Jillian Michaels is a famous American trainer, the author of many video slimming courses. The effectiveness of Jillian’s programs has been proven by millions of her fans. She became famous after coaching in the reality show “Lost the Most”, which was broadcast in more than 90 countries. Now Jillian Michaels programs are probably the most popular home fitness product.

If you are a beginner and decided to take up workouts with Jillian Michaels, then this article is required for you to read. Of course, in most programs, Jillian exercises are demonstrated in two versions: simple and complex. Therefore, you can choose almost any complex and adapt it for yourself. Here are presented 7 best programs for beginners to lose weight at home without many efforts!

Benefits of Training with Jillian Michaels

  1. Jillian offers the most diverse training content: both for individual problem areas and for the whole body.
  2. The effectiveness of her programs is proven by millions of her followers. She put in shape and applied to the sport a lot of girls around the world.
  3. You can even deal with Jillian a beginner. Start with the famous program “Slim figure for 30 days (30 Day Shred)” and make your body beautiful and fit.
  4. Jill knows what phrases can motivate. With it, it will be very difficult for you not to finish the exercises to the end or give up the lesson.
  5. You can train on video courses at home, for this, you do not need to have special simulators or some rare equipment.
  6. The foundation of all Jillian programs is high-intensity interval training. At the moment it is the most effective way to lose weight, which really was a breakthrough in modern fitness.
  7. Jill also has comprehensive programs designed to lose weight and work out all the muscles for a certain amount of time. You do not need to combine classes on your own; a competent trainer has already made an excellent training plan for you.
  8. If you have just decided to start losing weight, then workout with Jillian Michaels is what you need. Understandable, affordable, diverse and moderately intense classes will help you achieve a beautiful figure.
  9. Jillian Michaels regularly releases new programs: as a rule, 2 times a year, the coach announces fresh workouts. For example, over the last year, Tone and Shred, 10 minute Body Transformation, Killer Cardio
  10. In order to figure out which program Jillian Michaels you should start with, be sure to read the sections:
    ►Which program to start with Jillian Michaels: 7 best options
    ►Jillian Michaels Trainings: Ready Plan for the Year

Which program to start with Jillian Michaels: 7 best options

There is a series of training with which it is best to begin classes. And this concerns not only the level of complexity but also convenience for passing by beginners. We offer you the top of the best programs Jillian Michaels, with which you can start training.

  1. 30 Day Shred
    A slim figure in 30 days is the most popular program of Jillian Michaels. It is from her most begin acquaintance with home workouts. As you know, millions of people can not be wrong. Jillian’s effective training is based on the principle of a combination of strength and cardio. The program has 3 difficulty levels, 10 days for each level. For a month, you change not only your figure but also your lifestyle.Arguments “for”:
    ► For classes on the “slender figure” you need only 20 minutes a day;
    ► The program includes the most common exercises for all muscle groups that you will meet more than once in other workouts;
    ► There is a translation into other languages, for example, Russian.
  2. Ripped in 30
    The Ripped in 30 programmes has become a good alternative to the “Slender Figure”. There are already four levels of difficulty, 7 days for each level. Training time longer – 30 minutes, but the principle of training is very similar. However, in Ripps you are waiting for more interesting and rare exercises that will allow you to work out even more muscles. As in 30 Day Shred, you will also combine aerobic and strength training.Arguments “for”:
    ►As many as four levels of difficulty, which means you will move to a new level every 7 days;
    ►Workouts are longer in time: you will form a toned body even faster;
    ►The program includes more original exercises.
  3. Body Revolution
    “Body Revolution” has become one of the most favourite programs with fans of Jillian Michaels. This complex of training is designed for 3 months and includes 15 different video lessons. You will train 6 times a week for 30 minutes, with the aerobic and power load alternating day after day. Start with a simple difficulty level, and gradually progress to completely transform your body after 3 months.Arguments “for”:
    ►You are waiting for a very diverse workout: 2 times a week – aerobic, 4 times a week – strength (2 different types);
    ►The program includes 15 classes, which are distributed 3 months in advance;
    ►Every two weeks, the complexity of training increases, which means you will constantly progress during the three months of training.
  4. Flat stomach for 6 weeks – 6-week six-pack
    This program will appeal to those who want to get rid of fat on the abdomen and make your press elastic. Unlike most of these programs, you will not do the routine pumping of the press. You will find a real fat burning exercise, which is based on cardio load. However, high-quality exercises for the abdominal muscles Jillian Michaels also included in the program. The “Flat belly for 6 weeks” complex consists of two levels of difficulty, 3 weeks for each level.Arguments “for”:
    ►Specialised program for the “stubborn” problem areas – the abdomen and waist;
    ►There is a translation into Russian;
    ►In addition to the power load on the abdominal muscles, cardio exercises for burning fat are waiting for you.
  5. Killer Buns and Thighs
    For most girls, the hips and buttocks are a problem area. Maybe it is necessary to focus on them? If so, try the Killer Buns and Thighs program. You will three levels of difficulty to create elastic hips and buttocks. In addition to strength exercises for the lower body, you will perform cardio exercises (jumping, running) in order to sink fat and form a beautiful slim body.Arguments “for”:
    ►This is a specialized program for a problem lower body that bothers most girls.
    ►In addition to the power load on the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, cardio exercises for burning fat are waiting for you;
    ►Exercises on the lower body allow you to burn fat throughout the body because the largest muscles are located in the legs.
  6. Beginner Shred
    Do you doubt your physical fitness or, for example, only recovering from a long break or injury? Then pay attention to Jillian Michaels’ most benign program for beginners – Beginner Shred. The trainer simplified the exercises and slowed down the pace of the session as much as possible. The program has not lost in efficiency but has become available to more people. In Beginner Shred you will find 3 levels of difficulty for 10 days each.Arguments “for”:
    ►The program is designed even for the most initial level of training;
    ►You can begin to practice after injury, childbirth, or if you have a lot of excess weight;
    ►Slow repetition of exercises will help you to avoid mistakes in technique and reduce the risk of injury.
  7. Postpartum Program – Hot Body, Healthy Mommy
    In 2016, Jillian Michaels released Hot Body, Healthy Mommy, which is designed to get you in top shape after childbirth. However, workouts are suitable not only for young mothers but for all beginners. The complex includes three 25-minute workouts (upper body, lower body, core), which you will alternate to lose weight and get rid of problem areas.Arguments “for”:
    ►The program includes training for different parts of the body, so you can focus on the most problematic area;
    ►Very affordable cardio-load, no jumps and intense aerobics;
    ►Simple exercises and the gentle pace is great for beginners.


Jillian Michaels workout: how to begin to deal with. Ready plan for the year!

A very frequent question that arises after getting acquainted with the workouts of Jillian Michaels: where to start? The huge variety of programs of this famous coach can be taken by surprise. We offer you a rough workout plan with Jillian Michaels with a monthly breakdown that will help you navigate her video programs.

To achieve results, you need to practice 5-6 times a week and it is advisable not to take long breaks between workouts (more than two days). Also, do not be afraid to move to a new level of complexity, because it is regular progress that will help you to overcome excess weight.

Fitness plan for 12 months

  • 1 MONTH
    If you are a complete beginner or have had a very long break in sports, then start your fitness journey with Beginner Shred. This is the simplest program of Jillian Michaels, so even a novice can easily cope with it. It consists of three levels, each lasting 25 minutes. The proposed exercises are accessible and understandable, and the load will be under the force of everyone.

If you do not consider yourself as a beginner in fitness, then skip the first month and immediately move on to the second.

  • 2 MONTH
    30 Day Shred or Slim figure in 30 days is the very first training session of Jillian Michaels, and she still does not lose its relevance. Millions of women managed to qualitatively transform their bodies with this program. Though 30 Day Shred is more complicated than Beginner Shred, for most people involved the program will seem affordable. It is also divided into 3 levels of difficulty for 25 minutes. To gradually complicate your fitness plan, you can add Shred-it with weights to 30 Day Shred once a week – a half-hour workout is great for beginners.
  • 3&4 MONTH
    When you are already familiar with home fitness, you can make it a bit more difficult and diversify. We offer you several options for combining programs, depending on your problem areas.

For the abdomen:

Within two months you will train according to the following scheme:
Mon and Thu: Killer Cardio
Tue and Fri: Killer Abs
Wed and Sat: Ripped in 30

Ripped in 30 – training for the whole body. Take only the third and fourth most difficult exercise. The first month, respectively, must be performed Level 3, the second – Level 4.

Killer Abs – training for the abdomen. The program consists of three levels of difficulty, so each level will take you about 20 days (each level will be performed 5-6 times).

Killer Cardio is a cardio workout. The program has two levels of difficulty, so each level will take you about 1 month (each level will be performed 8-9 times).

For hips and buttocks:

Jillian Michaels has a similar training pattern for the hips, only Killer Buns and Thighs (Killer fat on the thighs and buttocks) is performed instead of Killer Abs.
Mon and Thu: Killer Buns and Thighs
Tue and Fri: Killer Cardio
Wed and Sat: Ripped in 30

For the hips and abdomen:

If you want to correct both the abdomen and the thighs with the buttocks, follow the scheme:
Mon and Thu: Killer Buns and Thighs
Tue and Fri: Killer Cardio
CP and Sat: Killer Abs

  • 5&6 MONTH
    We continue to improve our body and move on to the comprehensive Body Revolution program. Since you have already completed certain preparatory stages, you can start the three-month course “Body Revolution” immediately from the second month, i.e. with Workout 5-6 and Cardio-2.
  • 7&8 MONTH
    After six months of regular fitness, you are no longer afraid of any video training. So, it is necessary to slightly increase the intensity, but at the same time add concentration training: Mon and Thu: No problem areas
    Tue and Fri: One week shred (aerobic part)
    CP and Sat: Yoga Inferno

Yoga Inferno is a variant of power yoga, which will help you to slightly relieve the body from intense workouts. The program has 2 levels, so the first month is occupied by level 1, the second month – by level 2.

  • 9&10 MONTH
    Back to the training complex from Jillian Michaels: BodyShred. The structure of the program is similar to the “Body Revolution”, but much more complicated. A ready-made class schedule for 60 days is already attached to the BodyShred fitness course, according to which you will train.
  • 11&12 MONTH
    Again, by analogy, combine video training. Killer Body includes 3 workouts: for the upper part, the lower part and for the press. You can do them all, or you can choose only the one that is the most problematic for your body. The final plan is: Mon and Thu: Killer Body
    Tue and Fri: Lose weight, speed up your metabolism
    CP and Sat: Hard Body

Of course, it is difficult to sustain a whole year in such a rhythm. You will probably take breaks, probably even long ones. However, such a mini-guide “How to start training Jillian Michaels” should help you figure out how to combine and combine classes to achieve the perfect result.

Features training with Jillian Michaels

  1. Engage only in sneakers! Sports barefoot or in gumshoes are not welcome: there is a risk of injuring your knees.
  2. Sport with Jill, though sparing, is still a sport, which means it is imperative to follow the technique of the exercises. Listen carefully to all instructions from the trainer to avoid injury.
  3. Most workouts with Gillian Michaels require dumbbells. If you don’t have them, they are easily replaced by plastic bottles filled with water or sand.
  4. If you are not advanced in fitness, then be prepared that after the first training the muscles will ache. You do not need to quit training because of this, after 3-4 days the pain will go away, and the body will get used to the loads.
  5. Do not be afraid to “build muscle”, with dumbbells 2-3 kg is impossible in principle. Jill’s workouts are designed to lose weight and burn fat, not muscle growth.
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