Rowing has a long and interesting history. For many years it attracts people all over the world. Recently it became very popular among athletes. Many of them include rowing in their training program. One of the ways to practice and develop these movements is to use rowing simulators. This equipment is available and easy applicable at home and gyms.

So the question of the best brand of rowers is key for many fitness fans. Accordingly, we’ve made a kind of study among experts, rowers, and coaches. All of them deal with this kind of simulators. We’ve got the feedback from many fans of rowing as for the best brand they trust. The majority confirmed they stand for Concept2.

Concept2 team: rowing as a sense of life

Concept 2 has more than 40 decades of passion for rowing. Why rowing? This activity is good for everyone.
They started in 1976 in Vermont. Two founders Dick and Pete Dreissigacker decided to produce composite racing oars. Up to now, it is the premium choice for the rowers. Some years later in 1981, both generated Concept2 Indoor Rower. Since those time their rowers have grown up to be top best-sellers. Current models are successfully practiced by Olympic and world athletes, the variety of rowers, patients for recovery and numerous people at home or gym.

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The staff of employees is proud by their oars, the indoor rower, the SkiErg and the BikeErg. They fully equipped manufacturing facilities in Morrisville, Vermont to offer highly competitive machines. Concept2 keens to present the most inventive equipment and technical support to the clients.

They are always customers oriented. The thoughts, proposals, and interest from the users are considered. It helps to improve, innovated and make the models most comfortable. Concept2 team regards the rowing as the essence of their lives. So their community advance and promote this activity. They support a variety of indoors and outdoors regattas and championships globally.

Where rowers compete indoor

We believe it will be useful for you to know about some events where rowing is the main hero. You can attend them if you feel you are strong enough in it. Of course, it is also interesting to trace the competition among the rowing admires. It’s a good chance to train your rowing skills for your body and health benefit.

This year it was held 02/17/2019 at Boston University Track and Tennis Center.  The great indoor rowing competition attracts different rowers for many years.  It is the open possibility to show rowing skills for a variety of age and rank rowers. Find the details on their website.


C.R.A.S.H.-B. World Indoor Rowing

  • The beach sprints

Long Beach Rowing Association, the World Rowing Federation (FISA) and US Rowing in business with Concept2 welcome the second World Rowing Indoor Championships and the initial USRowing Indoor National Championships. This year it combines water and indoor regattas. They will take in the attendees and guests on February 24, 2019, at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California. This is an approved event. You need to meet the time standard for the race. In this case, it’s a chance to get a $400 travel support from Concept2.

  • 2019  rowing races supported by Concept2

The concept2 community allows and sets up the other rowing regattas co-operating with different rowing relations globally.  You can find the most attractive events in 2019 on the company website.

C.R.A.S.H.-B. World Indoor Rowing

How to enjoy the indoor rowing race?

Focus on main issues from rowing coach to make your race day successful:

  • Nutrition: Forget about junk food and alcohol. The healthy menu only. Much fruits, vegetables.
  • Recovery: Sleep at least 7 hours. Target your full recovery up to 8 hours every night.
  • Friendly atmosphere: Communicate with pleasant people only is the best motivation. Avoid negative contacts.
  • Working out: Never increase the training intensity at least 10-7 days before completion. You had enough time for exercising earlier.
  • Emotions: Try to control your emotions, especially before the competition. Some relax modes like yoga are helpful.

What do the experts say about rowing machines?

Oliver Zeidler is the athletic event from Germany.  Started as the swimmer, nowadays he is world rower.
The athlete’s family is known in the rowing world. Oliver’s oared for German crew. His grandpa and aunt got medals at two Olympics.

The sportsman shares his rowing secretes to show fantastic results. He is a real fan of rowing machines. Oliver regularly attends and wins indoor championships. This year Zeidler World Rowing Indoor Championships for the first time to compete in the men’s open 2000m race. The Championships take place 24 February in Long Beach, California, USA.

Rowers prefer Concept2

From the beginning of his swimming carrier, he used indoor rowing in his training. In the beginning, it was a part of warming up. He did not use any special workouts. But new the main movements his grandfather taught him.
When he left swimming the rowing machine helped him to be in a fit. It was possible to exercise and save time for job and University. He followed the training plan set up by his father. The erg routine included long and short distance with various rate and speed racing.

Zeidler confirms that the rowing machine is weighty in his training. He uses it during the year. Most winter training is on the erg. In summer he usually rows indoor twice a week. For sure, Oliver considers the indoor rower is a must be fitness equipment. It grants the endurance and strength. It brings intense workouts.

A short race into rowing history

Rowing training has impressive benefits. It has a long history, and its countless advantages are scientifically proven. 

We invite you for a short race into rowing history.  It is difficult to define exactly when rowing appeared. The first rowing races are mentioned in ancient literature. The Roman poet Virgil describes fighting rowing ships races in the “Aeneid”. Aeneas, one of the heroes of the Trojan War organized it.

Rowers history

In the Middle Ages, boat races were fairly common. In London, the award, established in 1715 for the rowers, is still being played out. Those time there were no rules for the competition. The conditions were specified separately for each race. Rowers used their own boats. Of course, they tried to improve them. As the result, in 1830 in England, the first boats with out-oarlocks appeared. It provides the boats became narrower, lighter, and more speedy. 25 years later moving seats were applied. So, the strokes involved the legs now. It helps to increase the pace even more.            This period is considered as the beginning of rowing history.

Curious from rowing history

  • What athlete won the Olympic gold medal after stopping and passing the ducks along the distance?

Two-time Olympic single-row champion Bobby Pierce from Australia won his first gold medal in Amsterdam in 1928. In the quarterfinal race, he was well ahead of others. Suddenly he noticed a duck with ducklings blocking his way. He decided to stop and skip them. At this time the other athlete outraced him a lot. However, Pierce managed to win this race and all the next ones.

The advantages of indoor rowing machines

World rowing community is vital. To improve their abilities people use not only water but indoor training as well. Nowadays not only sportsmen but millions use rowing machines in fitness practicing.

American College of Sports Medicine considers the rowers are the best equipment in the gym. It allows training all major muscle groups by smooth and controlled movements. Men’s Health magazine believes that “rowing machines exercise the whole body better than other cardio machines. Both lower and upper body involvements lead to fast results.” Even NASA astronauts use rowing simulators because of their effectiveness.

Rowing machines benefits

The rowing machines benefits

  • Cardio improvement
  • High level of calorie burning

The rowers spend almost 2 times more calories at a distance of 2000 m, compare to hurdles runners at 3000 m. Rowing involves a few muscles groups simultaneously. It provides perfect calorie burning.

  • Whole body training. Increased muscle strength and endurance
  • Low injury risk

You get the minimum negative load on the joints of the ankles, knees, hips, elbows, and shoulders. It can be an aerobic option for the runners. Rowing is great not only to prevent injuries but also for those who have already got joint problems So work out on rowers is used for rehab.

  • Relatively inexpensive

You can always find the rower according to your budget.

  • Enriching winter exercising

A rowing machine can be an ideal solution as winter cardio training if you keen in jogging, cycling or boat rowing.

  • It’s fun

As rowing movements involve the whole body, you reach the goal faster. You can manage the challenge by varying the resistance. Favorite show or music while exercising will prevent boring. This activity stimulates pleasure centers in the brain. This cardiovascular exercise increases endorphins. It reduces stress levels and even depression.

  • Save the time

A full body workout saves you time. It doesn’t need to train your upper or lower body separately. The calories are burnt even without aerobic exercise.

  • It’s easy to start

A person cannot just start running or jogging correctly. It needs time to master the right technique. Same we can say about tennis, dancing, and other activities. You can absorb the right rowing movements within some classes.

The Rowers Prefer Concept2 Rowing Machines in 2019
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