Many people cannot find enough time for looking for and cooking healthy meals and eating well because of the fast pace of life. Those people who work in a day eat plenty of food in the evening. Fast food and different additives have a terrible impact on health and weight. Many people try to improve their health independently or to lose weight with the help of diets. But the result can be not the same as you expected: health deterioration and the return of overweight.

The nutritionist will help to find a right approach to solving this problem. He will find out what nutrition will be suitable for your sex, age and health. He will choose a diet which will correspond with your goals: health care or losing weight. Professional athletes who need to keep to the healthy food may need the help of a specialist. They need to control their pressure and to have enough energy for training. If you suffer from obesity, changing diet is a standard method to fight with it.

There are lots of diets which are designed only for several days. Other foods designed for more extended periods. Menus may offer different meals and are notable for their severity. The only specialist can identify which diet will be the most suitable and adequate for losing weight. You should undergo a health checkup before choosing food. The nutritionist will analyse the body state and occurrence of contraindications. Only after doing this the diet can be designed which will take into account all the features of your organism.

Can vegetables be harmful?

Fruits, vegetables and berries are the primary sources of vitamins that nature offers us. These products contain carbohydrates, mineral elements, polysaccharides and organic substances. Like any other product, vegetable food can be both beneficial and harmful. They are are a source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other substances. They have a good impact on the digestion. These products contain volatile oils which influence smell and exudation of digestive juice. You can include vegetable food to improve health or keep fit in your diet. But don’t forget that vegetables can be harmful to your health because of idiosyncrasy or certain diseases.

For example, carrots are familiar enough. It used for cooking different meals all over the world. Carrots contain a considerable amount of useful substances, which improve metabolism. You should limit the usage of this product if you suffer from gastritis, ulcers and other problems with the intestinal tract. If you overeat carrot, its skin can have a yellowish tinge. Cabbage is rich in vitamins and is used to treat ulcers and other diseases of the stomach.

Cabbage is the basis of many popular diets. It has very wet leaves, and it improves metabolism. It contraindicated for those who have gastritis. Tomatoes are famous all over the world. They consist of water by 90 per cent. It is rich in minerals and vitamins. Lycopene which neutralises free radicals gives tomatoes an exceptional value. They help to thin the blood and fight with inflammation. People who suffer from gout, kidneys problems or those who are allergic to them should not eat tomatoes. Despite the benefits of vegetable food, it is necessary to eat it in reasonable quantities and to take into account the state of health.

Truth about fruits

Eating well involves a variety of diets. If the food is different, the body will receive enough nutrients for the proper functioning of all organs. Useful substances are in all products in different quantities. Food energy value varies. The vegetable food contains about 85-95% of water and a small number of calories. These products provide an organism with vitamins and minerals without which plant won’t function properly. Most vegetable foods do not need thermal treatment, because of which a considerable amount of nutrients lost. Many people treat fruits as a dessert. If you eat them separately, you will not get the same feeling of satiety and heaviness like after soups and meat dishes. Weight in the stomach is not a sign of satiety. Satiety comes when there are no feelings in the stomach after eating food.

It is much more useful to eat apples, bananas and other fruits on an empty stomach. They will be more beneficial. You will feel the influence of it in some months. Organism gives you the understanding which vegetable food you should eat. It knows that fruits contain not only carbohydrates. Some of them include proteins and fats. They help strengthen immunity, supply a defect of vitamins and get rid of excess cholesterol. Vegetable food provides us with phosphorus, calcium, manganese, Ferrum, magnesium and other useful elements. It also contains fibre, which helps to remove toxins from the body and reduce cholesterol. It is desirable to diversify your diet with different types of vegetable foods due to differences in content and quantities.

Сhoosing right diet. All trues about fruits and vegetables
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