Workouts Ulisses Williams Jr. Fans of aesthetics are in great demand in the world, as they consider him to be the standard of a beautiful male figure, many athletes of the World strive for his form. Many are amazed. How does he manage to maintain such a shape, without gaining weight, always being dry and aesthetic? Ulisses Williams Junior takes training very seriously and works according to his unique program. A large number of athletes are willing to pay a lot of money for individual training with a champion in order to be at least a step closer to him.

Today we will tell you about a new such system developed by Ulisses. It names as 12 weeks SHREDDING Program & Meal Plans! Wrote Williams about it for the first time on March 1, 2019, in his blog on Instagram. We also offer you Ulisses Williams workouts for free, which will allow you to diversify your trips to the gym and discover many new things for yourself.

Ulisses Williams Jr. – an icon of the world of bodybuilding and the legend of fitness which now has almost five million followers. Likewise, is considered one of the few natural bodybuilders who managed to achieve impressive results by means of intensive training and well-designed diet. Watching his Instagram, you can see that he constantly trains. He works on his body and for many years staying in sports, he has developed many effective programs. For instance, he knows how and what the body reacts to, what needs to be done individually for everyone to lose weight or build muscle. And his 12 weeks SHREDDING Program & Meal Plans is a really good example, that his ideas really work!

The body of Ulisses is considered by many to be the benchmark to which all bodybuilders should strive. During his professional career, Williams won a lot of high-profile titles. For instance, Musclemania WorldPro and SuperBodyPro. He also often appears on the covers of various popular publications on sports and bodybuilding. Ulisses Williams Jr., whose height is 179 centimeters and 95 kilograms, has the following shape parameters: chest – 121 centimeters, waist – 81 centimeters, biceps volume – 51 centimeters. The man says that he is extremely attentive and respectful of not only his mode, the intensity of training, but also the diet.

12weeks SHREDDING Program & Meal Plans!

A few days ago, Ulisses Williams published a post on his Instagram page, which focuses on the training program. She called 12weeks SHREDDING Program & Meal Plans! Now more about the program system.

New 12 weeks SHREDDING Program & Meal Plans from Ulisses William Jr

The program includes:

  1. Individual training plan for all levels of experience
  2. Individual Meal Plans
  3. Abs program defined
  4. Grinding or filling for men or women
  5. Exclusive Member Only Application
  6. 24/7 Email Support.



His training programs are specifically designed based on YOUR chosen preferences and goals. If you want to build muscle or reduce weight, workout Ulisses for you. Programs are updated monthly to ensure that they are always complex and give you the best possible results. With years of experience in the industry, you can believe that his programs work.

Williams nutrition plans will help transform your body into the body of your dreams. Based on your personal goals, these nutritional plans provide you with the necessary calories and macronutrients. Nutrition is so important, and it can not be left to chance. To achieve your goals as quickly as possible, it is essential to eat right so that you have the energy to work when it is needed. Also, he will provide you with recipes and a shopping list, so you don’t even have to think about your diet.

His particular press program is an individual abdominal workout program that transforms your middle section. These workouts are getting harder every month, so you can have a belly to be proud of. Included video exercises with counting reps for you to achieve your goal. In addition, a specific press program is designed to use with your individual workout program contemporaneously.

New 12 weeks SHREDDING Program & Meal Plans from Ulisses William Jr

The exclusive Ulisses “I Dedicated” app, intended only for participants, contains a nutrition plan and exercise programs, so you have easy access wherever you are. It includes your recipes, shopping lists, exercise videos and more. You can also track your progress with the built-in progress tracker to ensure your responsibility. Available in the App Store and Google Play.

24/7 email support
His fantastic team and with him always near you. If you have questions about supplements, your program, training, or nutrition, they can help you. He wants to make sure that you get the best possible results, and he knows that you will need support on this path. They are here to celebrate your transformation with you! They want to hear about your progress, so feel free to email at any time. And they are here to help and guide you every step of the way. Train hard!

Members of “I Am Loyal” can join an exclusive Facebook group where Ulisses Williams will answer your questions. “I Am Loyal” is a community for meeting people from all over the world for the same purpose as you; encourage each other and be accountable. In this group, you can also post your photos before and after, as well as any progress updates. It really inspires the athlete and other participants to see your transformation.

Let’s work!

Are you dedicated?

If you can give me some dedication and dedication, I will give you a plan to take you to the next level so that you can move in the right direction towards your goal. Nutrition is the key to really making a difference for the better, along with enough sleep, hydration and the work of each muscle group every week.
With your individual plan you will be given the formula for success. However, you need to devote time and effort to this, and work on it. Good things don’t come easy — you have to make an effort if you want to reap the benefits. Real results begin today!

Interview with bodybuilding ideal – Ulisses Jr

When I started strength training 24 years ago, he was never a bodybuilder; Of course, I always went in for sports at school, at school, football, American football, athletics, but I was a thin child! I just wanted to gain some weight and size to help with my performances on the field, so my coach advised me to get up; and the rest they say is history.

The athlete says that the mentality is very important to remain committed to the goal, and if he wants something, he will bring it to an end.
Soon the gym became his passion, and together with a new group of friends they decided to take part in a local bodybuilding competition; just for fun, to keep themselves motivated, exercise more, and diet more.

New 12 weeks SHREDDING Program & Meal Plans from Ulisses William Jr

In short, I won! It was so great, especially when I was a novice and a teenager. Competition quickly became my motivation to continue to train, to become better, so I set myself the goal to stand on the stage every year. For 13 years of competition, I traveled around the world, winning countless shows and more than 24 trophies, including two-time world champion MuscleMania Pro and two-time champion MuscleMania SuperBody.

During this time, he received wide acclaim in major fitness magazines, photo shoots, spoke at seminars and, in turn, taught many celebrities and wealthy people, instructing other elite trainers in the industry.

Another passion developed; bring up the masses! I love helping people and sharing my knowledge accumulated over my career, whether in the gym, at a seminar or at an exhibition. Also, I want to inspire and motivate people of all ages to emphasize the importance of consistency in both learning and nutrition.

I am extremely modest because I get support from fans and followers, and I respect both bodybuilders and body composition coaches that I can now help you get in shape of your life.
Remember that dedication has no limits! Let’s work.

If you do not really know if this training system is suitable for you, have some doubts or you have some more additional questions – read the next section.


Is this for me?
Yes! My online coaching is for everyone – men, women, beginners and advanced.
I developed three coaching packages for you to choose from depending on your goal:

  • Starter Pack is ideal for beginners and do not know where to start;
  • Mass Gainer to increase muscle mass;
  • Shred package to reduce fat and get a slim physique.

Am I ready to start?
If you do not get results; You cannot continue to do the same. So if you are ready, you are ready!

Is it personalized for me?
Yes, your plan will be 100% personalized for you based on your choice as part of the registration process. This is no ordinary cookie cutter; You will be asked about your eating habits, allergies, dislikes, etc. so that you never get a meal plan from foods you don’t like. The manager will also ask you about any injuries that you have, to do in order for your workouts to match your abilities.

I am a vegetarian / vegetarian; Can I register?
Yes. Just make it clear that you have specific dietary requirements when asked during registration, and your plan will meet your preferences.

How long is the training plan?
Plans will be updated every month if you are a paid member.

Do I really get access to Ulisses?
Yes indeed! Your plans will be available through Ulisses exclusive app, as well as access to the private Facebook community for additional support from him and his team. William says he will also regularly visit Facebook Live to answer any questions you have.

How can online coaching help me achieve my goals?
Having additional responsibility and support are proven and effective ways to achieve your goal in the most efficient way; especially when, when the plateau comes, you get upset, you experience personal problems with life, you feel comfortable – I went through everything! Going alone makes it easy to give up when it is difficult, but Ulisses is here to support you in addition to other members of the Facebook group.

How to get a 12 weeks SHREDDING Program & Meal Plans from Ulisses. If you are interested in this offer, you can go to Ulisses William on Instagram. On his page, you will find a link that takes you to his personal website. There, for a fixed fee you will receive an effective 12-week training and nutrition plan.

Something about Ulisses William Jr

The future bodybuilder was born in New York, in 1979. Mass media know very little information about his family and early years. In childhood and adolescence, Ulisses had a very thin, even frail physique, which is why he had a lot of complexes. Actually, this predetermined his further path and striving for self-improvement of his physical data. According to the athlete himself, as a teenager, he was actively involved in sports, but he never paid attention to his diet, because of which he continued to be the smallest and skinny, and could not get into any of the school sports teams.

Williams started bodybuilding professionally at the age of 19, and he continues to do it successfully, to this day. The guy took his first place in the youth championship, known as “Platinum Classic NYC” back in 2000. Then, such a significant achievement was a powerful impetus to the further development of the athlete. Quite quickly, it was a sport that became the primary occupation of the guy. Over time, he not only began to improve himself in this regard but also actively helped other people to grasp the basics of fitness and bodybuilding.

New 12 weeks SHREDDING Program & Meal Plans from Ulisses William Jr

He assures that he does not use chemistry to gain muscle mass and preserve the beautiful relief of the body, but he correctly selects nutritional supplements. Now, Ulisses is known not only as a bodybuilder and fitness model, but he is also a fitness instructor and owner of his own sports club. The young man admits that he has always been a perfectionist and has sought to become the best in everything he takes on. The primary motivators for him are family members and friends who support him in everything. Besides, he tries to take an example from representatives of the old school of bodybuilding.b

Williams managed to win a landslide victory in a dozen international projects for bodybuilders. He also starred for more than five dozen different publications, including Men’s Fitness, as well as Men’s Health and Musclemag. In 2005, at the WorldChampionships_LasVegas competition, Ulisses took only third place, which for himself was equivalent to defeat. After the end of the championship, he decided to take a short break, postpone participation in following competitions and started creating his own fitness club.

After 2010, he returned to service again and for several years in a row did not give up his leadership position, successfully participating in various championships. At the same time, his popularity was rapidly increasing, and not only in the bodybuilding environment but also on the Internet. Now he is the author of a unique and very popular training system, which is successfully implemented by a man, both to maintain his own unique form, and for the development of his business.

More about Ulisses Jr motivation

At first career, Ulisses Williams helped go on his wife. They often engaged together; the girl supported him, which gave him the motivation to go on and on.

Now he says: “If I decide to take on something, I will be the best at it.
In my opinion, life is too short to be small and to be the best you have to train as the best!

As for his personal life, Ulisses Williams Jr. has long and happily married. His spouse – which has more than 330 thousand followers, is also a fairly well-known and successful fitness model, maintains a video blog, and develops his own training systems. Ulissesи Williams Jr. and Sarah Williams have been together for a total of 18 years. Afterward, they started dating back in 2000, and together they went on to success in the field of sports and conquered new heights. Generally, in 2005, when the athlete decided to take a break in his professional career, he decided to make fundamental changes in his personal life. Then Williams made an offer to his darling. After the wedding, they moved from New York to London, where the couple had two sons.

New 12 weeks SHREDDING Program & Meal Plans from Ulisses William Jr

Also, Ulisses Williams Jr. and his wife together have a common business and jointly develop training systems. Now in the plans of the spouses is the task to reach a higher commercial level and launch their television project about fitness. Also, Ulisses does not hide that he would like to play in a movie and is always open to interesting proposals from directors.

According to experts, Williams really could achieve such impressive results without the use of chemicals. The fact is that black athletes have completely different genetics. In fact, they are more enduring and more susceptible to physical exertion. Moreover, their muscular corset responds better to intense workouts. Ulisses Williams managed to achieve an aesthetic body and a well-developed press. In addition, his arms and legs, his broad back are well pumped, and many call his appearance, if not perfect, then very close to perfection.
(Photos taken from open sources.)

Why do you need to join Ulisses Jr training system:

  • Ulisses is a very experienced bodybuilder. The athlete is in the Musclemania Federation and is the best of the best. During his career, he managed to break many titles, among which are: Musclemania World Pro and SuperBody Pro.
  • The standard of bodybuilding is only 40 years old, and he has already achieved everything that is only dreamed of. Finally, this is the result of fruitful training.
  • Ulisses does not do a lot of exercises for biceps and triceps muscle groups, but at the same time “kills” the muscles for a workout. Consequently, he does this due to the large weights and slow, static repetitions.
  • He shows us an incredible scheme of pumping legs. You cannot even see this in Branch Warren programmes. In fact, he constantly changes something and comes up with new and new things for himself.
  • 4 exercises once a week with a lot of weight is a guarantee of a quality back, according to Ulisses. To his opinion is to listen.
  • It turns out that the guarantee of the classroom press is not a tedious workout in the gym, but many other factors. So that, which ones will tell Ulisses in his video, which is available only to participants of the program?
  • The secret of beautiful pectoral muscles reveals in this video. Eventually, Ulisses explains why it is so important to make more approaches on an incline bench. Just a few exercises for finishing back.
  • Another thing I constantly have to do is change workouts to shock my muscles and give them even more stress. This works in a better way since the body does not have time to adapt and this allows you to add more mass to it. In his program, Ulisses will tell you how to do it properly.
  • Ulisses is constantly invited to appear on the cover of famous fashion magazines: Men’s Health, Musclemag, Men’s Fitness. By the way, if it interests you, he will tell all the details and nuances of such work.

Free training program from Ulisses

For many years, I realized that working in the range of 12-15 reps works for me in the best way. From time to time I train for strength (4 – 6 repetitions). Although, the main part of my workouts with a lot of repetitions. In addition to this, another thing that I do all the time is changing workouts to shock my muscles and give them even more stress. This works in a better way, since my body does not have time to adapt and this allows me to add more mass.

Monday: Back / Calf.
4 x 12-15 pull-ups
The upper block 4 x 12 – 15
Thrust rod to the stomach in the slope 4 x 12 – 15
Thrust in the block to the belly 4x 12 – 15
Pullover 4 x 12 – 15
4×15 calf lifts
Calf lifts standing 4 x 15
Donkey 4 x 15

Tuesday: Quadriceps / Hip Biceps.
Leg extension and supine leg flexion (Superset) 4 x 15
Squat and Stretch Leg Sitting (Superset) 4 x 15
Leg Stand and Leg Flexing (Superset) 4 x 15
Squat in the hook and the Romanian camp (Superset) 4 x 15

Wednesday: Rest.

New 12 weeks SHREDDING Program & Meal Plans from Ulisses William Jr

Thursday: Delta / Biceps.
4 x 15 Bench Press
Bench press 4 x 15
4 x 15 dumbbell supports
The front lifts 4 x 15
4 x 15 elevators to the rear delts
4 x 15 standing biceps lifts
Lifting dumbbells for biceps 4 x 15
Hammer 4 x15

Friday: Chest / Triceps / Calf.
Bench press in the slope 4 x15
Bench press 4 x15
Dumbbell lying 4 x15
4 x15 crossover
Tricep Rope Pressdowns 3 x 12 -15
Bars with a weight of 3 x 12 – 15
Superset V-Bar pull and push up 3 x 12 -15
Calves sitting 4 x 15
Claves standing 4 x 15
Donkey 4 x 15

Saturday: a day for lagging muscles.
Usually, it is a day for the aspirated muscles. Thus, press exercises I do the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach every day.

Resurrection: Rest.

Ulisses Williams nutrition daily plan

I keep a diet for a week and allow myself to relax a bit only on weekends. Besides, I do not eat pork or beef. Although before the competition I eat steak before bedtime ..


Eating number 1: 1 cup oatmeal & 6 egg whites.
Intake number 2: protein shake (45g protein, 30g carbohydrate).
Food consumption number 3: Quarter Chicken & Rice.
Eating number 4: Post-training cocktail. (45g protein, 60g carbohydrate).
Intake number 5: protein shake (45g protein, 30g carbohydrate).
Food consumption number 6: Grilled salmon with rice and vegetables.

New 12 weeks SHREDDING Program & Meal Plans from Ulisses William Jr
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