Dietetic protein tiramisu

For everyone, who loves fresh delicacies for dinner, here you go my recipe for this excellent protein tiramisu. Hope you will like this light, delicious and nutritious taste. Bon appetite!

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  • 27 g casein

  • 2 tbsp Nonfat cocoa powder

  • 2 tbsp oat bran (you can replace it with cellulose)

  • 6 tbsp 0,5% milk

  • 4 pcs egg (2 for a layer and 2 for a hard sauce)

  • 1 tsp baking powder

  • 4 g stevia (You can replace stevia with a banana to make a hard sauce if you are going to eat in the morning)

  • 250 g 0% cottage cheese

  • 100 ml 0.5% milk (for a hard sauce)


  • Mix chocolate protein, cocoa or carob, oat flakes, milk, eggs, baking powder and stevia altogether. Pour it in a mould. Bake biscuit for 20-30 minutes with the 180-degree temperature. After this leave it to cool down.

  • Let's make the cream. Divide egg whites from yolks, whip the whites with a wire whisk. In bowl whip yolks with stevia until it becomes white. Add cottage cheese and continue beating until smooth (I used the blender). Add whites and mix it all together correctly.

  • Lets put our dessert together. For this one, you will need a cup of fresh coffee. You can add a little bit of nonfat milk to it if you want.

  • Cut your biscuit for cubes and start “building” your tiramisu. The first layer should be a biscuit, soaked with coffee. You can put it in coffee in advance so that your dessert would have the rich taste.

  • Then you should put a layer of your hard sauce, then again a layer of biscuit with coffee, then back hard sauce.

  • The amount of layers depends on the hight and depth of the mould. The last segment of creme you can decorate with carob or cocoa with pomegranate.

  • Put your dessert in a fridge, so that it can become saturated with coffee and creme. The best choice would be to leave it for a night. And woa-lya! Our tiramisu is ready! Bon appetite!