The proper back muscles building is a key element in the training process of each athlete. Regular back workouts for men in the gym or at home will help them to achieve the desired results. The body will become more aesthetic shortly. You will be able to boast by volumes of mass. Back training improves posture and strengthens the muscular system of the whole body.  It is positive for health. The experts put forward a long list of back workouts for men. Learn, think, avoid the mistakes and do the trials. Follow your feelings, abilities to find correct and sensible exercises doing back workouts for men.

Why back workouts for men are necessary?

Very often the athletes put aside back workouts for men. They develop the arms, chest, legs, and abs. Of course, it is a pleasure to see your grown muscles in the mirror. But this part is very important in the whole process of bodybuilding too. The back is a bit different and hard in training.  The wide, massive and thick back is the reason to be proud. It is also the base to support the other parts and muscles. We advise turning the face to the back workouts for men.

The back is a special and big part of the body.  It is a pride for the athletes to have a massive wide back. Besides, a strong healthy back brings you many advantages.  A back in good physical shape means:

  • Proper perfect posture
  • Averting spine decrease
  • Reducing pain in back
  • Boosting body strength
  • Enhancing flexibility
  • Intensifying stability of the spine

Brief anatomy to succeed in back workouts for men and women

The common mistake is to consider the back like one large torso element. It consists of a series of muscles groups. Their two main types are superficial and deep muscles. Both of them need your hard work.  We do not bother you with many anatomic terms and peculiarities. Just for better understanding the roles of back workouts for men we touch only some main things.

The back can be divided into three parts: upper, middle and lower one. Each zone requires certain exercises for back workouts for men especially. Let us concentrate on these 3 main areas.

  • Upper back including triceps, and shoulder delta
  • Middle back with lats
  • Lower back with erecting and supporting muscles

What do they do for us? How are they important for back workouts for men? Everybody has the own goal concerning back development. Following our simple lesson of anatomy let us identify the role of each part of the back.

  • Upper back. Well-built triceps and shoulder delta give the massiveness. They are the central decoration of the back.
  • Middle back. Lats or latissimus dorsi is a large, flat and widest muscles of this zone. They bring the visual wideness. It forms the V-shaped torso for men.
  • Lower back. Thick spine erectors are deep muscles. They develop strengthen and improve the support of the whole body.  They also create so-called the “Christmas tree” configuration in the lower back. The low back is rather sensitive to the damages in back workouts for men. This sector is responsible for the posture.

As you can see, even in a very simple presentation this back composition demands serious approach for back workouts for men.  Especially the lower back deep muscles require the attention. It is easy to get an injury and spoil the previous results. According to the structure the back workouts for men and women include the series of pulling ups, deadlifts, rowing movements. We will dive into them below.

Back workouts

Safety in doing back workouts for men and others

The back has the largest body group of muscles. They are strong enough to deal with the great weight. Hand in hand with hard barbell or dumbbell the injury walks. All back workouts for men stands for the proper and right technique.  The lower back, neck muscles, and spine are most often affected. It is vital to become the owner of a wide and powerful back and stay away from injuries and illness. A strong back is cool, but a healthy back is much cooler.

5 simple rules for safe back workouts for men

  • Rule 1. Never round the back working with heavy weight.  The back should be either straight or slightly arched. The seat is forward and the shoulders are backward. This is a doctrine. The back rounding within the heavy basic exercises during back workouts for men leads to spinal injuries.
  • Rule 2.Avoid cheating. Stay straight while exercising back workouts for men.  Any staggers and jerks lead the load to the low back zone. It creates a lack of effect on lats. But the low back muscles are open to the problems.
  • Rule 3. Hold the head a line with the body.  Doing bending do not lift the head or lower it down.   These poses cause the danger of neck spine injury. These traumas are very difficult to identify.  Study and keep the right technique.
  • Rule 4. Always use the weightlifting belt dealing with the back workouts for men with heavy weight. It prevents low back injuries.
  • Rule 5. Put on the wrist gloves and fitness straps. Hands and wrists are weaker. Often it is the reason to make enough sets during back workouts for men.  You can choose the best suitable for you among the market assortment.

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Basic and isolated exercises for back workouts for men

We can divide all the exercises for back workouts for men and women into two global types. They are basic and isolated ones. The basic exercises involve the development of the group of muscles and joints.

The isolated fitness movements direct to only one special muscle or joint. The proper back workouts for men and women should include both types. Basic or main exercises have to form the major part of training. The isolated activity plays a supplementary or additional role. Nevertheless, no back workouts for men are successful without them. Accordingly, these exercises are the essential minority of the back workouts for men and women.

Like the example, you can use 3 basic exercises and 1 isolating for one back day. It supposes hard work first and then the easier one to complete. We advise concentrating on the basis only for the definite time. It is the fact that basic exercises will bring you mass muscles gain. The effect will be much less if you do only one-joint, isolating exercises. It is a big mistake to load only one by one specific muscle. It is not enough to stimulate muscles growth.

Basic exercises for back workouts for men and women.

  • Pull-ups
  • Barbell bent over row
  • Dumbbell bent over Row
  • Lat pull down
  • Seated horizontal cable row
  • Deadlifts

Isolating exercises in back workouts for men.

As we mentioned isolated exercises deals with one joint only. It is better to use them at the end of back training for men and women. For your attention some isolating activities.

  • Shoulder shrugs are the samples of isolated exercise the athletes include in back workouts for men and women. The shrugs are the shoulder lifting with the load. These exercises are efficient for trapezius muscles. Shrugs are not easy for beginners. It is better to start them when you have some experience in back workouts for me. There are many options for doing shrugs with dumbbells and bars. You can vary the pose and perform them standing, sitting or lying. Vary them during back workouts for men.

To perform the shrugs standing, it is preferable to choose a curved bar. It will reduce the load on the inguinal muscles and legs. When lifting dumbbells up, you can slightly lower the chin. This position increases the muscles load. It is important to avoid the shoulders rotation and relaxation at the lowest point of the exercise. This is very dangerous for the joints.

When doing lying shrugs, pay special attention to the position of the head. It is forbidden to take the head and the back upper part off the bench.

  • The Basic back workouts exercises for men and women

The best back workouts for men include a variety of exercises. They definitely will help you to get the target in each muscle group. Let us analyze in more detail the basic and most efficient exercises for back workouts for men and women.

In general back workouts for men concentrate the foremost actions. They are different pulling up, down and over. They also involve lifting, rowing movements, shrugs, hyperextensions, and stretches. The athletes can use different sports devises and equipment for better efficiency. Practicing back workouts for men use dumbbells, barbells, weights, and some gym machines simulators. It is important to perform the training technically correctly. The coach can advise the load, proper exercises. It’s especially required for the beginners.  The main goal is well-built strong back without risks of injury. We selected the range of different exercises the athletes can vary in their back workouts for men. Learn them and use in your back workouts for men and women.

Back and isolated exercises

Pull-ups in back workouts for men

Equipment: types of horizontal bars (doorway bar, free-standing pull-up bar, wall mounted pull up bar, power tower.
All bars are easy to manage at home.

Efficiency:  They consider these exercises as ones of the most available. You need only a horizontal bar. It is the must-have for any back workouts for men. The value of pull-ups is that you can practice them in the gym and at home. Various kinds of grips create different loading on the muscles. The maximum effect provides a wide grip. It improves the lats and biceps too. Pull-ups form the wideness and V-shaped back.

The technique of proper pull-up for back workouts for men: Jump onto the horizontal bar. At this stage the grip is standard. Start with a static hanging and then pull your chest to the bar. Do several repetitions.

This exercise has many variations. It means that the athletes can change the grips to change the force of tensions.
Overhand, underhand grips, narrow, middle and wide grips help you to diversify back workouts for men. The wider is the hand the more load placed on the lats. The position of the legs can vary too.  You can lower them down or knee bend. Very often the bodybuilders use special weightings. Special body belt helps to fix the plates.
All the additions should be the part of back workouts for men. Do at least 3-4 sets.


  1. The back is naturally arched
  2. Avoid jerks and body twists
  3. Pull up strictly vertically
  4. The chin is over the bar at the top level of pull up
  5. Go down smoothly. Control the weight by both hands

Major mistakes performing pull-ups during back workouts for men:

  1. Tilting the head backward
  2. Rocking the body before pull up
  3. A sharp going down from the top point

The pull-up options applied in back workouts for men. The load distribution depends on bar grip type.
Depending on the distance between the hands, the grip exists:

  • medium grip (A and B)
  • narrow grip (E and F)
  • wide grip (C)

Depending on the mode of capturing the bar grips are classified:

  • overhand grip (A, C, E)
  • underhand grip (B, F)
  • neutral grip (D)

Pull up routine advises for the beginners in back workouts for men: Do not pursue to make the maximum of possible repetitions. It is better to do 2 correct and proper pulling exercises than 15 partial and with bad technique. Begin to train with underhand, middle grip pull-ups. Additional counterweights can assist. After you feel the progress in muscle strength you may vary the types of pull-ups in back workouts for the men.

Rate your progress:

  • 3 sets with 15 repetitions are excellent
  • 3 sets with 10 repetitions are good
  • 2 sets with 6 repetitions are normal it’s time to complicate the back workouts for men
  • 1 set with 2-4 repetitions is satisfactory
  • less than 6 repetitions are bad

Deadlifting in back workouts for men

Equipment: Olympics or classical barbell bar or square barber bar, the number of plates with different weight, safety belts for wrists and rhombus bars as an alternative.

Efficiency: This is a basic exercise in back workouts for men and women.  It is popular not only among bodybuilders but also among powerlifters. Deadlift will help to develop some muscle groups. These movements sculpt all parts of the back, trapezium, buttocks, legs, and arms. The deadlift has some types and variations.  Due to predict the injuries follow the rules of the exercise.

Types of deadlifts: By changing the position of the legs and arms on the bar you can alter the deadlifting back workouts for men.

  • Classical deadlift. Peculiarity of bodybuilding
  • It specifies the legs are not very wide. Just convenient distance
  • Deadlift itself. The other name is Romanian lifts. The legs are straight. No knee bend
  • Sumo style lifting. It is specified by the legs are wide standing compare to classical exercise
  • Rhombus shape barbell lifting. The only difference is that the athletes practice the rhombus type of barbell

The technique of proper deadlifts: The technique difference of barbell lifting types is not significant.  So let us point out on common rules of deadlift in back workouts for men.

Stand near the bar. Take it by the overhand grip on shoulder width. The arms are fully extended. The bar touches the hips. The lower back muscles are stretched, the back is arched, and the chest and shoulders are straightened. The head is looking forward. Keep your back straight. Rounding back can provide the injuries especially in the upper phase, and then return to the starting position. Weight lifting is performed by the efforts of the muscles of the legs.

Do a few reps of the deadlift.  It is best to make 8-12 repetitions.  At the beginning of back workouts for men perform deadlifts without additional weight.  It helps to learn how to work technically correctly. When you start practicing the weight mixed grip will make it easier in the first stages. The hand bands help to fix and keep the bar. You can also exercise with dumbbells.

Major mistakes performing deadlifting during back workouts:

  1. Do not play with weight.  You need to learn and do the technique first. It is worth to start with a deadlift of the bar only. It helps to come over the ideal exercise mode.   Then depending on the level of back workouts for men regime, you can add the heavier gravity.
  2. Rounding back. It’s the cause of injury. It is dangerous with the heavyweight especially. Ideal technique is number one to prevent the problems.
  3. Avoid the misdirection of the bar. The barbell has to be along the legs.  Any outside steps are wrong.
  4. Do not make any sharp squares.  The barbell goes down slowlyю Bend the knees slightly.
  5. It is a lapse when you turn away the torso on the upper barbell position.  The risk of injury exists.

Bent-Over Barbell Lifting

Equipment:  Olympics or classical barbell bar or brills barber bar, the number of plates with different weight, safety belts for wrists and rhombus bars as an alternative.

Efficiency:  Bent-over Barbell Deadlift builds the middle part of the back. It emphasizes the increasing of the deltas and lats.  With no doubt, this exercise in back workouts for men has maximum competence. It builds mass and strength of the widest back muscles. It improves the different lifting skills too.  Step by step you should constantly increase the weight of the barbell. This body-building exercise is popular among the beginners and experts.

The technique of proper barbell bent over lifting for back workouts for men: Take the bar firmly by both hands.  Overhand grip a little wider than shoulders line. Keep your back straight. Lean forward and then bend your knee.  The desired angle of the body has to be 45 degrees.  On the exhale pull the bar to the waist zone. While inhaling, lower down the barbell.  You should work smoothly, do not make sharp movements.  Keep your upper back and lower back muscles in constant tension. Throughout the back workouts for men perform several 3-4 sets with 8-12repetitions.

The highlights:

  1. Keep your back straight all the time. It should be almost parallel to the floor. The low back is arched.
  2. The knees are slightly bent.  Straight legs cause the rounding back. It is unacceptable.
  3. During the exercise look forward only.
  4. Bring the scapulas together when the weight is near the waist.  It activates the back muscles.
  5. Lift the bar along the legs.  Try to keep your elbows close to the body. Do not side them apart.
  6. Use a special band to fix the bar. It especially helps with heavy weights. The trick is that our wrists are much weaker than the back or biceps. So why not help them?
  7. Always keep the rhythm of breathing in back workouts for men. The exhaust is on the effort.
  8. Find a comfortable tempo. You can work non-stop.  It is possible to pause at the upper and lower points.  It could stretch and reduce the muscles.
  9. When you start pulling the barbell keep the elbows slightly bent.  It gives the load to the muscles.  Additionally, you can play with the grip modes.  You can alternate overhand, underhand and mix grips in the course of back workouts for men. Narrow grip involves biceps rather than back muscles. At the same time, the amplitude increases. The wide grip enhances the back to work but decreasing the amplitude.
  10. Increase the weight gradually.  Correct poses and technique is prime importance.

Major mistakes performing barbell bent over lifting during back workouts for men:

  1. Round back.  The correct pose is totally flat but arched lower back.
  2. Do not move up the body during lifting. It causes legs and hips walking here and there.
  3. Lifting by loading biceps only. It brings they get tired. The back does not work. Try to feel the lats muscles.
  4. Lifting the barbell bar to the breast. To train the back pull the device to the lower abdomen.

Variations of barbell bent over lifting back workouts for men: The classical way of lifting the barbell bent over means that you practice with an overhand grip. The barbell is in the horizontal position.  There are other variations of it:

  • Barbell bent over lifting with an underhand grip
  • T-barbell rowing (lifting) standing.
  • You can execute the exercise lying on the special fitness equipment.
  • The barbell bent over lifting using the Smith’s machine
  • The barbell bent over lifting to the chest for the development of the rear delts. The main difference is that we raise the barbell higher, namely to the chest.

All these options can enrich any back workouts for men and women.

Dumbbell Single Arm Row

Equipment: horizontal bench, set of dumbbells

Efficiency: The dumbbell bent rowing is a basic exercise. Accordingly, several joints are involved. Namely, the shoulder and elbow muscles are in force. These classes are the part of back workouts for men. They develop the upper and middle parts of the back muscles. Rowing these devices you enhance the lats. The biceps, forearms, traps and rear delts are in the training process too.  The special effects are that you train the left and right arms and lats by one. It gives more concentration to each one. Do not forget about the balance. The load should be equal for both sides.

The options of dumbbell rows for back workouts for men and women: There are several options for performing this exercise. Two of them are the main ones. As a rule, the athletes use them the most often for back workouts for men.

  • The first option is when you are going to practice the left arm. In this case, put the right knee and right hand on the horizontal bench. Bend the right elbow slightly. The body is almost parallel to the floor. The left leg is in back-sided direction. The dumbbell should lie on the floor under your left shoulder. Working with the right arm put the left leg and left the hand on the bench.
  • The second option is when the athlete rests on the bench by his right hand only. Both feet are on the floor. Right leg is bent and before the left one.  The left leg is almost straight. The body is close to parallel the floor.
  • The third option is two-arms standing dumbbell rows. The sportsmen do it standing and bent 90 degrees. They row the dumbbells by two arms at the same time. This exercise is similar to barbell bent over lifting.
  • The fourth option is incline bench dumbbell row.  Some coaches consider it as is an isolation exercise. It is perfect to finish back workouts for men.
  • The fifth option. Someones define this type of dumbbell exercise like one more option. It is the same lying on the incline device. The only you do alternate dumbbell lifts.

Truly to say we can go on the list of variations to perform with the dumbbells for the back workouts for men.  They depend on the equipment for workouts at the gym or at home. The training program and even on your fantasy. The only caution: follow the recommendations and listen to your physical readiness.

The technique of proper Dumbbell single arm row: Depending on the variation the technique will slightly change. However, basically, the mode is the same. You lift the dumbbells by the arms.  Let us characterize the main tips of classical dumbbell bent single arm for back workouts for men and women.

First of all the bench can be horizontal or slightly raised up. The angle is about 25 degrees.  This bench’s position lessens the load on the lower back.  Choose the best option for you. Both are true and effective. Place the dumbbell near the bench. Rest your knee on the bench. The foot hangs down slightly. Put the hand on the bench. The elbow is a bit bent. Your torso is almost parallel to the floor. It is very important the lower back is arched. The opposite leg is practically straight. Start to pull the dumbbell to the lower abdomen. The chest direction is the wrong position.

One of the most important advantages of this exercise in back workouts for men is a motion amplitude and spine load. You can lift the device higher than working with the barbell. A so-called disadvantage is that you need twice the time to practice with both arms by one.

Major mistakes performing dumbbell single arm row during back workouts for men:

  1. Body rotation while lifting a dumbbell up. This often happens who takes a heavyweight at some point in back workouts for men.
  2. There is no deflection in the lower zone. The back is rounded.  In this case, the back does not work effectively. You can get injured especially using high weight.
  3. The elbow moves to the side.  Pull your elbow back like direction to the butts.
  4. The head and pelvis are placed too low. Keep your torso is parallel to the floor.  Look strictly forward.

Lat or vertical pulldowns for back workouts for men

Equipment: at pull-down machine

This powerline gear confers multiple pulling activities treating back workouts for men.  Simplicity and friendly price are the advantages.

Efficiency: The vertical pull-down is a strategic exercise for the upper back integrated development.  The key muscle groups are working. Namely, the latissimus dorsi, shoulder muscles, biceps, and forearms are involved.  That is why it is the basic exercise for back workouts for men.

In fact, the pulldowns could be an analog of bar pull-ups. However, this exercises allows focussing on the correct technique. The athletes can use extra weight exceeding the weight of their own body.

The options of lat pull down: The final outcome of pull-down exercises can vary in back workouts for men. There are some specific features in performing. You can change the overhand grip to underhand one. The distance between the hands on the bar is also principal.

The athletes can pull the bar to the chest or behind the head. Pulling the bar towards the shoulders you move the main load to the higher back muscles. In practice, this type is more acceptable for fitness experts.   In the beginning, it is better to avoid this kind or use the only lightweight.  There is a big risk of trauma due to unnatural twisting of your shoulder joints.

The technique of proper lat pulls down for back workouts for men: Before you start training take a proper place on the seat. It is crucial to fix the knees and hips correctly.  Regulate the machine according to your height. The bar should be directly over the head. Take the bar with all fingers including the thumb. The elbows are parallel to each other. Feel the tension in the back and abs muscles. Then lower the shoulders down, bringing the scapulas together.  Push the chest forward. It looks like you open the back.

The feet rest the floor. The neck is in line with the spine.  Look only forward. Do not raise the eyes up. The lower body is slightly arched. On exhale, slowly pull the bar down towards the chest.  The bar moves strictly vertically. Exclude any side angling. The pulling is smooth. Avoid sharp jerks. It is vital for the other point of the back workouts for men.

Keep your back in a fixed position. Hold on the bar on the chest level for a few seconds. The bar is 3-5 centimeters far from the chest, but it does not touch it. Then slowly return the weight to the initial position. Control the weight all the time.

Major mistakes performing lat pulldown during back workouts for men:

  1. Do not pull the bar too low. The optimal is the chest level.
  2. Do not turn aside the torso. You should seat straight and fixed.
  3. Do not use too heavyweight. Start with a minimal one. It should not overcome the half of your own weight.
  4. Keep the scapulas together within the whole exercise.

Seated cable rows for back workouts for men

Equipment: different types of rowing machines

Efficiency: Horizontal pulling is a basic exercise that imitates rowing.   It is the reason why some people call it “rowing”. This is a classic exercise for back workouts for men. Women also use them.  It develops back muscles in all three zones.  Trapezium, lats and low back muscles are working. Biceps, triceps, forearms are involved too.  Special rowing machines assist to perform these efficient classes. The main principle is the same.  However, there are some nuances in performing these exercises. The athletes can use a close or wide grip.  They use different handles.  The grips differ the amplitude.

Those athletes who focus on training the biceps perform a narrow grip and with a wide amplitude. Wide grip and reduce d amplitude allow the development of back muscles. It enables to lift heavier weights minimizing the risks of spinal injuries.

It is very important to choose the right amplitude. It will help for sufficient and equal training of the muscles during back workouts for men. Change the close and narrow grips from time to time.

The proper technique of seated cable rows for back workouts for men: Adjust the machine details according to your height. Take the seat facing the block. Put and rest the feet on the platform. Bend the knees slightly. You should find a convenient position. Lean forward. Deflect the lower back. Take the handle or bar with cable. The arms are extended.  Pull the handle to the abs. The elbows slide along the sides and move strictly backward. Try to move your elbows and shoulders as far as possible behind your back.  It is obvious to squeeze the scapulas.  Tense your back muscles as much as you can and hold in this position for 1-2 seconds. In practice, it is not easy to succeed at the beginning.  Then gently return to the initial position.

There are two main techniques for this exercise applied in the back workouts for men. The first option is with a fixed back. The upper body is clearly fixed in a vertical position during the set. It does not move forward or backward it is fixed in one position.  Only the arms and scapulas move.

The second option supposes a mobile back. You move the body back and forward. It looks like swinging. The low back extensors start working. The amplitude increases.

Major mistakes performing seated cable rows during back workouts for men:

  1. Keep the upper body straight and vertical. No angling aside.
  2. Do not side out the elbows. Keep them close to the body and then move backward.

Hyperextension a part of back workouts for men

Equipment: Hyperextension bench or Roman chair in a variety of models.

Efficiency: Hyperextension is a basic exercise. It is a part of back workouts for men and women. The athletes can train the lower back. They also called them back muscles extensors. The hips biceps and seat take part in it too. The load directions dependent on the techniques.

Hyperextensions are perfect for the beginners. They get the possibility to improve the weakness of low back.  This is a kind of preparation for the other back workouts for men like deadlifts, etc.  Correct performing of different extensions helps people who have back decease problems.

The peculiarity is that these exercises do not build extra mass. They better develop and progress the lumbar zone. At the same time, you should be careful to start this training. The acute conditions of the spine decreases are the obstacle. Consult the physician or coacher before you start.  Regular hyperextension will lead to a healthy spine and nice posture.

The technique of proper hyperextension for back workouts for men and not only: These extending classes can be used for warming up and at the end of back workouts for men and women.
There are several options for performing hyperextension. The athletes can practice these actions on some specific equipment in the gym. It is also possible to use some other devices.

The first one is the classical way. You do it with an average load. Body is in the horizontal position and in parallel to the floor. The other mode is the increased load. In this case, you lay on the bench with an angle of 45 degrees.
One more kind is reverse hyperextension.

Sportsmenperform it on a horizontal bench too. In this case, the upper body is located on the supporter. The hips are in the air. You rest the arms on the bench or pads. Only the legs are raising and lowering.

There are some tips to perform properly these back workouts for men. Adjust the equipment according to your height. Keep the knees slightly bent. Fully straight legs can injure the knee joints. Rest the hips tightly to the bench. Feet are parallel to each other. The back is a bit round within the whole process. Control the breathing. Inhale while going down. Raise on exhale

Major mistakes performing hyperextension during back workouts for men:

  1. Avoid fixation in the upper phase during the first 3-4 months
  2. Except for large low back deflection at the top point of body lifting. This is the most common mistake. People move back too far. You can get trauma. In the top lifting, the body is a line the legs.
  3. The neck gets over tension. Release the neck to avoid injury.
  4. Sharp and twisting movements are the errors. All the movements are gentle. Do it slowly downward and a bit quicker upward.
  5. Split heels within movements falsify the outcome.
  6. Never use overweight at the beginning. Start without any additional heaviness. Learn and follow the technique.
  7. Do not raise the hand. Find the point about 2-3 meters from you. Look at it.

Rate your progress:

  • 3 sets with 20 reps are excellent
  • 3 sets with 15 repetitions are good
  • 2 sets with 15 repetitions are normal
    it’s time to complicate the back workouts for men
  • 1 approach, 10 repetitions is satisfactory
  • less than 10 repetitions are bad

For your attention, we selected the list of some other popular exercises for back workouts for men. They are perfect options confirmed by the years of experience.

  • Band Bent-Over Row
  • Barbell front squat
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Kneeling lat pulldown
  • Bent-over dumbbell alternating row
  • Inverted row
  • Renegade Row

There are some features indicating the complexity level of back workouts for men:

  • 1st easy level: calm, normal breathing and regular speech
  • 2nd below intermediate level: relatively calm breathing; regular speech
  • 3rd intermediate level: fast breathing fast; regular speech
  • 4th upper intermediate level: accelerated breathing; short words speech
  • 5th high level: fast breathing; no chance to talk

Keep in mind: complexity and efficiency of back workouts for men are two different things. Even a very simple exercise can bring record results.

Machines for back workouts

Best effective machines for back workouts for men and women

The training on special machines and simulator gives the most effective to the back workouts for men.  The gyms are full of different types and models.  We offer not loose in this variety of unknown equipment. Let us introduce you some most applicable for back workouts for men. It is true that the back workouts for men require hard effort.  Nobody can achieve the Cobra back without increasing the working weight and additional loading.

Here is some information to understand better the machinery philosophy of back workouts for men who intend to get the best results. Fitness equipment for the back workouts for men.

According to the kind of exercises and loading all back equipment is divided into cardio and strength machines. Cardiovascular machines enlarge endurance and the overall strengthening. The gear saturates the blood with oxygen. They positively affect the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.  Aerobic exercises promote effective weight loss during working outs. Power training equipment helps to maintain endurance and strength of all parts of the back.  They build muscle mass and burn the fat.

The rowing machine is the only cardiovascular device that acts directly on the spine and back muscles. Strength training back workouts for men will help to build the back muscles. Quiet rowing simulation is indicated for physical therapy.

See more details: 10 Best rated indoor rowing machine for home use on Amazon

Power simulators for the back. The pulling load and movements provide rapid pumping of the back muscles. There are several types of these machines to perform back workouts for men.

Lat pulls down machines serves for the vertical pullover exercises. It looks like a bench.  The cable with T-handle is secured by weights. You can vary the weight according to your level.  The athletes carry out different kinds of pulling motions. They can change the grips and modes. They pull the cable behind the head, to the chest. The hands are bent or straight.

The horizontal pulling equipment is similar to the rowing ones. They equipped by the seat place and handles to perform pulling. The handles can have a different location. They can be located in the middle for horizontal pulling.  Low handle place provides low rowing activity in back workouts for men. A simulator has a seat and blocks with the burden. Handles rise up, imitating the doing with dumbbells.  You manage the weight of blocks per your desire and fitness level. The pulls tense and enforce the upper and middle back muscles. Correct execution allows the lower zone to support the spine. You get the tone for the whole body.

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The other devices can also assist and guarantee you perfect back workouts for men. You can easily install and practice this equipment at home too.

The training routines of back workouts for men

We have already learned the secrets of basic back exercise. You are familiar now with the details of the technique for the best list of exercises for the back workouts for men. The required equipment does not scare too.
It’s up to you now. The hardworking and patience are your partners in the battle for strong, V-shaped and healthy flipside.

The experience of the fitness and bodybuilding experts and coaches gave the possibility to create different back workouts for men and women.  These programs include the sets of the best exercises to make your back strong enough.  We share the models of back workouts for men.  You can change or add any other exercises. It depends on your abilities fitness and health level.

Guidance programs of back workouts for men.

The back is the real point in bodybuilding.  There many assorted back workouts for men.  Many athletes have their own receipts how to improve all three parts of the back.  Here are some of them. Their efficiency is confirmed in practice. One of the numerous options of back workouts for men.

You should focus on stability and regularity. Follow it at least two days per week. Then find out the list of exercises to perform back workouts for men.  You could change the program every 6–8 weeks. It helps to prevent the body getting used to it.  It is also boring to do the same exercises for long period.

Maximum concentration on back workouts for men is the key factor. Of course, one or two weeks of training will not bring significant changes.  Practice and tolerance for 4-6 months will show visible results. For sure you will feel back volume and width is growing. You might start with back workouts for men consisting of two parts.

The first option of back workouts for men focuses on developing the back width.

  • Pull-ups: 4 sets
  • Lat pulldowns: 4 sets
  • Bent over barbell lifting: 4 sets
  • Seated cable row: 4 sets

Proceed 7 weeks and turn to the second part. You might train the back volume or thickness:

  • Bent over barbell lifting: 4 sets
  • Seated cable row: 4 sets
  • Bent over dumbbell row: 2 sets
  • Wide grip pull-down:  4 sets
  • Underhand grip chest pull-down: 4 sets

These back workouts for men help the proportional back. Their target is just slightly increasing its size. However, very often the thickness is more than the width or vice versa.

You can consult and customize back workouts for men per your individual targets.  You should add a few extra sets of exercises directed to the weak points. At the same time remove a couple of sets apart the stronger features.
You balance the back workouts for men by changing the load only. Body equality is crucial.

Due to the lack of time, you can practice more simple back workouts for men.

They include 2 exercises for wideness and 2 exercises for mass. You need to adjust the number of sets and reps depending on your own back muscles stage. For example, you see that the back looks like a pancake. In this case, you could use the following back workouts for men:

  • Bent over barbell lifting:  5 sets
  • Bent dumbbell row or seat cable row: 4 sets
  • Wide grip pull-down: 4 sets
  • Chest pull-down: 3 sets

These exercises will help to increase the back volume.
You can apply one of the suggested back workouts for men, or train in a completely different way.

Tempo & amount sets back workouts for men

As you know there is an enormous number of back workouts for men. Each of them has its own secret.

  • Focus on the tips of one of them.

The main trick of this complex is a combination of two different regimes. The first one contains many repetitions. The second supposes only a few reps but high speed.

You should attempt back workouts for men three times weekly.  Apply for heavyweight within the first training. The light one is used within the third day.  It is better the breaks between classes do not overcome 3 days. Like the sample Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the periods for back workouts for men.

  • Adjust the right weight.

Do not finish the sets with the last effort. Negative tension and muscle contraction have to be absent. The strength training back workouts consist of 5 sets with 10 repetitions. Pumping training which proceeds fast speed at low loads includes 15 repetitions. Initially, you can perform 8 repetitions. Do not change the weight till you can easily nail 12 sets.  Then increase the weight in the next back workouts for men.

The back workouts man routine

The back workouts for men routine

  • Pull up performs different grip options.  Narrow, wide, overhand, underhand grips will shape different muscle lines.

Tips:  Now you can pull up 10 times It’s time to enter additional weight. Special fitness belts will help you. Gently move down without sharp jerks. Control every movement. Choose maximum comfortable arms amplitude at the lowest point.

  • Deadlift is one of the basic and main exercises in the back workouts for men.   It optimizes the main back muscles at the same time. Follow the technique. Start with the overhand grip. Mixing grip will be your next steps. Lift and down the barbell gently.  Fix it in the upper point.

Tips: strictly control the back and the body movements. It’s preferable the supervisor watch and corrects your inaccuracy.

  • Lat pulls down.  The athletes like this part of back workouts for men.  They use a special pulling or rowing simulators.  Availability of the best equipment for effective back workouts for men impresses. These are very simple movements. You take the bar and pull the special weight blocks down. There is the only caution concerning these back workouts for men. The incorrect procedure can give zero effect.

A couple of useful tips: Control your elbows. Keep them on the same level. Seat straight. You can change the initial medium grip.

Ulisses Junior’s back workouts for men

Ulysses Williams Junior is a famous fitness hero for thousands of athletes. He has spent huge time to nail the existing body. Now he is nearly twenty years dealing with bodybuilding. Moreover, the guy goes on to become better.  One of his activities is a coacher.  With his pleasure, he teaches the others how to build the own body.

Ulisses emphasizes the importance to have the back of real bodybuilder. He gets a lot of questions about how he trains the back. Many people know his prominent Cobra back. The athletes wonder what he does to make it big, strong and relief.

Ullises shares his experience about back workouts for men. Usually, on Tuesdays, he devotes his routine to his back.
He has two main rules to develop the back muscles. It is the improvement of wideness and thickness. He varies the exercises and their order.

Ulisses Junior

The expert advises performing at least four exercises for back workouts for men to enhance the muscles growing.

  • Once he could start with a seated cable row. He considers it is really good to do it. This exercise assists to get the stretch and pulled the muscle fibers.  He is sure you will feel the back.  It is a perfect exercise to start the training.
  • The other Tuesday he prefers pull-ups as the beginning of back workouts for men.  He never misses the worming up. Very often he jumps.  Heavy jumping or skipping pushes the blood flows the back.

As the specialist consider it is impossible to do any back workouts for men without deadlifting and lat pullovers. Different modes of barbell rows will make the back wider. T-bar row belongs to the old bodybuilding classes. However, Williams includes it to his back routine too.

It is must have for any back workouts for men to do at least four basic exercises for wideness and thickness. You can practice both principles per workout. You can also split them on the other day. Do not forget about recovering and isolated exercises. For you to remember the best back exercises from Ullisses Junior.

The order of one of his back routine.

  • Deadlift with different barbell weight per set
  • Pulling ups variation of grips and extra weight
  • Dumbbell Single Arm Row with alternating arms
  • Cabel block rowing including variations
  • Lat pullover
  • Pulldowns
  • Stretching a kind to relax the muscles
  • Hyperextension is the option of stretching
  • Finish the back workouts for men with a pullover lying with dumbbells up to 100 repetitions

The other option offers the combination of back workouts for men and some exercises for calves.

  • Pull-ups 4 set with 12 to 15 reps
  • Pulldowns 4 set with 12 to 15 reps
  • Barbell row 4 set with 12 to 15 reps
  • Cabel row 4 set with 12 to 15 reps
  • Pullovers 4 set with 12 to 15 reps

You might train the back volume or thickness.

  • Seated calf raises 4 set with 15 reps
  • Standing calf raises 4 set with 15 reps
  • Donkey calf raises 4 set with 15 reps

Pieces of advice from our experts while doing back workouts

One of the most remarkable instructions is to remember about the safety. Do not suppose to get the Cobra back in one or two days. Steadiness and timekeeping are the correct and proper approach. Use the wrist, waist belts, bands to the barbell and other supporting things and devices. Keep them always close doing back workouts for men.

Special diet and enough proteins enhance the desired results. Ulisses is sure that nutrition is a bulky element in creating the ideal torso. He knows it from his own experience. His know-how is high protein complex with the special formulation.

Hard work, daily routine healthy nutrition, and special diet are the ways to your goal.

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Back workouts at home without complicated equipment

The back is a rather tricky body part for training without special machines. Nevertheless, you can successfully practice some back exercises at home. Some home programs of back workouts for men and everybody require only the dumbbells or resistance bands.

It is worth to emphasize. There are many fitness movements which can improve the back group of muscles without any devices. These exercises make this zone better with your own weight only. The beginners should start the back workouts for men and women without additional weight. It can take 1-2 years. So do not scare to practice the back without equipment. Your motivation will bring the results.

Basic principles of back workouts for men without equipment.

You should enforce the back regularly 2 times a week. You will not feel the results training less. Do not overcome yourself. The muscles need the time to recover. Back exercises best to perform in 3 sets at 12-15 repetitions each. Over time, you can increase the loading.

Warming up is an essential element of training. Starting with strength exercises is traumatic and impractical.
Back workouts for men and the others have to change the complex and order of exercises. It helps to prevent muscle getting used to the same load.

Begin each workout with 1-2 basic exercises. They involve two or more joints. At the end make 1-2 isolating exercises. These motions concentrate on one exact muscle or joint.

  • Back workouts for men # 1

Bent over dumbbell row is one of the most effective basic exercises for building the widest muscles. Slightly bend the knees. Try to get down the body at 90 degrees. Pick up the dumbbells. The elbows are upwards, strictly along the body. Lift the dumbbells till you feel the joint of shoulder blades. Then slowly return to the initial position.

Classic pull-ups are the basic exercise for all the times. Hang on the bar with an overhand, wide grip. Pull up the chin to the bar. Then gently go down.
The tip is: the thumbs should not grip the bar. Otherwise, the load partially distributes to the biceps.

Dumbbell single arm row. One hand dumbbell rowing is an excellent isolating exercise to “finish off” the muscles at the end of the back workouts for men. Starting position. The supporting leg is on the floor. The knee of the second one rests the plane. Take the dumbbell by the hand at the side of supporting leg. The palm of the opposite hand rests the bench. Pull the dumbbell with force. Then put it back down.

  • Back workouts for men # 2

Deadlifting. They consider it is the best basic exercise for back workouts for men. It touches the buttocks and hip biceps. The option with dumbbell deadlift is great for the beginners and girls. This exercise needs a good preliminary warming up.

Narrow grip pull-up is the basis for deep influence on the lower zone of lats. The only difference with classic option is the narrow grip. The tips of the thumbs touch each other.

Hyperextension at home will be an excellent insulating element to close the back workouts for men. Everybody can do this exercise without a special simulator. Any firm surface like sofa, table or similar is fit. You need to arrange your legs and hips comfortably.

You can use a Swiss ball to perform hyperextension kinds. It’s easy and funny. You ‘ll get pleasure and benefit. Enjoy the back workouts for men and women with colorful fitness balls from Amazon.

Important nuances for those who want to achieve results quickly.
Do not neglect the stretching at the end of back workouts for men. It promotes the muscles development and minimizes the discomfort after exercise. If the usual load is too easy, increase the working weight, not repetitions.

Food quality plays one of the primary roles in the muscle building process. The protein has to cover 30% of total calories. Compound carbohydrates are 50%. The “right” fats are 20% of the daily diet.

Back workouts for men and women for training with no equipment.

It is true that you can train without any equipment to get the success. These perfect back workouts for men are available for everyone. You can perform them anywhere.

  • Exercise Superman

Lie face down the floor. Stretch your arms and legs. Then try to put up the arms over your head. Lift your chest and knees. Hold the position for 3-5 seconds. The more simple option is when you put the hand on the head back. Do 3 sets with 10 repetitions

  • Exercise Swimmer

This exercise is similar to Superman. Everybody can add it to the back workouts for men and women. Lie as before. Stretch your arms and legs. Pull up the left leg and right arm and vice versa. Do3 sets with 10 repetitions on each side.

  • Exercise Triangle Pushups

Start with the pose of Dogface down. Bend your elbows and slowly low down your forehead to the floor. Return to the starting position. Do 3 sets with10 repetitions.

  • Exercise bridge on the shoulders

This is an excellent exercise among the back workouts for men to strengthen the lower back. Lie on the back and bend your knees. Squeeze the butt and seat muscles. Lift the pelvis up. Hold this position for 3-5 seconds and slowly go down. Do3 sets with 20 repetitions.

More efficient variation supposes one by one leg lifting. Perform 3 sets with 10-15 repetitions, for each leg.
Lying reversing hyperextension on the floor Lie face down the floor. Stretch aside your arms. Try to raise your head and chest over the floor. The most important is to squeeze the muscles between the shoulder blades. Do 3 sets with 15 repetitions.

The list of exercises for back workouts for men and the whole family is definitely longer. The others are beneficial and perfect too. Cat and cow stretch, kneeling extension, the plank can be good friends in back workouts for men and women. The fitness experts indicate that most yoga poses will do the best stretching in back workouts for men and not only.

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Now you know how to provide back workouts for men and others without equipment. A competent training approach, regularity, and patience guide you to a strong and healthy back and spine.

Ask your fitness question

Ask you for fitness question to understand the back workouts in full

Q: Next day after training I feel no pain. Does it mean that my back workouts for men were not professional?

  • Fitness expert: The pain indeed is the result of microtraumas. Anatomy laws confirm that they are the signs of muscles’ growing. It’s not mandatory. The better you are in shape, the less pain you feel. The muscles’ building depends on growing loading.

Q: What is the role of stretching in back workouts for men? Is it worth to stretch the back between the sets?

  • Fitness expert: Absolutely, it worth. The stretch is obvious. The muscles are warm. The blood fills them. Accordingly, they develop better and faster. Stretching prevents the injury.

Q: What exercise in the back workouts for men is the best? What have I do if I can do just one back exercise?

  • Fitness expert: For sure, it is pull-ups in different options. They are perfect for upper and lats growing. The back width is activating too.

Q: Which exercise is better for the thickness: bent over barbell or bent over dumbbells row?

  • Fitness expert: It is easier to progress the weight and load with a barbell.

Q: “What muscle group can I combine with my back workouts for men?

  • Fitness expert: You can join deltas or biceps with your back workouts for men. The combination with the hands is not a popular combination.

Q: What should I do if my wrists are painful after the pull-ups and lats pull down?

  • Fitness expert: Try overhand, underhand and mixed grips. Parallel grip bar will solve this problem. Fitness straps is a good idea.

Q: “Should I use a weightlifting belt in the back workouts for men?

  • Fitness expert: This belt is positive for the exercises with the tension in the abdominal area. The exception is abs practice. This safety device prevents injuries and waist increasing. You no need a big belly.

Come back to the back workouts for men.

The back muscles are the largest muscular group of the body. They are responsible for body esthetic silhouette formation. Regular and correct back workouts for men stimulate the expansion of its width and thickness. Nice back means strong and healthy back. The best exercises for the back pull-ups, pulldowns, deadlifts in various options. These exercises are obvious for a number of back workouts for men. They persuade the upper, middle and low back zones.

Main tips to get the best results in doing back workouts for men.

  • Choose the right exercises for a particular part of the back
  • Close the end of each back workouts for men with an isolating exercise
  • Use weightlifting belts for the safety
  • Do not forget fitness lifting straps and wrist gloves
  • Learn and control the right technique
  • Do not wait for the immediate result
  • Be especially careful with lower back zone

Proper and regular back workouts for men will sculpt the most wanted results.

Top Back Workouts for Men form our Experts
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