Yoga has been known already for more than thousands of years. It helps to keep and improve health, strengthens you not only physically but also emotionally. Yoga activity aims to arrange physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspect of the individual. Everyone you tried doing hatha yoga will find its benefit and bring his talent to light.

Magnificent art of yoga

Yoga differs from other sports because it uses your reserves unnoticed for you. Yoga offers such exercises which do not mean going beyond your abilities, overloading and exhausting yourself. Regular yoga training helps you strengthen muscles, make a beautiful posture and improve the work of internal organs. Apart from this, the body is more elastic and flexible after yoga.

Yoga is a preventive action for hypertension, excess weight, varicose veins and other problems. Main yoga exercises divide into four groups. The first one is asana, which easing keep the tone of the muscles. The second one is breathing exercises. They can control not only emotions but also develop the self-confidence and a sense of purpose. The next group consists of activities for concentration, and the last one is meditation – the highest level of understanding yoga. It allows to gain an insight into your mind and to understand yourself.

Yoga is suitable for beginners of different age and sex. People who do yoga feel benefits of yoga after the first training. The art of yoga is not only physical exercise but also control over your emotions and consciousness. Some people use yoga to go to nirvana; others use it as health procedures.

Is yoga more about losing weight or finding the harmony?

Many people who want to get a slim figure, ask yoga trainers whether it is possible to lose weight with the help of hatha yoga. They receive the following answer: yoga does not directly create for losing weight, but regular training can give good results. Remember that hatha yoga is a physical load on the body, which inevitably burns extra calories, strengthens muscles and joints, and simultaneously provides the effect of losing weight.

Even the most straightforward asana tighten up abdominal muscles. Slim waist forms when you do different twists for the spine in which abdominal muscles take part. Doing yoga for losing weight not only help strengthen muscles and joints but also improve blood circulation, heart work and there is also a message of internal organs which has a good impact on digestion. All of these promote the metabolism.

The main thing about hatha yoga is that it combines spirit and body, organism and mind. Asanas are smooth and stable positions, and this stability also passes to everyday situations. An excellent psychological mood allows you to control your desires, not to overeat in case of stress or uncertainty. You will notice how excesses disappear, the desire to eat or drink more than you can absorb disappears.

However, it should note that doing yoga gives results not immediately; the main thing is the regularity of exercises. It is impossible to lose weight quickly doing yoga or to get rid of all diseases. But at the same time, it helps to change your attitude to everyday things. With the change of the inner world, your body also changes. It develops, and you get pleasure from it.

Proper breathing will ensure a good mood and well-being

Firstly, you should look how you breath when you are sitting at the table. If the belly is not moving and only the chest slightly raise, it means that the ventilation of the lungs is insufficient, which leads to oxygen starvation of the body. The physically weak person cannot hold the posture for a long time, so he slumps. The volume of lungs and oxygen supply decrease because of it.

The first step to proper breath is to learn how to sit. First exercise: straighten your chest with your arms to the sides, try to connect them behind your back. Did you feel the stretching in your chest? This position will be correct for deep breathing. Also, you need to try to straighten the neck while sitting at the table, because the forward flexion of the head worsens the blood supply to the brain.

The next exercise of breathing gymnastics is straightforward: you need to try to breathe in and out deeply. Such breathing normalises the number of heartbeats and also help calm quickly in a stressful situation. Another critical point is abdominal breathing. You need to put your hands on your stomach and take a deep breath through your nose so that you inflate your belly.

Then we breathe out through the mouth tensing the abdominals and making belly flat. It is a training of abdominals at the same time. Lower or abdominal breathing allows to increase the blood supply of all organs, which can even cause dizziness if the person is unprepared, but then there is a beautiful state of health and cheerfulness. By the way, people who are often do breathing exercises are less likely to be depressed. After training for a few days, you will notice that your belly has become fully involved in the process of breathing.

Abdominal and chest breathing form. Due to this you also lose weight, because the metabolism significantly accelerate. Such breathing exercises are also useful for elder people because it helps to restore the lungs capacity. In an earlier age, you can do this twice a day for about 20 minutes. However, if you have severe diseases, for example, epilepsy, then it is better to consult with a doctor before doing exercises.

Yoga – losing weight or finding the harmony
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