While training aerobics use the following exercises: dance elements, running, flexibility exercises, walking. Aerobic divides on:

  •  basic, without the use of any sports equipment,
  • step aerobics, using a step-platform,
  • fitball-aerobics, utilising the fitball.

Also, there is a division regarding intensity and professionalism of aerobic exercise. In this case, we have:

  • healthy aerobics,
  • sports and fitness aerobics.

Training makes from a set, of bindings and combinations, which mean short dances lasting from 1 to 3,5 minutes each. On competitions, combinations are made in sync with teams of 3-8 people, in duet or solo. Both man and woman can participate in the aerobic contest. Dance, depending on the rules of the game and the level of the team, must contain a set of specific elements.

The diversity of health aerobics sport and fitness aerobics

In health aerobics it is:

  • balance or “swallow” (one leg and the opposite hand are raised and stretched parallel to the floor, the second leg straightened in the knee, the whole body, the raised arm and leg should make a straight line);
  • push-up from the floor in a position on the knees;
  • corner or “pistol” (raising the legs with the muscles of the press with an emphasis on the hands);
  • twine; “Fold” (in the sitting position, with extended toes, tilting forward until the legs touch the body);
  • jumps “kangaroo” (from 2 legs, with simultaneous pulling both to the chest) and “jumping jacks” (from 2 legs, with maximum dilution in the air to the sides and with a landing on both legs) and some others.

In sport and fitness aerobics:

  • push-ups, in laying position with elbows pointed at opposite directions;
  • “pistol” two legs, with turns insides (raising both legs simultaneously, in the sitting position with an emphasis on the hands, using the muscles of the press and the turns of the raised legs at 90 and 180 degrees);
  • “fold”; “kangaroo”; jump “straddle” (the same “jumping jacks”, but the rearing of legs in the air almost to the twine with the torso bending forward);
  • “Creep” through the twine; all kinds of leg exercises and so on.

The number and complexity of the competitions in the compositions also depend on the age of the participants. Also in each bunch are the classic elements of aerobics, such as step, knee-up, side-swinging, skip-slip, jumping, running, mamba, overlap, chassis and others.). Concluding everything, I can say, that aerobics is a beautiful method of healthy life and a beautiful sport.

What is aerobics dance workout?
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