteal muscles and all the muscles of the thigh. Initial position: lie on a rug with your face down, arms should be bend at the elbows. Put your palms on top of each other, lower your chin on them and push it slightly forward. Toes turn inwards. Slowly lift your left leg while making rotational movements with it, then, without stopping the rotation, lower it. It is necessary to keep your legs straight and tense all the time during the exercise, do not bend them at the knees, toes should turn continuously inward. The breathing should be even. Repeat this exercise 15 times and then switch to the other leg. Further, you can increase the number of repetitions up to 30, make three approaches in total and use weights for your legs.
  7. This exercise not only helps to keep your muscles of the buttocks stay tuned, but it is also a way of fighting cellulite because you do a message of the problem zone simultaneously. Walking using your buttocks. Initial position. Sit on the floor; legs slightly place aside, put your hands on the nape, elbows are spread out at sides. With the help of your buttocks try to move forward just one leg and then the other one. Then perform a similar move going back. Make 50 steps forward and 50 steps back. Further, increasing the number of “steps” and the pace of this exercise.
  8. The action of this exercise is similar to the previous one, but, also, it strengthens the muscles-extensors of your hands (triceps). Sit on the floor “in Turkish” (the legs should bend at knees, the knees place to the sides, the feet lie one on top of another), the shoulders are pulled back, the back straightened, and the belly should draw in. Lean the palms on your knees. Carry the weight of the body from one buttock to another, creating resistance with hands. Breathe is rhythmical and even. Keep your back straight. Perform 50 swings. Further, increase the pace of the execution and the number of repetitions.
  9. This exercise strengthens the muscles of your buttocks, thighs, and calves. Plie on toes. Plieu is a ballet term, which means deep squatting. Initial position. Stand in a straight place, legs should stay slightly more extensive than the shoulders, toes turn outward, the back is straight, shoulders lower, and the abdomen is retracted. Raise your hands to the sides, strain the muscles of the abs and buttocks, rise on toes, without bending your back, and sit down profoundly lowering the heels, then straighten up and drop your hands. Repeat from 8 to 10 times, perform three approaches. To complicate this exercise, you can use dumbbells that weight around 1.5-3 kg, in this case, while doing the training, keep dumbbells in lowered and slightly bent hands that place in front of you.
  10. This exercise strengthens the muscles of your buttocks and the back. Lunge on the spot. The first stance is ready when legs placed sides, on the width of your hips, expand the sock of your right leg outward and turn it all the way to the right, the heel of the left leg should rais. Bend the knees, while straining the buttocks, and drop them down, the right knee should be placed strictly above your ankle, the left thigh is placed perpendicularly to the floor. Return to an initial position. Perform it ten times for each leg. Complete three approaches in total. For those who think that aerobic exercise is not enough for them, you can add some activities with dumbbells to your training of the buttocks muscles.

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